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Which American Idol star is most precious? Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks?

According to a certain judge on the show, it's neither. Guess which critic believes she ought to be the center of all attention.

Indeed, train-wreck-tastic Paula Abdul went on a self-important diatribe during an episode of her reality show, Hey Paula. The crazy one ranted: "I'm tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am."

In the premiere, set to air June 28, Simon Cowell's favorite target appears addled after the 2007 Grammy Awards. She stumbles on the street and giggles in the back of her limo ("I crack myself up!") before her mood darkens and she berates two assistants for not bringing her sweat pants to change into for a flight.

The encounter makes Paris Hilton look unspoiled. Well, sort of. But it does reveal a needy celebrity who, in the lap of pampering, constantly believes herself to be mistreated by those around her.

"The way I've been treated is [like] a piece of dog sâ€"," Abudl complains in another typical outburst that insults canine feces everywhere.

All in all, it's obviously fantastic television. The singer makes Coley Laffoon look sane by comparison.

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Stop hogging the American Idol spotlight, Blake Lewis.

Paula Abdul has some things to get off her wacky chest.

In a sob-filled audio tape obtained by The New York Post, the judge is captured having a meltdown during a recent conference call.

In a Simon Cowell-like rant - minus the cool accent and calm demeanor - Paula attacks former publicist Howard Bragman; reveals she's dealing with challenging medical problems; and states she's had enough of the terrible treatment she receives from the "people who are supposed to be taking care of things."

She sobs on the tape: "I've never been treated this way and I've never seen anybody treated this way. This is just too much to stomach."

We guess she's referring to the celebrity gossip rumors that she's drunk all the time. But Paula still has a long way to go to catch up with Britney Spears.

Abdul, the former wife of Emilio Estevez, also outlines her health problems, including an adrenal disease called Addison's. (Which is NOT named after the Kate Walsh character on Private Practice.)

Ranting about Bragman, who apparently didn't appreciate her enough, the former pop star says: "I do a call-in every week for OK! Magazine on American Idol. Because of my brilliant job, they want to do a cover on me. I'm being told by Howard Bragman that I'm too old and no one will ever want to do a cover."

Abdul went on to say she was tired of such treatment. Apparently, Bragman did not even show up with her for a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

We know: this is more galling behavior than anything Alex Rodriguez has done.

And Paula is sick of it!

"I don't understand how this man can call me a whining bitch. I've never in my life been called a whining bitch and a loser."

It's never too late, though, is it?

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Does it really come as a shock that Simon Cowell isn't a great listener?

During an appearance recently on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the American Idol judge admitted he's not always paying close attention to performances. So, just what is he up to as hopefuls sing their hearts out?

Haley Reinhart Pic

"I'm taunting [Paula Abdul] throughout the performance," Cowell said. "I'm saying to her, 'Try to say something interesting, try not to use the words mountain and lakes in your critiques because it's always: You'll climb mountains, you'll swim lakes, whatever.' "

But how can Simon judge contestants such as Chris Richardson if he's so busy bugging Abdul?

"I'll tell you a secret," he said. "I watch the dress run so I actually hear much, much easier what they really do sound like."

As for his American Idol picks, Cowell went with the favorites Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle, but added:

"I wouldn't write off Blake Lewis or LaKisha Jones."

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While Justin Timberlake was making the girls screen on stage at the Kids Choice Awars last night, exciting pairings were posing for the camera behind the scenes.

For example, here's Paula Abdul, taking a break from thinking up fake compliments for Sanjaya Malakar. And who's that cutie on her right?

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

It's Jamie Lynn Spears, of course.

The 15-year old sister of Britney Spears actually has hair. And no shady ex-huband. Nor is there a flask in her pocket (we assume). Are we sure these siblings are related? It's sort of like Lindsay Lohan and her normal looking sis, Ali Lohan.

Maybe there's hope for at least one half of famous celebrity siblings, after all. Just not for Tori Spelling or Randy Spelling.

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Quick, take a look at these beautiful people and designer choices from this week's Emmy Awards. Lovely, aren't they?

  • Halle Berry 2005 Emmys Photo
  • Kim at the Emmys
  • K-Walsh Pic
  • A JLH Image

Sear those images in your mind ... because you're about to see many worse examples of what happens when good people make bad fashion decisions.

Before tonight's MTV Video Music Awards, we thought it would be fun to take a look back. Over the years, this spectacle has led to numerous celebrities that looked far from REspectable ...

Yup, Paula Abdul has always looked awful at award shows. Just borrow Simon's black t-shirt next time, don't try so hard.

Paula Abdul Flower Dress

Hey, a pair of criminals! At least Martha Stewart looks fairly normal in this dark suit. Busta Rhymes, on the other hand? Ummm ... is that a dress?

Busta Rhymes Dress

Maybe this shouldn't be classified as a "classic" picture. After all, when it comes to Lil Kim, not much has changed.

Lil Kim Mini Skirt

Consider us speechless. When Prince sings at halftime of the Super Bowl, let's hope he wears a bit more.

Prince Performs Picture

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If Paula Abdul were her own fashion judge, she'd tear up at how beautiful and moving she looked. Perhaps she'd even slap Simon Cowell for suggesting otherwise.

Unfortunately for anyone that had to see the female American Idol judge last night, the dress she chose to wear would never have made it to the finals of any competition.

Take a look for yourself:

Paula Abdul Flower Dress

Before you recoil in horror, however, remember: some people actually looked good at the Emmys. Go take a look at those traffic-stoppers now.

Paula Abdul Biography

New American Idol Judges Paula Abdul is a former pop star who rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s with hits such as "Opposites Attract," "Forever Your Girl" and... More »
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Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul Quotes

Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

Paula Abdul [after Brooke White was eliminated on season seven]

The producers come up to us in the dark and said, 'We are not going to have you guys judge after each performer, we are going to have all the performers go once, then twice and at the end critique them.'

Paula Abdul [on her mistake of judging an American Idol performance that hadn't taken place]
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