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Lauren Conrad and Chris Richardson may be dating.

But a relationship issue of even more importance to many readers may involve Penelope Cruz and her rumored new beau: Javier Bardem.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Picture

According to The New York Post, "Cruz showed up at the New York Film Festival this weekend with Javier Bardem, and the two were ‘very touchy-feely,' our spy said. ‘They held hands when they thought no one was watching, and she kissed his cheek, and he put his arm around her.'

Sounds like a love connection to us! Maybe George Clooney and Sarah Larson are no longer the hottest new pairing in Hollywood.

Saturday night, Cruz and Bardom showed up with Bono to the premiere party for No Country for Old Men, sitting in the back on the theater.

The two actors costar in the top secret Woody Allen Spanish Project, due out 2008. The film also stars Scarlett Johansson and Patricia Clarkson.

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Hollywood is chock full of different styles. There's the Pete Doherty, drugged-out-of-your mind look, for example.

Then there's the Keeley Hazell, nude look.

Paris Hilton Cleavage Photo

To each, his or her own, of course. But we're here now to focus on contrasting new hairdos. For instance, since she's come back to life, Ellen Pompeo has decided to make her hair straighter than a ruler. Do you guys like it? Do you think Chris Ivery is a fan?

It looks like Penelope Cruz is down with the lack of curls, as this Oscar nominee has also straightened out her locks. She looks very pretty.

In other hair news, a couple of blondes have gone the braided route. While it's weird enough to even see Paris Hilton wearing clothes, it's even stranger to see her trying to look innocent with these pigtails. Especially when we've all seen Paris Hilton's pussy and it lacks any semblance of hair. But anyway.

Hilton's occasional friend, Kimberly Stewart, is also going along with the braids. It's no wonder she wants to emulate Paris and other rich, talentless famous people.

Next, expect Kimberly to follow the Kim Kardashian sex tape lead. How else will these loose women stay in the news?

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What were you thinking, Matthew McConaughey?

Penelope Cruz Picture

You may have turned down an immoral threesome recently - but you also turned down Penelope Cruz a little while ago.

And have you seen the actress recently?!?

T.H. Gossip has. Not in person, sadly. But at least we've seen Cruz as the model for the 2007 Pirelli calendar.

She joins the ranks of Heidi Klum, Amy Smart and Kate Moss as those that have posed in the pages of this well-known beauty calendar. And, dare we say, Cruz more than holds her own.

She holds the attention of any warm-blooded male. Enjoy.

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Orlando Bloom appears to be an open fella. Ask him about movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and he'll talk at length about the experiences.

But bring up Kate Bosworth and the actor goes mum. He won't comment on the couple's break-up and we wouldn't dare ask him to comment on rumors that pocket lint weighs more than his former flame.

Penelope Cruz Picture

Therefore, it's doubtful that Orlando would have much to say about recent rumors that he's dating Penelope Cruz. But we'll spread them anyway!

The stars were seen twice at club Hyde together last week, fueling speculation that Penelope is either in full Bloom or Orlando is Cruzing for some tail. Choose your pun.

On Saturday, the two danced to the oldie "Run Around Sue" at the L.A. hot spot, as Bloom kissed Cruz's hand affectionately. The same night, however, the Lords of the Rings star was also seen giving his digits to an unidentified girl, who he flirtatiously grabbed around the waist.

Something, of course, he wasn't physically able to do with Bosworth near the end of their relationship.

"They were definitely together and holding hands," a source said about the duo's Hyde trips.

That's like almost first base. But Cruz's rep insists: "They are not dating."

Sure. Whatever you say. And no man on the planet wants to kiss Jessica Alba, either.

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In a week filled with celebrity break-ups (who could've seen David Spade and Heather Locklear not lasting?!?), this would be welcome news:

Working Up a Sweat

It looks as though Matthew McConaughey may be slowing getting over Lance Armstrong. The often shirtless actor was recently seen cohoring closely with ex-girlfriend - and Suri Cruise believer - Penelope Cruz.

The stars were caught laughing and looking like a couple during a romantic lunch at the Madeo Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. They left holding hands and both got into McConaughey's car!

Check please, huh, guys?

Let's just hope Matthew didn't follow the Paris Hilton rules of the road.

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After stating late last week that she has seen Suri Cruise, Penelope Cruz has since done a complete 180 and is refusing to talk about the baby anymore.

"I'm not going to talk about that anymore. I answered that yesterday and I'm not going to talk about it in detail because I really protect the people that I love," Cruz said of Cruise.

Cradling Suri Cruise

Cruz, who dated Tom Cruise for three years following their horrendous film together (Vanilla Sky) said Thursday the supposed evil spawn of TomKat was not only real, but one of the most beautiful babies she'd ever seen in her whole life.

But in her most recent interview, Penelope called her outburst of Suri details a lapse in judgment, and refused additional comment.

"It's important to keep living life as an observer and not just feel like you're being the thing observed because then you start looking at yourself from the outside instead of really alert... I forget people are looking at me in a situation like that, like yesterday," she said.

She also forgets, apparently, that Suri is not real. Just look at the poll, people! The fans have spoken. Please vote (above, right) if you haven't already! Tell us what you think!

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Move over Leah Remini.

Step aside, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Penelope Cruz Picture

Believe it or not, there's been another alleged Suri Cruise sighting.

Penelope Cruz, the 32-year-old Spanish actress who used to date Tom Cruise, says she, too, has laid eyes on his possibly fictitious baby daughter. Cruz did not offer many details of the meeting, but praised little Suri as a special baby.

"She's really beautiful. She's one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen," the actress said in London, where she was attending the premiere of her new movie, Volver.

Suri was allegedly born to Cruise and his fiancee, Katie Holmes, in Los Angeles on April 18. She has yet to be seen in public, leading many to question whether she is even real.

The Spanish actress, who co-starred with Tom in 2001's absolutely awful Vanilla Sky, and also dated him for three years thereafter, wouldn't give any more details about the unveiling. Possibly because there is no baby, and Cruise is getting everyone he knows to lie for him -- even stooping so low as to beg his ex-girlfriend. But that's just the Gossip's humble opinion.

Again, we call upon the fans. Tell us what you believe in our poll (top right). Is Suri Cruise a farce, or just being protected by private parental units? This is your chance to weigh in. At the time of this blog, 335 of you have spoken... and the results speak volumes.

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