The latest part of the Brangelina brood. Everyone, please make Pax Thien Jolie feel welcome in the U.S.

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Angelina Jolie hates Thanksgiving, but she's not a joyless person.

The actress and partner Brad Pitt treated their children to a hot air balloon ride to celebrate son Pax's birthday in Paris. The Vietnamese native turned seven!

Brangelina and the Twins!

Pax, Brad, Angelina, nine-year-old Cambodian son Maddox, five-year-old Ethiopian daughter Zahara and four-year-old biological daughter Shiloh all took part.

PARISIAN PAIR: Brad is also promoting Megamind in Europe.

The balloon operator said: "They were like any other family. There was nothing out of the ordinary which made them any different from any other family."

He added that throughout the ride, the couple's children were "excited but very well-behaved. What I think they wanted was a little moment of peace."

"Angelina is a very beautiful woman in person. She was friendly and spoke to me. Brad is very nice and very outgoing. He played a lot with the kids."

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Friday tradition, now in its 71st week. Who won this week's Caption Contest?

When Brad Pitt, Shiloh Nouvel and Pax Thien take a stroll, the material is endless. Well maybe not. But Sammy M. still sent in a great one. Congratulations!

Brad Pitt and Kids

The Curious Life of Being Whipped by Angelina Jolie.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's latest family addition has officially taken their surnames.

A Santa Monica court on Thursday approved Pax Thien Jolie's name change to Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt, a court clerk confirms to People magazine. The name is a mouthful, but at least the child is adorable. And visible, unlike Jayden James Federline.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Get Married!

Pax, 3, was adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage in March, joining Pitt and Jolie's children Maddox, 5, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 1.

Because Vietnamese law makes it difficult for unmarried couples to adopt, Jolie adopted Pax on her own, but he is being raised by both her and Pitt. In April, Jolie formally requested that the court change her new son's name to Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt.

In January 2006, after Jolie made a similar request in the same court, her other adopted children, Maddox and Zahara, were officially named Jolie-Pitt. The decisions have worked out, at least according to celebrity gossip fans.

After all, Jolie is not currently receiving many votes on our Worst Celebrity Mother poll.

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Pham Thu Dung, the biological mother of Pax Thien Jolie, says she's happy that her child has found a new life with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The British newspaper News of the World tracked Dung down in the Vietnam neighborhood she calls home and talked to the 29-year-old about why she gave Pax up for adoption in 2003.

Brad Pitt and Kids

On giving Pax up for adoption:
"I am not his mother anymore because I abandoned him. I saw his face in the newspapers and I wanted to recognize him but I couldn't. He was a stranger to me. I wanted to forget all about him but it hurts so much to see his face and hear about everything that is happening to him. It brings all the pain back to me. My dream is that one day he'll visit me and call me mother. But it's only a dream, I know it's impossible."

On Angelina Jolie adopting Pax:
"I want to see my son again and tell him I'm so sorry I had to give him away. I am very happy for him. I hope he has a good life now. He is better off with the movie star because I am not a good mother. I wasn't able to take care of my baby."

On her hopes for the future:
"I realize I am not capable of looking after him. I can't even feed myself properly, let alone a baby as well. I only eat one meal a day [just like Nicole Richie]. I just hope one day I will see him just to see how he is and looks. I want to know that he's ok and that his new mother loves him."

On her parents signing the adoption papers without her knowledge:
"There is nothing I can do. I can't change what has happened."

On Pax's father leaving her during the pregnancy:
"I kept my baby because I thought my boyfriend would marry me. I wanted to keep the baby and live with him. I trusted him, but he left me."

On taking two fixes of heroin a day:
"I really want to give up. I know drugs might kill me. If I can manage it, I will live a normal life. I really miss my grandmother and my family. I want to sort myself out and go home. But until I can give up drugs, I know I can never go home. I know my father is angry with me and I know the neighbors will laugh at my family. I don't want my son to be ashamed of me when he grows up."

Jayden James can relate to that feeling. Are you listening, Britney?

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Now that Angelina Jolie is a mother again, the question on everyone's mind is: how will her kids adapt to yet another tyke in the house?

Gratned, new son Pax Thien was adopted less than a week ago - but that doesn't mean it's too early for Us Weekly to consult with Frank J. Sulloway, author of Born to Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics and Creative Lives.

Worried About Shiloh!

