Paul DelVecchio, a.k.a. DJ Pauly D, is a cast member on Jersey Shore. As his nickname suggests, he is a DJ and hails from Johnston, R.I.,...

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Oh say, did you see Julianne Hough posing naked, with only an American flag covering her body?

Or Kate Upton licking a patriotic popsicle on the cover of GQ?

Or Heidi Klum waving more than just her hot assets while going for a dip in the ocean?

Indeed, while we can think of many reasons to love America, the following photos only add to our list.

They feature stars from across various industries (music, acting, modeling) coming together in the name of other stars... and stripes, posing while showing patriotic support for our country.

So, in honor of 4th of July weekend, click around now and join these celebrities in supporting the red, white and BOO-YEAH:

Julianna Hough Loves America!
And we love the way in which Julianna Hough loves America.

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Amanda Markert, Pauly D's baby mama, is bad news. According to a new report, she once beat the living crap out of the other guy who knocked her up.

Markert was arrested in July 2009 for walloping Lance Gerbino and leaving him with bloody lips, a nasty gash above his eye and injuries in his mouth.

  • Amanda Markert Hooters
  • Pauly and Deena Pic

Amanda had allegedly been out drinking with friends, and got pissed off because she had to come home to help take care of the duo's infant son.

Gerbino claims Markert went all Sharkeisha on him, "going crazy" on his face, wailing at him with her fists - while she was holding their baby, no less.

The former Hooters waitress beat him badly, but it was the fact that their child was right there to see it that really scared him and led him to call for help.

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After a period of tumult with baby mama Amanda Markert, Pauly D met his baby daughter Amabella, who just turned six months old, for the first time.

According to the reality star, holding his little bundle of joy for the first time earlier this month was nerve-wracking, but also unforgettably wonderful.

"I was nervous if she wasn't going to like me," he said. "But the second I saw the baby her eyes just lit up, it's almost like she knew. It was amazing."

"I knew she was mine right off the bat too because she looks just like me. She came right over to me and put her arms right up to me. [She] grabbed my hair!"

"That's the first thing she went for. And then she was biting my nose."

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Pauly D will meet his five-month-old for the first time today after he and baby mama Amanda Markert struck a temporary deal in their custody battle.

  • Pauly D at Teen Choice Awards
  • Amanda Markert Bikini Photo

Amanda agreed to let Pauly meet their daughter Amabella at a neutral location somewhere near Amanda's home in New Jersey sometime this afternoon.

That alone marks a major turnaround for the feuding parents, who conceived their first and only child during a drunken night in Vegas back in 2012.

Amabella was born in May.

Pauly wants full custody of the little girl, accusing Amanda of being a horrible parent and person who's using the baby as leverage for fame and money.

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Amid a flurry of tabloid reports, name calling, and a custody battle, Pauly D's baby mama Amanda Markert has finally invited him to see his baby girl ... on Twitter.

  • Pauly D's Baby Mama Amanda
  • Pauly D Daughter
  • Pauly D: MONEY

"This is getting out of hand, you've had my number since day 1," she wrote to the DJ. "Come bond with her any day, any time you and your family want."

The olive branch/tweet comes after an attorney for Markert reportedly shot down his request for visitation of Amabella, who Pauly has still not met.

The Jersey Shore star (real name Paul DelVecchio) learned earlier this month that Amanda Markert gave birth to their daughter Amabella back in May.

Soon after, the new father told TMZ that he "100 percent" believes that the former Hooters waitress is using their child for her own 15 minutes of fame.

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Pauly D's first attempt to visit his infant daughter has been denied by baby mama Amanda Markert, who will not let him see the five-month-old girl unsupervised.

The Jersey Shore star's lawyer sent a letter to Markert's attorney, requesting that Pauly get visitation of the girl, Amabella, for two weeks starting today.

Not happening.

  • Pauly D's Baby Mama
  • Pauly D Shirtless Pic

Markert's lawyer told Pauly D's rep to go kick rocks, saying bluntly that the 33-year-old dad may not take the baby unsupervised for that period of time.

She may be open to visitation if she or someone of her choosing is present ... which Pauly D's side is open to, but is now getting the silent treatment.

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Pauly D is going about his business with class, but nevertheless believes that his baby mama is shamelessly treating their child like a golden ticket.

In an impromptu interview in North Carolina, the Jersey Shore alum was asked how he felt about becoming a dad, and admitted he's excited and nervous.

"I want to give the baby the best life she ever had," Pauly said, flashing a huge smile and joking that DTF now stands for "diapers, tantrums and formula."

Ba-dum-ching! Is this thing on?!

Wonder how long he's been waiting to drop that one on a celebrity gossip photographer. In any case, he turned serious, saying flat out, "I want my baby."

It's clear he views the baby as a blessing, even though he originally wanted her to have an abortion, and cannot wait to meet her - hopefully next week.

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Pauly D wanted his Amanda Markert to have an abortion when he found out she was pregnant, according to the mother of his baby daughter herself.

Markert, naturally, is talking to various media outlets to sell text messages in which he asked her to end the pregnancy and he offered to foot the bill.

In his mind, this is not inconsistent with how he feels about the baby now. He felt it was the right thing to do, because of the way the baby was conceived.

Fact of the matter is, this was a drunken one-night stand. The Jersey Shore star didn't feel it was fair to bring a child into the world under those circumstances.

Then there's this bombshell: Sources close to Pauly say Amanda Markert actually took the money for the abortion, then (obviously) had a change of heart.

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Pauly D says he's glad to be a father. He's probably not glad he has to deal with Amanda Markert, the baby's mother, based on everything we've read.

Yeaaaaaaaah Buddy!

In any event, the 33-year-old former Jersey Shore star who secretly welcomed a baby girl with his one-time hookup is stepping up and taking responsibility.

No matter what, he says he'll do right by the baby.

"Sometimes in life things aren't planned and may even scare you at first, but they end up being a blessing, that is how I feel about having a daughter," he told Us.

"I'm looking forward to being a parent to her."

Pauly D Tweeted a similar sentiment Tuesday and confirmed to TMZ that he is "proud I'm a father" and "excited to embark on this new part of my life."

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Jersey Shore star Pauly D, who is battling baby mama Amanda Markert for custody of his love child, wants his offspring as far from the Garden State as possible.

Mostly because he just lives in Las Vegas now. But after the stuff that went on inside that Seaside Heights cesspool, who can blame him. You can't unsee that.

  • Amanda Markert, Pauly D's Baby Mama
  • DJ Pauly D Photograph

Pauly and Amanda Markert, who have a baby girl that's a few months old, are locking horns over which state should handle their apparently ugly custody case.

He wants Nevada to handle it. She would prefer New Jersey. Simply put, Nevada law is more favorable to fathers seeking joint or sole custody than N.J.

The DJ wants FULL custody, but joint custody is better than nothing.

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