Paul Sculfor is some random British model who is a handsome fellow, to be sure, but has become more well-known for possibly having seen...

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Pameron is officially a serious couple.

According to various sources, Paul Sculfor has moved in with Cameron Diaz.

"Paul has given up his bachelor pad," an insider told celebrity gossip tabloid OK!. "He moved into Cameron's home in the hills above the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. They've settled into a comfortable routine."


What is a Paul Sculfor? For holding hands with Cameron Diaz!

Another friend confirms that "Cam's just about as happy as I've ever seen her," which is surprising considering her ex-boyfriend is Justin Timberlake.

Sculfor first made headlines when he dated Jennifer Aniston. We like him a lot better than the douchebag she's sleeping with now.

Click on the following photos for more shots of this happy couple, strolling through the streets of NYC...

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  • A Very Happy Couple.
  • Sculfor and Diaz
  • A Model and an Actress
  • Sharing a Walk, Apartment

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So much for being just a fling or a rumored relationship.

Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor are obviously the real deal, as they were spotted shopping together over the weekend... holding hands!

Cameron Diaz Paries Late

There's a good chance these two have gotten to at least first base. We've chosen to dub them "Pameron," but please send along any other suggestions you have for a nickname.

Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor have a message for Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston: you aren't the only new couple making headlines!

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Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz have each been labeled "America's Sweetheart" on more than one occasion.

It's starting to seem as though a more appropriate moniker would be "Paul Sculfor's Sweetheart," however.

Cameron Diaz Paries Late

Yesterday, Diaz was spotted on a romantic dinner date in West Hollywood with the British model and former Aniston flame. These two were first linked on June 1 when they dined at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.

"Cameron was laughing at everything he said â€" she didn't stop smiling," a witness told Us Weekly. "She was really flirty and had three or four of her buttons undone."

Paul Sculfor has likely seen Jennifer Aniston nude and Cameron Diaz nude. What's his secret?

Dating-wife, Diaz is best known for having been with Justin Timberlake for years. Based on a recent interview with In Style, she appears to be a well-grounded, totally awesome woman.

"I'm not going to bring some idiot into my world, and if I'm not sure about him, I'm cautious," the What Happens in Vegas star said. "My list is all about balance. You can have smart, but not funny. You can have funny, but not very smart. You can have intellectual, but not social.

"I want it all! I love big brains. I love to eat. I love to be outdoors. I love to have conversations! I love to make love... I don't do anything half-assed, and I want somebody who can keep up with all that."

Paul Sculfor, you're a lucky man.

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Paul Sculfor is back!

The model who dated Jennifer Aniston last year was spotted dancing and flirting this past weekend with another Hollywood star: Cameron Diaz!

"They looked really flirty," says a source of the pair's dinner at Santa Monica's Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi on Sunday night.

"She was laughing really loud at all his jokes. It looked like a date."

Cameron Diaz laughing out loud? That confirms they're a couple right there. Or at least boinking. No way Paul Sculfor is actually that funny.

After two hours, Cameron Diaz and her man left the restaurant together. Though Paul Sculfor tried to open her door, his chivalrous move was foiled when they were approached by a waiting celebrity gossip photographer.

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Could Paul Sculfor and Jennifer Aniston not only be back together... but be shopping for a baby?! If OK! magazine is to be believed as a legitimate source for celebrity gossip, then this is exactly the case.

The publication says on July 17, the former Friends star and her chiseled boy toy - dressed alike in jeans and tees - went shopping together for baby products at the exclusive Petit Tresor boutique in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Scoop!

They could have been buying something for Jayden James or Suri Cruise, of course. Or...

"They were holding hands and whispering quietly to each other," a witness said. "Jen appeared to be very happy. They were acting like a married couple while shopping for various baby-related items like cribs, diaper bags and changing tables."

This could be the celebrity news story of the year if the pair is actually expecting. It would make the Tameka Foster pregnancy seem like nothing!

According to the source, Aniston, who often shops at the trendy store on Hollywood's hip Robertson Boulevard, was also asking the sales staff about delivery options. For purchased items, that is. Not anything coming out of her vaginal canal.

We'll keep you apprised of this breaking story. In the meantime, can you believe Renee Sloan is also pregnant?!?

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Paul Sculfor may have seen the last of Jennifer Aniston nude.

On June 30, Sculfor left L.A. for a two-week visit to London, and sources tell Us Weekly that the pair â€" who have had a low-key love affair since May â€" have said goodbye… at least for now.

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie Tabloid Cover

"There was no drama," an Aniston insider said. "They had a couple of dinners and hung out; it was never more than that."

