Really, how can one modest Hollywood gossip site even attempt to describe a man so complex as Pete Doherty? How about this: Rock and roll...

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You gotta be kidding, right? That was our reaction to learning that Pete Doherty was jailed for cocaine possession. Who would have ever guessed!

The British singer, who's certainly no stranger to drug abuse or jail, just earned a six-month sentence after pleading guilty to cocaine possession.

The charge stemmed from his arrest in March of last year after the Babyshambles frontman was suspected of providing drugs to Robyn Whitehead.

Robyn, a 27-year-old heiress-turned-filmmaker, was working on a documentary about Doherty when she was found dead of a suspected overdose.

He was also living with Amy Winehouse, who somehow survived.

Doherty, who was reportedly working on a comeback album with his old band The Libertines, was forced to cancel a scheduled concert in Scotland.

Hopefully he takes the time behind bars to reflect on life and get clean before anyone else dies, although given his track record, we're skeptical.

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This is bad. Dueling crackheads Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse are not only writing songs together, according to reports, they are living together in London.

The Daily Star says A-Dubs recently invited the oft-troubled Libertines songwriter and Babyshambles frontman to stay with her. Definitely a smart decision.

Amy Winehouse Smokes

No word on when Lindsay Lohan plans to move in too.

A strung-out match made in Camden.

"Amy has really cleaned up her act and is now keeping an eye on Pete to make sure he's OK," a close source, who is clearly delusional or on as well, said.

"They want to write a song together about survival, love affairs, drugs, drink." Well, they certainly have enough experience with all those topics ... daily.

There's no way this can end well, right? We'd certainly be shocked if it did. It's unclear if Blaaaaaake or Reg Traviss are cool with the whole arrangement.

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Pete Doherty has been arrested for drug possession. That's nothing new. But getting busted immediately after leaving a court hearing for DUI? Wow.

The 30-year-old singer was escorted from Gloucester Court to a local police station by officers on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance.

A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire Constabulary confirmed: "A 30-year-old Wiltshire man has been arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substance. He is currently assisting police with their inquiries."

It was not revealed what substance Pete Doherty was believed to have been in possession of when he was arrested ... but heroin is a good guess!

D'oh-erty Pic!

SMOKED: Pete Doherty just racked up drug bust #22 today.

Earlier in the day, the former boyfriend of Kate Moss pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges and received a £2,050 fine and an 18-month driving ban.

This punishment was handed down despite the singer having already been banned from driving in 2007 and never renewing his license afterward.

The charges related to an arrest in June, when he was caught driving away from a concert after consuming more than half a bottle of rum on stage.

He was also busted in June after shooting up on a plane.

The court heard that the out of control rocker had 21 previous drug offenses and six previous motoring offenses. We would have guessed higher.

Seriously, this guy puts Amy Winehouse to shame ... which is saying something!

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Pete Doherty has not been heard from in ages.

Fittingly, the supposed rocker and one-time celebrity gossip site regular has returned to prominence by taking part in the two things he does best:

  • Taking drugs.
  • Getting arrested.

The former boyfriend of Kate Moss was arrested in Switzerland this weekend after being accused of taking drugs on a British Airways flight.

Peter Doherty was detained on arrival in Geneva after cabin staff found him slumped in a toilet on board. He was escorted back to his seat (in economy class, talk about a sign of the times) where he was apparently intoxicated.

A member of the cabin crew found a hypodermic needle in the toilet and the pilot called police to meet the plane when it arrived in Switzerland.

A passenger told the UK's Sunday Mail: “A few people on the plane recognized Pete, who went to the bathroom more than halfway into the flight. He had been in there about 25 minutes when the announcement came for the crew to prepare for landing."

“The crew knocked on the door but Pete didn’t come out."

"They eventually managed to get in there about 10 minutes before we landed. Pete was taken back to his seat and he just looked completely out of it. One of the crew took a needle out of the toilet wrapped in a tissue.”

He was fined but allowed to play his gig before returning to London.

We recommend that the authorities order Pete to go into exile along with Amy Winehouse in St. Lucia for maximum entertainment value.

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When Pete Doherty is intimidated by someone else’s capacity to ingest drugs and consume alcohol, you've definitely hit the big time... and may not have much left.

When Amy Winehouse was just a little known singer, Britain’s druggie music star / tabloid mainstay was Doherty, whose near-daily arrests for narcotics possession, out-of-it appearance and railing of Kate Moss made him a legend.

