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Not the oddest couple of all time, but hardly a pair of music moguls we'd expect to see together. But hey, go with what works. For all we know, rap star Kanye West (left) was probably just giving Sir Paul McCartney some marriage advice.

Go West, Kanye

With all Paul has endured with his wife -- high-priced "instructional sex guide" star and call girl, Heather Mills -- he could certainly use an ear wherever he can get one. After all, have you seen that smoking hot Kanye West fiancee? This guy knows what's up when it comes to marriage! Fashion, though? Not so sure.

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Paul McCartney is doing fine, thanks for asking.

Granted, it's not easy dealing with a money-hungry, promiscuous ex-wife, such as Heather Mills, but the former Beatles member says his musical work "sustains" him in difficult times.

Pic of Paul McCartney

McCartney, 64, spoke at a press conference in London for his new classical album, "Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart)." Asked how he's faring these days, he said:

"I'm doing fine. It's okay. I am enjoying music. It's something I love to do. It's something that sustains me."

Are you listening, Pete Doherty? You don't need drugs to sustain you.

The new album was inspired by McCartney's late wife, Linda, who died of breast cancer in 1998.

"It was started when Linda was alive," he said. "It has a lot of my feelings for her in it.

"When she died it stalled me and it took a year or so to before I could get back into it," he continued. "And the interlude in the middle, the sad melody, is what got me back into it. So her spirit is very much in this. It would have been her birthday yesterday, so it's very appropriate.

The press conference came to an end, however, when a reporter asked about a story that had appeared in the morning's newspapers, apparently quoting McCartney as saying he found it hard to cope with his split from Mills.

"Now wait a minute. You're a little renegade, coming out of the corner here," Sir Paul responded. "I haven't read The Daily Mirror today. Have we someone breaking away from the script? I think we have."

A bit testy, it seemed. But we understand. At least McCartney didn't pull a Kim Basinger and refer to his ex as Saddam Hussein.

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We're sorry to be the ones to inform you, former great member of The Beatles, but you've been ... Heathered!

Heather M.

Evidently, Heather Mills isn't receiving any support in her current divorce from the man with whom she went through her prior divorce.

Alfie Kamal addressed Sir Paul McCartney when he said:

"We have both been Heathered. If she took out of the marriage what she put in, she would walk out with minus a million bucks."

Kamal was married to Mills in the late 1980s.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump felt the need to chime in. This is a (VERY rich) man who knows about divorce. On his Trump University blog, Martha's Stewart best friend wrote:

"I know I sound like a broken record but ... get a prenup. Don't believe me? Ask Paul McCartney what he thinks. I know he wishes he had one."

Oh yeah? Not everyone is so greedy, Mr. Apprentice guy. Just look at Nick Lachey as a man who understand what's important in life.

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They fight like cats, they square off like dogs - and now Heather Mills and Paul McCartney hire lawyers like royalty.

In an interesting twist to the Most Antagonistic Divorce Ever, each side has hired a lawyer that was involved in the Prince Charles/Princess Di proceedings.

  • Paul McCartney O Face
  • Heather Mills Smile

On Tuesday, the former sex slave Mrs.McCartney hired Anthony Julius, the attorney that represented Diana in her own split with the prince ten years ago. Perhaps because he's also sort of royalty, Sir Paul then signed up with Fiona Shackelton Charles' legal counsel in that matrimonial matter.

A decade ago, Julius won an approximately $3 million settlement for the Princess. Gold-digging Mills is after A LOT more than that from the ex-Beatle, however.

The lawyer arms race is only the latest development in the McCartney-Mills divorce saga:

Yesterday, Heather went to her husband's home, only to find herself locked out, a circumstance which her spokesman said she found "hilarious."

Here's something else funny about your client: she's friends with Paris Hilton!

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Meow! Woof!

According to various sources, the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills divorce is getting uglier and uglier. The former couple is now reportled fighting like "cats and dogs."

  • Paul McCartney Fight
  • Heather Mills Not Impressed

The Sunday Mirror says Paul has changed the locks on their London home, frozen their joint bank account and stopped fighting council plans to knock down the lakeside lodge on their estate where Heather is currently living.

But then where will Mills entertain all her gentleman callers?

A source told the newspaper: "It has really got nasty. This is war … Heather and Paul can't stand each other any more and they will fight for everything."

Here's an example of what some may refer to as "absurdly petty:" Heather was allegedly left "speechless" when she received a legal warning after their daughter Bea's nanny took three half-full bottles of cleaning products from their former family home to clearn Heather's new offices.

The warning ordered Mills not to take anything else from the home because the housekeeper was "distressed" by the disappearance of the items.

The source referred to the incident as "astonishing - all over three bottles of cleaning stuff. Heather was absolutely stunned." Of course, McCartney is rather stunned over Mills' gold-digging ways.

Being billed as "the most explosive showbusiness divorce ever," the entire situation has The Gossip downright giddy. And we thought the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey break-up was fun fodder!

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It's unlikely the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills divorce will end well.

Although Sir Paul initially had no worries that Heather married him for money, fears have arisen that the former sex slave has become a gold digger after she declined a 30 million pound settlement in exchange for a quick divorce.

  • Heather M.
  • Pic of Paul McCartney

Heather initially suggested she would agree to a "quick and painless" divorce to avoid getting embroiled in a public battle for the sake of their daughter, Beatrice, but has evidently changed her mind.

In related news, "quick and painless" runs counter to the ways Mills preferred her bedroom shanningans.

A supposedly close friend of McCartney's told The Sunday Mirror: "Paul is a reasonable guy who doesn't like confrontation. He wanted to keep the divorce quick and amicable for the sake of Beatrice - but feels Heather is being difficult and trying to drag things outs."

