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We love politics at The Hollywood Gossip, but we tend to keep our posts geared towards Ashley Dupre, or George W. Bush and the Easter Bunny.

In other words, we try to keep opinions to ourselves and focus on humor or scandal. Other celebrity gossip sites, however, can't help themselves.

A post on Perez Hilton today rips Democratic candidate Barack Obama over his connections to another controversial minister, Rev. James T. Meeks.

Perez details Rev. Meeks' inflammatory comments on gays and race, yet declines to mention that Obama has condemned homophobia on many occasions, and even met with gay leaders in New York in the last 48 hours. Disgraceful indeed.

It's a blatant and shameful attempt by Perez, a devout Hillary Clinton supporter, to slander Barack Obama, who he apparently thinks should be held accountable for the political views of every person he has ever associated with.

Noticeably absent from the article as well? Any connections Hillary might have to shady individuals. The former First Lady is a strong candidate for president, but there are more than a few skeletons (and ugly clothes) in that closet, no?

Perez Hilton needs to stick with what he's good at (or at least best known for), rather than subjecting us to his political opinions - and making cheap attacks.

You could least try to give a more balanced portrait, Perez. We don't judge you based on everything your BFF Spencer Pratt says or does. Think about it.

It's one thing to scribble lame comments on celebrity pics. It's another to back up your nonsensical, biased views. It's time for Perez to put up or shut up!

Enough is enough. The Hollywood Gossip hereby challenges Perez Hilton to a fair debate on the candidates... anytime, anywhere.

Can we taunt the blue-haired one enough to make him accept? With your help, readers, Yes We Can! Follow the link to his article HERE, leave a comment on Perez's site and tell him to respond to The Hollywood Gossip's challenge!

Let's see what this hack is made of.

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Sometimes, the planets align and the worst people in the celebrity gossip world all congregate in one place. You never know when or where these moments will take place, but when they do, one cannot help but be in awe.

In this case, it's an orange-haired, slimy, acne riddled Mario Lavendeira, a.k.a. Perez Hilton, partying at Area over the weekend with quasi-namesake Paris Hilton, Simon Rex, and none other than Osama (Sam) Lutfi.

Here's a gross picture from the night's festivities. Prepare to recoil in horror at the pure evil (and poor hygiene) of these seedy characters ...

When Perez Hilton and Sam Lutfi get together, there's no telling what the evil duo might be planning. All we know is Alli Sims is sad she's not in this picture!

On a side note, also in attendance was Paris' brother, Barron Hilton, 18, who was arrested for DUI yesterday morning, and has since been freed on bail.

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Nothing captures the moment and meaning of the Sundance Film Festival like Perez Hilton and Audrina Patridge. Except, well, everything else.

Just the same, The Hills co-star and the venerable celebrity gossip blog owner showed up at the famed film event. And posed for this photo ...

Audrina Down Under

Despite being a member of Team Heidi, Perez cozies up to Audrina.

We don't imagine roommate Lauren Conrad will be too pleased when she sees this picture. Especially if it later appears on Perez Hiltons's website with Audrina Patridge's face defiled by some really lame drawings.

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Knowing who Brody Jenner hooked up with at Opera last night or what color baby Uggs Nicole Richie bought for her baby yesterday is oddly comforting.

Useless, yes, but surprisingly compelling.

Perez Hilton Picture

If Hollywood were high school, then Perez Hilton, TMZ and YouTube would be like the 21st Century equivalent of the writing on the girls' bathroom wall.

But this year was different, as those scribbles graduated to the front page of the school paper. Yes, these outlets of the tawdry, the titillating, and the tabloids have finally broken down the barrier and entered the "legitimate" news world.

In 2007, more than 2,000 news stories were sourced to TMZ. With attention spans dwindling and the appetite for celebrity gossip only growing, blogs like Perez Hilton's are increasingly barking orders at the mainstream media.

Witness the attention placed on â€" to name just one of 2007's top train wrecks â€" Paris Hilton's summer jail term. Helicopters. Up-to-the-minute news alerts. A swarm of reporters. Larry King. In their desperate rush to keep up with all the bloggers like Perez â€" respectable news outlets flushed Ms. Hilton's saga out of the tabloid brush and into the spotlight. It was, by all accounts, a huge story.

  Celebrity gossip is not a new phenomenon. But will our desire to know if Britney Spears ran a red light with Sean Preston and Jayden James in the car flame out?

Or might we suggest that the badly behaved celebrities clean themselves up for the sake of the ever-clicking cameras? Or, heaven forbid, stay inside and order delivery instead of driving drunkenly and wearing no underwear to Popeyes? No, no, no... a cleaner, gentler Hollywood wouldn't be nearly as fun, would it?

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Look, we'll take back every insult ever uttered against Perez Hilton if he promises not to take the following photo any further.

We all know what happens when Ray J gets someone in bed - let alone a bed covered with rose petals! - so we fear for our eyeballs if Perez Hilton Superstar ever gets released. It would make the Jessica Sierra sex tape look like Sesame Street.

Ray J has done Kim Kardashian naked on video. Might, gulp, Perez Hilton be next?

