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Take this, James Blunt!

You may be having dirty sex with Paris Hilton, but your beautiful ex-girlfriend is making a move of her own. With one of the most popular American Idol contestants of all-time: Sanjaya Malakar.

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

Indeed, Petra Nemvoa took this unexpected picture with Sanjaya Saturday night at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

For whatever reason, People magazine included Malakar on its guest list for the event. Other celebrities in attendance included Teri Hatcher and Sheryl Crow.

Anyway, it's nice to see these kids getting along and everything - but we think Shyamali Malakar, Sanjaya's sister, would've made a more entertaining guest.

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Let's hope James Blunt doesn't read The Hollywood Gossip today.

If the wimpy singer does peruse our site, he'll see that his ex-girlfriend isn't exactly upset over their break-up.

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

"I am having a great time!" Petra Nemcova told People magazine Tuesday in New York City at the Br!ck Awards, which honor young people working toward social change.

The super model and the "You're Beautiful" (and "I'm annoying") singer met in December 2005 and started dating the following year. Last month, a source close to Blunt said the breakup was "very amicable â€" they remain good friends."

Since the split, Blunt has hit the Hollywood club scene, partying at Les Deux with Robbie Williams and at Teddy's with Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Osbourne and Amy Winehouse.

For her part, Nemcova has been busy with her philanthropic effort, the Happy Hearts Fund, which was honored at the Br!ck Awards for helping children affected by natural disasters and other harships. Unlike other models, such as Marisa Miller, this is a cause Petra is all too familiar with:

The Czech's longtime boyfriend, photographer Simon Atlee, was killed in Thailand in the 2004 tsunami; Nemcova herself was badly injured.

"We opened up a school in Thailand just three weeks ago with a computer center," she said. "Fifty [children] were trying to hold me and bring me to show me the classrooms. They were so excited â€" when we got there, we were jumping around. It was amazing to see that it really touches their lives and makes them really happy."

Oprah Winfrey would be very proud.

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Look, just because Hilary Duff and Joel Madden are no longer together, that doesn't mean other couples aren't basking in each other's glow.

Petra Nemcova, for example, is sick of rumors that she isn't happy with wimpy singer, James Blunt. She told People magazine: "We're very much in love."

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

You can't be any more, yes, blunt than that.

Nemcova and Blunt, 32, showed a united front when they hit L.A.'s Hyde Lounge together hand-in-hand last week. They may have seen Jessica Biel, Derek Jeter and every other celebrity there. The model and singer met in December 2005 and started dating earlier this year.

Rumors circulated recently that they'd split â€" with some even speculating that Nemcova had hooked up with hip-hop mogul and fellow activist Russell Simmons.

But "we never got separated. There was some stuff going on in the press, but it didn't come from a right source â€" obviously," Nemcova said.

Blunt will appear in Nemcova's upcoming charity book project, Colors of Love, which will feature photos of firefighters, doctors and others, including such celebrities as Bruce Willis, Lance Armstrong and Eva Mendes, all talking about the charities they support.

"It's about inspiring people to get involved in different causes and different charities," Nemcova said of the book.

When asked to comment, Blunt just said "you're beautiful" six dozen times in a row. We assume he was referring to Nemcova. He certainly wasn't talking about Nicole Richie or Ashley Olsen.

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There has been a rumor floating around that Petra Nemcova dumped James Blunt for always singing the song, "You're Beautiful" for having cheated on her with Australian TV presenter, Tania Zaetta.

Following in the footsteps of Alison Clinton, however, the British songster went public with his denial. He set the dating record straight in an interview with The Sun:

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

I'm a very lucky man to be with Petra and that's all I need to say. I've been linked to all sorts of friends romantically and it's all just laughable.

I only have to be photographed talking to someone and then I'm meant to be going out with them. Tania is a really great mate of mine, nothing more.

My personal life is settled and good and I'm feeling very lucky and happy.

Phew. That was a close call. We're glad Petra doesn't need to find a new man - although if Mary-Kate Olsen can do it, Nemcova stands a pretty good chance, as well.

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Petra Nemcova may be a super model, but she's merely a mediocre date. At least when you compare costs.

A couple of Wall Street traders entered into a bidding war over the girlfriend of James Blunt, with the winner shelling out $21,000 for dinner with the beauty, The sum will be donated to to the Happy Hearts Fund, a charity that helps children who have suffered in natural disasters.

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

We admire the cause, but are surprised at the result. A few months ago, Jessica Biel fetched $30,000 in a date auction, with the proceeds benefitting the victim of a car accident in Colorado.

Then, Eva Longoria set the bar almost impossibly high, as the Desperate Houswives star garnered a $100,000 bid for her charitable date.

Is Blunt really so frightening that bidders were afraid to bid on the model? We doubt it. Nevertheless, how much would you pay to date a gorgeous celebrity?

And could anyone pay you enough to put up with Lindsay Lohan for a night?

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