"In his eyes they had agreed they wanted to make the divorce quick and painless and a settlement was virtually in place - but then Heather started getting unreasonable because she wanted more money."

Hey, Paul, don't say Kanye West didn't warn you.

A source close counters. She says no settlement was offered, let alone refused: "There has been no financial offer … she is outraged by the suggestion she's a money-grabber."

An ass grabber, though? Well, there's can't be much to deny there.

"Paul has always been tight with his money towards her. She was having to pay the mortgage on their home where she was based until a few months ago. She even went on chat shows to raise money to pay staff, people like her secretary. This is likely to form part of her counter-claim," the friend said.

Well, then. Looks like we can look forward to many twists and turns in this divorce case.

Another friend of McCartney's thinks the issue isn't money, but prestige:

"Heather loves being Lady McCartney. It has given her power and influence ... For example, she's met many of the major world leaders … and has become a world famous celebrity on the back of it. And she is terrified that when she returns to being plain Heather Mills all that will be lost."

Have no worries, Heather. Based on certain photos the universe has seen, you'll never be plain again.

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Those optimistic that a call girl could find perpetual happiness with a Beatle can finally give up hope: Paul McCartney has officially filed for divorce from Heather Mills.

The reasons given by Sir Paul? He blamed his estranged wife for the split, saying her behavior was unreasonable and argumentative, The Sun and The Daily Mirror reported. The sex photos may not have helped.

  • Ugly Hair
  • Paul McCartney Divorced

Mills' spokesman, Phil Hall, said she was unhappy about the reports.

"Heather's going to be filing her own counterclaims about matters both in this country and America," Hall said in a statement.

"She does not feel the need to repudiate claims that she may be headstrong or feisty. She is hugely disappointed that matters of such a confidential nature should be aired in public and feels it is inappropriate to speak about such delicate matters when a child is involved."

Mills, however, may get the last laugh - or, should we say, the last dollar. McCartney does not have a prenuptial agreement to protect his estimated $1.5 billion fortune. He's hired lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who represented Prince Charles in his divorce from Princess Diana.

McCartney was even photographed Friday without his wedding ring, so all hope appears lost. The lesson, as always: don't marry someone who hates fur. Or has been in like a million orgies.

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While fears of being gunned down are on the mind of Heather Mills, new reports are coming in about the latest controversy surrounding this former call girl.

The Gossip will take these rumors step by step, as they've been publicized by a British tabloid:

Ugly Hair
  1. There's a tape of a fight phone conversation between Paul McCartney and his daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney
  2. Mills got her hands on the recording
  3. On it, Stella says nasty things about Mills
  4. As a result, Mills confronted Sir Paul about the incident

Reps for Paul and Heather had no comment, but we have to wonder: how was a sex tape not involved in this conflict?

Mills and Stella haven't exactly been close through the years. One of McCartney's friends told People magazine in June: "We almost never saw a picture of (Heather and Stella) together. That says a lot."

Regarding the unusual phone call scenario:

"The lawyers have said that anybody connected with this (incident) can't discuss it," says a source close to Heather, who also claims Paul will not pay for Heather's driver/security guard except when she is with their two-and-a-half year-old daughter, Beatrice because "he's saying it's not his problem."

Give the former Beatle a break. Forget the fact that he married a sex fiend - she also loves fur way too much.

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A low-key family barbeque was all that Paul McCartney wanted when celebrating his birthday yesterday, as the music legend shelved previous plans for a lavish party amid a tidal wave of personal problems.

"Sir Paul could not face a big party with so much turmoil in his life," a source close to the former Beatle said.

Paul McCartney Divorced

Paul, who turned 64, spent the day with his five children, including baby Beatrice, his daughter with estranged wife Heather Mills. The 38-year old was not in attendance, but called with birthday greetings.

"It was a gesture Heather felt she had to make to wish her husband a happy birthday and to tell him to enjoy Father's Day, even if it was impossible for her to be there," a source close to Mills said.

"There was no way she was going to be there unless the family all agreed. Paul's daughters, especially Stella, had made their feelings clear and Heather didn't want to rock the boat on Father's Day," the source added. "It was hard for her and she was very sorry not to see Bea with her father on his special birthday."

Since separating from McCartney last month, Mills has been the topic of incredible tabloid scrutiny. One could say, in a manner of speaking, that she's been spanked by the media.

Rumors continue to surface about Mills' past, with numerous publications stating she was a high-priced hooker and a model for "instructional lovemaking guides," including one called "Sexual Secrets" depicting her rather unfavorably.

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Money can't buy love... or can it? The New York Daily News reports that Heather Mills McCartney is firing back at British reports that she was once a high-priced call girl who took part in orgies with rich Arabs.

Heather M.

Sir Paul's estranged wife has been dragged through the mud in recent days, with London's News of the World reporting that the when the would-be Mrs. McCartney was in her 20s, arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi paid her more than $11,000 to have sex. The paper also says that a Saudi prince shelled out $9,000 for a threesome with Mills and another woman.

A former hooker, identified as Denise Hewitt, claims to have performed a lesbian sex act with Heather. Their former escort, Petrina Montrose, was allegedly the one who arranged the liaison between Hewitt, Mills and the prince at London's Dorchester Hotel.

Lawyers for Mills McCartney, 38, strongly deny the allegations, calling the sources "unreliable persons who have been paid for these stories," while noting that the former model refuted these same stories when they surfaced four years ago.

But Abdul Khoury, identified as Khashoggi's former secretary, says otherwise, contending that he knows from experience.

"She has repeatedly lied. She was a hooker. I know. I paid her," he said.

The current prostitution claim comes just days after British papers carried saucy pictures of Heather from a German book, "Die Freuden Der Liebe," or "The Joys of Love." Heather and her defenders insist the book was made for educational purposes, as a guide to lovemaking.

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