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It's official. A judge has ruled that Perez Hilton may legally continue to desecrate the otherwise good name of celebrity gossip at his leisure.

Or something like that.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge just dismissed a $20 million lawsuit filed by DJ Samantha Ronson against Hilton over an article the rotund one ran in May.

The item suggested that Samantha Ronson supplied the cocaine that was found in Lindsay Lohan's car during her infamous Memorial Day DUI crash.

The First Amendment (and Perez Hilton) soundly defeated a lowly DJ.

Perez Hilton, a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira, argued that Ronson's lawsuit was an unfair attempt to stifle his right of free speech, and the judge agreed.

The judge also ordered Ronson to pay all of Perez's legal fees. Oh snap.

Well, that's that. No matter how you look at it, this is a truly a great day, and a great victory for celebrity news... more unfunny, doctored celebrity pics for all.

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A judge said Wednesday that a celebrity gossip blogger may be questioned about a report claiming Lindsay Lohan's friend planted cocaine in the actress' car.

DJ Samantha Ronson has sued Perez Hilton for defamation after he repeated a report that first appeared on the Web site

Perez Hilton Picture

"I am not now and have never been a drug user," Samantha Ronson stated in a declaration filed with the court Monday. "I have never handled or touched cocaine. I did not place any cocaine at any place at any time."

According to the $20 million lawsuit, both postings defamed Ronson by stating she planted drugs found in Lohan's car after it crashed into a tree in Beverly Hills on May 26, and that she set up her friend to be photographed while under the influence.

Superior Court Judge Elihu M. Berle said Ronson's attorneys can take a four-hour deposition from Perez Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira).

Hilton's attorney, Bryan J. Freedman (no relation to Britney Spears' friend and choreographer Brian Friedman) said his client made sure the data was "accurate and trustworthy" before he published it on his Hollywood gossip blog.

"He stands by his actions as being legal and proper and believes that the First Amendment protects him," Freedman said.

Ronson must prove that even if the report was erroneous, Perez Hilton acted maliciously, Freedman said after the hearing.

"The judge, at this point, found that they didn't provide any evidence of malice... so the judge was going to give them one more bite of the apple" by allowing the attorneys to question Hilton, he said.

"If Ms. Ronson is attempting to get some sort of relief in court and to show that Mario Lavandeira had any malice, I think she's going to a hardware store for milk. It's not going to happen," Freedman said.

Samantha Ronson also sued celebrity photo agency head Jill Ishkanian, whose Sunset Photo and News Agency operates

However, the judge was told Wednesday that Ishkanian's attorneys settled with Ronson, whose lawyer, Martin Garbus said the case may be dismissed Thursday.

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Hot News Item of the Day: There may be a new Britney Spears sex tape.

Not So Hot News Item of the Day: A threesome that involves Kendra Wilkinson, Hugh Hefner and Perez Hilton.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Perez Hilton

We were grossed out by the latter thought thanks to the following photo, taken at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards in Los Angeles last night.

Why is this image so disgusting? Well, anyone that has heard Kendra laugh on The Girls Next Door knows there are few less arousing sounds in the world; Hefner is like 80; and Hilton is a fat, attention-seeking slob.

We'd prefer to get into bed with John Mayer and Minka Kelly. Seriously. That would be hot.

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You know, just when you think you're going to get through a day without seeing his ugly mug, Perez Hilton appears. This time, he's with lovely Audrina Patridge of The Hills, who apparently hides disgust well. She should be a poker player!

Audrina For Bongo

ABOVE: Perez Hilton torments us by cozying up to Audrina Patridge.

The pic above kind of speaks for itself. One of our favorite celebrities with one of our... no comment. Let's just talk about how much we love Audrina and The Hills!

When we first were exposed to Audrina Patridge, we weren't so sure about her. She seemed a little phony and uninteresting. But we've come around on Audrina since she moved in with Lauren Conrad. She's a member of Team LC, and isn't into shameless self-promotion, so we really have no problems with this cutie!

Now, Heidi Montag, on the other hand ...

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of The Hills suck so much as it is, it's hard to imagine worse things than being subjected to a party thrown by the two.

Unless you were to throw Perez Hilton into the mix.

That's exactly what went down over the weekend as Spencer and Heidi - along with their romantic gondola ride in Las Vegas of course - celebrated in style at the clubs. Which is interesting, since they used to do that before she was 21.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Perez Hilton: The trinity of pain.

Heidi Montag turned 21 on Saturday, the very same day that Lauren Conrad's fashion line officially debuted. We were, like, OMG, so excited for the latter!

Oh, right, this is a post about Heidi's birthday party. Club-goers out on the scene report that "Heidi and Spencer were in a festive mood at LAX, downing Veuve Clicquot and passing out flutes to random people in the crowd."

No word on whether later that night, Heidi Montag played another kind of flute. Made of skin. Speaking of which, Perez Hilton was on hand to complete this first meeting of the Team Heidi fan club. It's okay, you gotta start small sometimes.

Spencer Pratt should have Perez hang out with them more, for sure. He may be the one of the only men alive who makes him look attractive by comparison.

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