Peter Cook is the Long Island architect who married Christie Brinkley in 1996. She is divorcing him after he was busted in 2006 for an...

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Peter Cook is not about to give his ex-wife what she wants.

A day after Christie Brinkley broke down alongside Matt Lauer (below) and said she simply desires "peace" from the man to whom she was married for 12 years - prior to an ugly, much-publicized affair - Cook has released a statement laying into the former model.

"Christie was entirely dishonest about the circumstances surrounding the current court action which was precipitated by her and… is doing further damage to our children," Cook says, railing on against his ex:

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Christie Brinkley tried to keep it together. She really did.

But the former model just couldn't remain quiet any longer during an interview this morning with Matt Lauer, not when the topic turned to ex-husband Peter Cook, who cheated on Brinkley in 2008 with a teenager named Diana Bianchi.

"Since the day that he realized that I wasn't coming back, there has been a real character assassination going on," Brinkley said. "I asked for and got a confidentiality agreement with the original divorce. I alone have maintained the confidentiality agreement. I had offers for a sympathetic show from Oprah, Jeff Zucker offered me an hour on primetime. Everybody asked me to come on. I did not want to do it."

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An alleged sex tape of Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi is not only making the gossip rounds, the New York Post is stating unequivocally that it exists.

Christie Brinkley will love this.

The paper claims to have seen still photos from a sex tape of Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi nude, having sexual intercourse on a brown love seat.

They also show Diana Bianchi performing a striptease down to a pair of black panties and then to her birthday suit as Peter Cook holds his crotch.


Diana Bianchi Picture

Peter Cook is also shown resting his head on Bianchi's ass. It appears the sex tape was made at Cook's Southampton office without her knowledge.

But then there is the matter of other Diana Bianchi photos - apparently not from the sex tape - that show the 19-year-old willingly posing topless.

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Christie Brinkley has filed a request for a restraining order and a motion for post judgment relief against her ex-husband Peter Cook in Suffolk County, N.Y.

Brinkley's motion was filed Wednesday – two days before Cook's revealing interview with ABC's Barbara Walters airs, but after excerpts were leaked online. Brinkley condemned her cheating ex's interview, calling it a one-sided, distorted view.

Cook, who admitted to having an affair with an 18-year-old Diana Bianchi and to his dalliances with online porn, told Walters during his interview for Friday night's 20/20 broadcast that he's "not a pervert like I've been painted to be."

Guy just needed some attention! Don't you understand?!

After learning of Cook's interview, Christie Brinkley was far from pleased, stating through her attorney that she may seek legal action against him for it.

Brinkley and Cook settled their divorce earlier this summer and it was finalized September 29. The restraining order motion is set for October 29.

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Three months after a bitter (and eye-opening) divorce was settled, Christie Brinkley's ex-husband Peter Cook says he was wrongly portrayed in court.

"I'm not the ... pervert that I've been painted to be," Cook tells Barbara Walters in an interview that will air Friday on ABC's 20/20.

Britney Spears' new video will also air during the program.

Asked why he was speaking out, Peter Cook, who admitted to having an affair with 18-year-old assistant Diana Bianchi and an online porn habit, said:

"The misinformation that came out during the trial is the elephant in the room. It's the elephant in the room as far as how my kids see me."

Peter Cook also said Christie Brinkley didn't given him enough respect.

"I wanted a little acknowledgement, a little attention, a little thank you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building. Just the tremendous amount of work I was putting into my family... My world became her world. It had to be that way."

Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, released a statement Tuesday saying that Cook may face legal action for speaking out about the case.

"It is shocking that Peter Cook, after his day in court, would continue a firestorm created by his bizarre behavior by violating a court order that prohibits either party from discussing their marriage or divorce in any public way," Cohen says.

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If he had a do-over, Peter Cook would resist the temptatious of the teenage lover who ended his marriage and stay true to Christie Brinkley.

So the train wreck said in an interview FOX News Sunday, albeit looking rather apathetic about the whole thing. Gotta love Peter Cook.

"I'd say, 'No, I'm a married man. Move on,'" he told Geraldo Rivera, adding that he regrets "not making a better decision three years ago."

Asked if he was sorry for getting involved with Diana Bianchi, who was  18 at the time, he said, "Of course I am sorry. How could I not be?"

