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In his first direct comments to the press since his split from Christie Brinkley, her ex says he's "okay," despite going through a "tough time."

That's good. We were really worried that the man who cheated on Christie with his teenage assistant was holding up okay.

"It's a personal time," Peter Cook said Saturday, attending a fundraiser in East Hampton, N.Y. for the Ross School, which their son Jack attends. "It's tough for anyone no matter who you are and tough for your kids, as well."

Brinkley, 52, and Cook, 47, also have a daughter, Sailor, 8. Brinkley and former husband Billy Joel have a 20-year-old daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, and she and developer Richard Taubman have an 11-year-old son, Jack, whom Cook adopted after he and Brinkley wed in 1996.

The couple split in July after 10 years of marriage. The supermodel was said to be devastated after learning Cook had an affair with a teenager named Diana Bianchi.

Brinkley was also at the fundraiser, where she received an award from the school, but she and Cook carefully kept their distance from one another.

"This school is a really unique place," she said. "Alexa spent seven years at this school. My son is in his second year and my daughter Sailor is going to come over as soon as possible."

Alexa, a singer and musician, performed at the event. The supermodel and super mom said it was a special treat to see her eldest child because the two are "like ships passing in the night."

"(Alexa) has been busy touring and running around. She has to leave right after the show to go do a Rolling Stone shoot tomorrow, which is great."

It's great to see Christie moving on with life. She's taken the high road the entire time in regards to her impending divorce, a scandal that is now looking tame in comparison to the respective, drama-filled Reese Witherspoon and Britney Spears sagas.

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While they're certainly stealing everyone's thunder, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline aren't the only celebrity couple going through an ugly divorce.

And no, Sara Evans and Craig Schelske aren't the celebrity couple we're talking about, either -- although their split also involved some of the same issues.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband, Peter Cook, faced each other in court for the first time in their divorce case on Wednesday.

Four months after a sex scandal shattered their marriage, the couple reached an agreement regarding his visitation of their children, Jack, 11 and Sailor, 8, but the spouses never spoke or even glanced in the other's direction during the two-hour meeting in Suffolk County Supreme Court on Long Island, N.Y.

Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky, said that they have reached a temporary resolution of visitation through February, and that everyone was happy with that agreement.

Brinkley, 52, and Cook, 47, also agreed to a judicial order requiring them not to make disparaging remarks about the other or discuss the divorce in front of their children. Which must be hard for Brinkley, seeing as the slimebag had sex with his teenage secretary, Diana Bianchi. But good for her for taking the high road for the good of the kids.

Since announcing their split on 11 July, Brinkley has not spoken publicly about Cook's affair with his then 18-year-old assistant, which ended their 10-year marriage. Her best defense has been an unwaveringly positive attitude.

She's been content moving on with life, spending time with her two young kids, as well as daughter Alexa Ray Joel, whose father is Brinkley's other ex-husband, Billy Joel.

"It's really too early to say they've reached any kind of resolution. They're hoping to reach a resolution that spares the children and themselves any further anguish," Sheresky said

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It's only been about a week since Christie Brinkley announced that her marriage is ending due to her husband's infidelity, and there's already an avalanche of information regarding the sex scandal(s) to sift through.

Let's recap.

Christie Brinkley And Family

First, 19-year-old Diana Bianchi came forward with details of how Brinkley's husband, Long Island architect Peter Cook (with Brinkley, pictured), seduced her.

Then, another woman -- Samantha Cole, 29 -- told the New York Post that she had a relationship with Cook when she was 19. She claims he asked her to marry him in a failed attempt to win her back after she dumped him in 1996.

After Cole refused his marriage proposal, Cook became engaged to Brinkley a month later.

"I was pretty upset about it, pretty angry," Cole said. "I was the last person he was with before Christie... I thought that she was too old for him. I said to him, 'You've always dated younger girls.'"

Cole also added that when she first met Cook, he was engaged to someone other than Brinkley. The news of his affair with Bianchi hit close to home for her.

"I laugh at this," Cole said this week Bianchi's story became public. "Our story is exactly the same. I never thought he would do something like that, being married, with his family so important to him."

What drives a man with a great family, high-paying job and a supermodel wife to pick up teenage girls? The same reason any guy cheats.

"Beauty, wealth and celebrity are no guarantee against an affair," said psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall in the Post. "The best insurance policy is to be in a relationship with a man who loves you and where there's a really good attachment."

Cole told the Post that Cook has a habit of doing aspiring teenage singers from the Hamptons who work for him. She seems to know him pretty well. Cook, 47, reportedly seduced Bianchi back in 2004 after hiring her as an assistant at his architecture firm. E! Online reports that Bianchi is exploring a possible sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boss.

The Gossip is still not clear on how anyone cheats on Christie Brinkley. Sure she's 52, but if she doesn't define the term MILF, I don't know who does. Good lord. She's also a true uptown girl, if you know what we're saying. We're saying she used to be married to singer Billy Joel. Who wrote songs about her.

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