Let's see what he says about how the latest member of the family is likely to affect life in the Jolie-Pitt household.

Maddox, 5:
As the eldest, he'll be "conscientious, responsible, protective of younger siblings and most likely excel in school."

Pax, 3:
As a middle child, he'll be "agreeable, a peacemaker - and good at wheeling and dealing, since the firstborn has physical dominance."

Zahara, 2:
"Open to experience. And, like Pax, likely to be very agreeable."

Shiloh, 10 months:
The youngest, she'll be "obstinate, extroverted and fun-loving. Many great comedians were the youngest in the family."

So were many plastic surgery lovers.

Anyway, there you have it, readers. Brad Pitt and his lovely partner needn't even nurture these kids.

Their personalities are obviously already set based on their age and pecking order. That should be a burden lifted off any parent.

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We hope Brad Pitt doesn't feel threatened by his new son. After all, word on the adoption street is that the two are very similar.

The director of the Tam Binh Orphanage says that Pax Thien Jolie has a personality more similar to his easy-going new father, rather than his intense mother.

Brad Pitt and Kids

"I think he is like Brad Pitt rather than [Angelina Jolie]," says Nguyen Van Trung, who met the actor when he visited the orphanage in November 2006. "Brad Pitt is very easy."

We're gonna assume he means "easy going."

After all, Lindsay Lohan is closer to "very easy" than Pitt is.

Trung recounted what it was like to say goodbye to the 3-year-old boy he used to call Pham Quang Sang (renamed by Jolie). "He cried so hard that I wanted to scold him. But Jolie stopped me," Trung admitted. "She patiently soothed him for almost 20 minutes."

He also revealed that the child suffered from health problems as a baby, although they later disappeared. "When he was born, he had some liver problem. But 15 months after birth, there was no sign of it," he said. "Pax Thien Jolie is totally healthy now."

Which is more than we can say about the lifestyle of Britney Spears.

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Angelina Jolie has apologized for exposing her new son to the media frenzy that greeted them in Vietnam â€" and has vowed to focus on her growing family and be a stay-at-home mom.

Angelina Jolie at SAG Awards

"I will stay at home to help [Pax Thien Jolie] to his new life," Jolie told Friday's Ho Chi Ming City Law newspaper, according to a translation on the Associated Press. "I have four children and caring for them is the most important thing for me at the moment. I am very proud and happy to be their mother."

Jolie and her new son went through an emotional introduction at Thursday's formal welcoming ceremony, during which the 3-year-old Vietnamese boy started crying when his new mom knelt down to talk to him.

Soon enough, fortunately, he was playing with Maddox.

As for all the attention brought to her new son, Jolie tells the newspaper: "Photographs and press coverage will make him upset. I'm very worried about that. I would like to say I'm sorry for bringing this into Pax's life."

But in answering those who have questioned the adoption, Jolie says, "Everyone would agree that children need to have a family. I have the ability to help children fulfill that desire. Why should I say no?"

She makes a good point. Perhaps Brangelina could adopt Jayden James, too. He needs it.

Pax, whose given name before he was adopted was Pham Quang, is the fourth child for the actress and her partner, Brad Pitt. Their brood includes Maddox, who was adopted from Cambodia, Zahara, 2, who was adopted from Ethiopia, and 10-month-old Shiloh, who was born to the couple last year.

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Angelina Jolie has successfully completed the adoption process for her new son.

The three-year-old boy was picked up at 9 a.m. local time after Jolie recieved the official adoption agreement from the Tam Binh orphanage where the boy has been residing since November of 2003.


Local press claim that that the boy is named Pham Quang Sang and will be renamed Pax Thien Jolie.

His birth name means "light" in Vietnamese and Thien means "heaven." Vietnamese press also report that Jolie's new son cried and hid during the official ceremony, and that the actress comforted him.

Jolie's other adopted son, Maddox, was also present. They're pictured arriving in Vietnam here.

The Oscar-winning actress must now meet with U.S. consular officials who must review the adoption before a passport can be issued for the boy. From there, it's just a matter of how tightly Brad Pitt hugs his latest son.

If all goes according to plan, the 31-year-old actress could bring the child home by the weekend, meaning all future Brangelina reservations would have to be made for six.

The boy is reportedly healthy, friendly and a little bit shy, they said. He gets along well with other children and loves to play soccer. So he'll fit right in to this fun-loving brood!

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