Well, it was a bit more than that. We have evidence that these two had sex.

Celebrity news reports are in: Paul Sculfor and Jennifer Aniston are on the outs.

Nevertheless, the end seemed near on June 17 on what may have been the duo's last day as a pair. They appeared to break up on that date, two weeks before Kim Porter and Diddy followed suit.

A witness says that, at one point during their dinner at Santa Monica, California's Shutters on the Beach, Aniston and Sculfor were not on the same romantic page.

"Jen stared Paul straight in the eyes and crossed her arms against her chest," this celebrity gossip insider reports

Reportedly, Sculfor may have grown tired of the media scrutiny surrounding the high-profile hookup. After all, a pal claims, "he probably went to London for a while to get away from it all."

Guess it would be hard to blame the guy if so. While sleeping with Jennifer Aniston must be awesome, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo can relate to the invasion of privacy this lifestyle often lends itself to.

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Anyone who's seen Paul Sculfor pictures knows how good looking this British model is.

But, according to Star magazine, that's not the only thing Sculfor is good for... if you know what we mean! Or at least what Jennifer Aniston has supposedly said about her new boyfriend's skils between the sheets.

Jennifer Aniston at the Guys Choice Awards

"She's left Paul in no doubt that he is the man for her. She even let slip that he's better in the bed than either Brad or Vince!" a friend told the publication.

Ah, but what about Kevin Federline?

It's Jennifer Aniston nude! And Paul Sculfor nude! SmartWater did its research!

Meanwhile, another close friend of Aniston's who was obviously not paid a dime by Star, Tiffany Laws, added that Paul is more than just a man with great stamina and girth to match Cisco Adler. He's also romantic.

"He bought Jen a huge bunch of flowers, then had chocolates and champagne delivered," Laws said. "She loved that. Jen goes by what her heart is telling her, and the initial indications are really good."

Cocaine problems, be damned, Aniston is basically saying. Bring on the orgasms!

"She's not bothered about [celebrity gossip]. She will give him a chance to show he's the right guy for her," Laws said.

After struggling with so many different relationships, it seems the seductive actress has finally found a quality match.

We do admire Jennifer for seeing past the rumors and superficiality. After all, it you were to simply glance at Brooke Hogan, you'd see someone who doesn't know how to dress. You need to look deeper to see the awful singer within.

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Yup, Paul Sculfor has seen Jennifer Aniston nude.

Is the following photographic evidence as clear cut as Kim Kardashian slipping the tongue to Reggie Bush? No, not exactly.

Justin Theroux: Mister Wrong

But X17 Online has captured Sculfor relaxing on a certain balcony... the same balcony Aniston is later spotted on! This is Jennifer's house, so the second image isn't all that shocking. But the first makes us wonder just what was going on away from that balcony, if you know what we mean.

Paul Sculfor and Jennifer Aniston hang out on the same balcony. At different times. But you still get the idea.

We mean Paul Sculfor probably got to have sex with the beautiful ex of Brad Pitt right before he was seen here putting his shirt back on. Lucky guy.

Of course, he's also been hooked on cocaine in the past and been stuck having meals with Victoria Beckham (or was it Katie Holmes?). So maybe it evens out in the end.

Whatever went on inside Aniston's home is none of our business, of course. It's just nice to see Jen moving on a bit. She was giving it away for free to Vince Vaughn for way too long.

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We already know that Jennifer Aniston's new man used to be friends with Kate Moss. Fortunately, Paul Sculfor has kicked that anorexic model - and cocaine - problem.

But it doesn't appear as though this British model is done with his taste for spices yet. Why, exactly, was he spotted having dinner with Victoria Beckham last weekend in L.A.?

"He's just an ex-boyfriend of a friend," Posh's rep said.

Sculfor was photographed trailing Beckham's entourage outside the Saddle Ranch Chop House in West Hollywood before sitting down with the wife of David Beckham for a meal on Saturday.

Turns out the Beckham's longtime pal, makeup artist Maria-Louise Featherstone, dated Sculfor when they both were growing up in Essex, east of London. Aniston should probably be glad Paul went for this English women instead of an intimidating fellow Brit such as Keeley Hazell.

"Maria-Louise and Paul remained friends after they split," a friend told People magazine. "Victoria knew Paul when the two were dating. She hasn't seen him for about 10 years so it was a great chance to catch up."

Let's just hope Sculfor didn't get too taken with Posh's giant boobs. Jennifer Aniston nude may be gorgeous, but few can best Beckham in the chesticular category.

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