It is more than a touch troublesome, then, that even the Babyshambles lead singer (who is supposedly clean and therefore far less interesting nowadays than in his 2006-2007 heyday) thinks Amy has taken it a bit far with the drugs.

Eww, Gross

These two really should date at some point.

Pete, who was possibly an even worse influence on Wino during their friendship than was her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, says she's out of even his league.

Talking to the Observer magazine about a possible duet between the two drug loving maniacs that shockingly never ended up happening, Pete Doherty says, “I think we’re very different. Really, really different. She’s hardcore.”

Sherene Flash would attest to that. Click to enlarge more photos of Wino at last week's court appearance, where she pleaded not guilty to assaulting the dancer:

  • Up to No Good
  • The Hived One
  • Wobbledly Wobble
  • Parading In
  • Winehouse to the Courthouse
  • Amy Winehouse Cleavage Pic

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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In beautiful Wiltshire, England, sits a pleasant country estate for rent.

It's worth approximately $1.5 million and offers potential residents peace, tranquility, nine bedrooms, five baths and a $h!tload of filth to navigate through.

Lots of blood stains, too. For good measure.

Welcome to the home of Pete Doherty, a.k.a. the male Amy Winehouse.

It's good to see that despite falling off the celebrity gossip radar in the last year, Pete is still a total lunatic, as new photographs of his house show...

If these walls could talk ... they would probably say some pretty disturbing things about Pete Doherty playing bad music, ODing on crack and mutilating himself.

Filmed as part of an MTV documentary on the singer (they've got their work cut out to top their Britney Spears puff piece), Pete shows he can take train wreck to a new level.

It's hard to believe this is the man who used to ransack Kate Moss nude all the time ... or maybe it isn't. Click to enlarge more photos of Pete at home, and elsewhere:

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Pete Doherty, the chronic alcohol and drug user and part-time lead singer of British band Babyshambles, has been sent to jail for 14 weeks.

The reason? For violating probation and ... using drugs. There are only so many times you can get arrested and stay out of jail, turns out.

A former boyfriend of Kate Moss, Pete Doherty has a history of being a jackass and was given a suspended sentence in October for drug possession and DUI.

Pete Doherty is behind bars. Unfortunately, he'll be out pretty soon.

He then missed an appointment with his probation team, which resulted in his new sentence. Somewhere, Mitch Winehouse is loving this.

Hopefully possible girlfriend Portia Freeman won't miss him too bad.

Same for recently de-virginized, possible baby-mama Laura McLaughlin.

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Laura McLaughlin claims her unborn child belongs to Pete Doherty.

While the 20-year old goddaughter of Manchester United owner Alex Ferguson is steadfast in her claims, we have two reasons to doubt this story's validity:

  1. It's reported in Great Britain's News of the World, a celebrity gossip rag that makes The National Enquirer seem reputable.
  2. Haven't drugs rendered all of Pete Doherty's sperm as useless as Britney Spears' underwear drawer?

According to McLaughlin's account in the British tabloid, "the baby is Peter's. There is no doubt about that. I was a virgin when I met Peter and when we had sex. He knows about the baby. I told him I was pregnant the moment I found out."

Laura McLaughlin says she had sex with reputed singer Pete Doherty and he got her pregnant. Doherty's response: "ughndsfttilovecocaineacrniut."

The knocked up Brit went on to describe Kate Moss' ex as a "laid back lover," while also explaining how he allegedly left a bun in her oven:

"[After a condom broke], we continued to have sex regardless as it was the last condom we had," McLaughlin said, adding that the relationship was about more than mere intercourse. "But our weekend together wasn't just about sex. We cuddled up to watch the movie Dirty Dancing together and we had many deep and meaningful conversations. It felt like Peter was my boyfriend."

Vials of cocaine have felt the same way for years.

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Portia Freeman has been described as the next Kate Moss.

And the 19-year old model is well on her way to confirming that status, as The Daily Mail reports that she's dating crazy drug user Pete Doherty, Moss' ex-boyfriend.

According to a source at the newspaper:

"Portia is probably the best thing to happen to Pete. She is a very clean-living girl and not at all into drugs. He really enjoys spending time with Portia. They love walking across the fields of the country estate where Pete rents a house."

Are Peter Doherty and Portia Freeman a new couple? We'd ask Pete ourselves, but he's probably too high to know the answer.

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