In 2006, the discovery of Peter Cook's scandalous, yearlong affair with Diana Bianchi ended his decade-long marriage to the supermodel.

Brinkley and Cook's divorce trial ended Thursday, after a week of testimony about his heavy use of Internet porn and various sexual exploits.

The out-of-court settlement granted Brinkley full custody of the couple's two children and all of her 18 properties in New York's Hamptons region.

Over the weekend, Peter Cook also told reporters he has no regrets about the marriage he sacrificed in favor of perpetual horniness.

"I'll never regret marrying her," he told the New York Post. "We had a great time for 10 years. I've got two beautiful children."

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After settling her divorce with that assclown Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley says she has no more plans to get re-married.

"I'm not going to marry again," the model told the New York Post hours after her divorce with her fourth husband became official Thursday.

"I know too much about the marriage laws and divorce laws. Getting married again would not be a very intelligent thing to do."

At her trial, a court-appointed psychologist said Brinkley "needs to start working on deeper issues," including "her choice of male figures."

That's probably good advice, seeing that Peter Cook:

  • Had at least 35 sexual partners lifetime
  • Spent upwards of $3,000 a month on online porn
  • Forgot to close a slideshow of said porn when 10-year-old son Jack asked to use his computer for a school report
  • Had an affair with teenage assistant Diana Bianchi
  • Was busted for cocaine at a gay truck stop and did time

Having (thankfully) won custody of kids Jack and Sailor, Christie is looking forward to turning the page and has no regrets about the public trial.

"I was fighting for my family. When you're fighting for your family's well-being, almost anything you have to go through is worth it."

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An exuberant-looking Christie Brinkley said she "can't really regret" her marriage to Peter Cook, noting that out of the union came daughter Sailor.

But she was still feeling triumphant after reaching a surprise settlement Thursday morning in her divorce trial from her cheating hubby.

Brinkley received sole custody of the couple's children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10, and gets to keep all 18 of their properties in the Hamptons.

She did agree to pay $2.1 million to Cook, who also gets "parenting time." Hopefully he also gets some therapy for his "issues."

Brinkley called the divorce settlement "a very bittersweet moment," adding that "It really is the death of this marriage, but it's also I think a new start for all of us and I'm very pleased with the results today."

"I was fighting for custody. A mother's greatest fear is somebody trying to take away her children, take custody of her children. That's what I was up against. I've won custody and decision-making. That's all I ever wanted."

When asked whether she has any regrets about the ugly trial going on as far as it did, she said she really didn't have a choice.

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Peter Cook, the handsome but horny husband of Christie Brinkley plagued by "sexual issues," embarked on a secret career long before the parasite learned how to sponge off rich and trusting women.

Then a male model, Cook dealt cocaine in the 1980s.

He didn't just once unwittingly deliver "a package" with coke, as he'd told her, Christie testified in their uproarious divorce trial.

It was another day of bombs dropped on Cook. The best thing said about him came courtesy of Dr. Stephen Herman, who said:

"There is no evidence he is a pedophile."

Wow, good for you, Peter Cook!

If you're one of the all-time train wrecks, as he is, why go through with this? There is simply no logical way to explain the case of voluntary spanking that he has endured in the divorce battle with Christie Brinkley than Peter Cook secretly loving it.

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Poor Peter Cook just can't catch a break.

Just hours after a psychiatrist detailed Cook's "sexual issues" and a long list of reasons he should not have custody of his children with Christie Brinkley, the model aired even more of his dirty laundry on the stand.

The supermodel admitted to using a magic marker to draw over Cook's face in a wedding photo and claimed she would not have married Cook if she had known the truth about his felony drug arrest while he was in his 20s.

"When I drew a little black on his face with a marker, it looked like just this empty wedding outfit with no person in it. That's how I felt. There was a person I knew I loved and didn't know where he went," Christie said about defacing the photo after she learned of her husband's affair with Diana Bianchi.

Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley split in 2006 after his now-infamous affair.

Regarding his arrest, Peter Cook was visibly upset when Brinkley testified that he downplayed the arrest when he revealed it to her a week before their marriage.

"If I heard the facts as I know today I don't think I would have gone forward with the marriage," Christie Brinkley said.

Peter Cook laughed out loud when she testified that she eventually learned the arrest did not happen in N.Y.C., but in a gay truck stop.

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