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Many words have been used to describe Perez Hilton, and most of them are probably pretty accurate. But you will never hear him be called:

  1. Lazy
  2. Apologetic

Love him or hate him, by cranking out blog post after blog post for five years running, Perez has become a celebrity brand all his own, and one with much greater staying power and influence than many of the celebrities his website covers.

All by being a bitch, by his own admission, and he's not about to stop.

He is not sorry for trashing Miss California, the now-dethroned Carrie Prejean, for her views that marriage should be between a man and woman.

He is not sorry he accused Michael Jackson of faking it on the day he died, although he did later redact his post to remove the cynical speculation.

He is not sorry he posted Dustin Lance Black sex photos showing the Milk writer and gay rights advocate having unprotected sex with a porn star.

Nor is he fully sorry for directing a gay slur at Black Eyed Peas singer last month (though after getting his ass kicked by the Black Eyed Peas' manager, Perez issued a qualified apology to "the gay community," but not

Every time Perez Hilton, 31, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, utters the sort of outrage that would land him in prison for life if the world were governed by laws of good taste and kindness, his popularity only grows.

So why would he be sorry? Perez no longer just gossips about celebrities; he has now become one. Now they gossip about him. The top celebrity gossip competitors rarely evoke the passionate love/hate reactions engendered by Hilton.

Increasingly, he is a force to be reckoned with in other spheres of pop culture as well. On July 21, Hilton launched his own music imprint, Perezcious Music.

While he is trying to come up with a fresh idea for a TV entertainment news show, he's already got Radio Perez, a daily gossip report for Citadel Broadcasting.

Even Hilton, a once-schlubby but increasingly lean (thanks to two trainers and a $70-a-day meal service) Cuban-American kid from Miami, seems amazed.

"In. San. Ity," he trilled, sitting in a T-shirt and sweat pants on an L-shaped couch in the living room of his surprisingly modest two-bedroom apartment.

Follow the link to continue reading the L.A. Times' profile on Perez ...

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Singer John Mayer did not address his alleged make-out session with celebrity news blogger Perez Hilton during an XM radio interview yesterday.

He did, however, bash Perez Hilton personally more than once.

He complained on the radio that the general public "are people who ... couldn't name me three songs off one record, but get onto a blog and go to the comments and say, 'Well, he was with that dog so-and-so. He probably smells like butt.' You know, people try to like do the Perez Hilton syntax, and it's terrible."

Umm... sure thing John!

Mayer also said that when Perez Hilton got his own VH1 reality show, What Perez Sez, "that was the moment when the Fourth Wall broke."

John Mayer is hitting back against Perez Hilton and celebrity gossip in general ... although he's not denying that their alleged make-out session took place.

"I have never seen it, but that was the moment that the wall broke, and we realized that these people don't really hate celebrities," John Mayer said.

"They just want to be actually in there."

NOTE: We're starting to believe Perez more and more on this one.

Mayer said he expected more Hilton / celeb gossip copycats to emerge and get even nastier when it comes to critiquing news and celebrities' every move:

"There are 14-year old kids who think "Ehh, good Perez Hilton, but not good enough: I must add to that.... (typing) ... he's actually a douchebag!'"

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Knowing who Brody Jenner hooked up with at Opera last night or what color baby Uggs Nicole Richie bought for her baby yesterday is oddly comforting.

Useless, yes, but surprisingly compelling.

Perez Hilton Picture

If Hollywood were high school, then Perez Hilton, TMZ and YouTube would be like the 21st Century equivalent of the writing on the girls' bathroom wall.

But this year was different, as those scribbles graduated to the front page of the school paper. Yes, these outlets of the tawdry, the titillating, and the tabloids have finally broken down the barrier and entered the "legitimate" news world.

In 2007, more than 2,000 news stories were sourced to TMZ. With attention spans dwindling and the appetite for celebrity gossip only growing, blogs like Perez Hilton's are increasingly barking orders at the mainstream media.

Witness the attention placed on â€" to name just one of 2007's top train wrecks â€" Paris Hilton's summer jail term. Helicopters. Up-to-the-minute news alerts. A swarm of reporters. Larry King. In their desperate rush to keep up with all the bloggers like Perez â€" respectable news outlets flushed Ms. Hilton's saga out of the tabloid brush and into the spotlight. It was, by all accounts, a huge story.

  Celebrity gossip is not a new phenomenon. But will our desire to know if Britney Spears ran a red light with Sean Preston and Jayden James in the car flame out?

Or might we suggest that the badly behaved celebrities clean themselves up for the sake of the ever-clicking cameras? Or, heaven forbid, stay inside and order delivery instead of driving drunkenly and wearing no underwear to Popeyes? No, no, no... a cleaner, gentler Hollywood wouldn't be nearly as fun, would it?

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A judge said Wednesday that a celebrity gossip blogger may be questioned about a report claiming Lindsay Lohan's friend planted cocaine in the actress' car.

DJ Samantha Ronson has sued Perez Hilton for defamation after he repeated a report that first appeared on the Web site

Perez Hilton Picture

"I am not now and have never been a drug user," Samantha Ronson stated in a declaration filed with the court Monday. "I have never handled or touched cocaine. I did not place any cocaine at any place at any time."

According to the $20 million lawsuit, both postings defamed Ronson by stating she planted drugs found in Lohan's car after it crashed into a tree in Beverly Hills on May 26, and that she set up her friend to be photographed while under the influence.

Superior Court Judge Elihu M. Berle said Ronson's attorneys can take a four-hour deposition from Perez Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira).

Hilton's attorney, Bryan J. Freedman (no relation to Britney Spears' friend and choreographer Brian Friedman) said his client made sure the data was "accurate and trustworthy" before he published it on his Hollywood gossip blog.

"He stands by his actions as being legal and proper and believes that the First Amendment protects him," Freedman said.

Ronson must prove that even if the report was erroneous, Perez Hilton acted maliciously, Freedman said after the hearing.

"The judge, at this point, found that they didn't provide any evidence of malice... so the judge was going to give them one more bite of the apple" by allowing the attorneys to question Hilton, he said.

"If Ms. Ronson is attempting to get some sort of relief in court and to show that Mario Lavandeira had any malice, I think she's going to a hardware store for milk. It's not going to happen," Freedman said.

Samantha Ronson also sued celebrity photo agency head Jill Ishkanian, whose Sunset Photo and News Agency operates

However, the judge was told Wednesday that Ishkanian's attorneys settled with Ronson, whose lawyer, Martin Garbus said the case may be dismissed Thursday.

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