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Patrick Dempsey might have some reaction to the recent drama going on outside the operating rooms of Seattle Grace.

But the Grey's Anatomy actor is too busy shooting an upcoming film (Made of Honor) and raising twins to speak on the recent dismissal of Isaiah Washington or the recent big screen success of Katherine Heigl.

Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy

Fortunately, the hottest brain surgeon on TV did have time to speak with Entertainment Tonight. Here are excerpts from that interview:

On the twins, Darby and Sullivan:
"They change. I leave in the morning and come back in the evening and they've grown. They're starting to talk and now there's some reaction there. They use their faces and hold their heads up a bit."

On raising children:
"The first year is really hard. The first 18 years are extremely difficult."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Just stay strong, Patrick. Follow the advice of Jamie Lee Curtis.

On whether he'd let his kids get into show business:
"I think with your kids, whatever their passion is, you give your support. You give them the opportunity to try what they want to try."

On his wedding to Jillian Fink Dempsey:
"It was fun. It was just 30 people back in Maine. We had a great time. We put it together in a week and a half or two weeks, it was really fast...The photographers, they got really drunk and gave us one picture from the whole experience. But we gave everyone those instamatic cameras and those were some of the best shots."

As hot as recent Katharine McPhee photos? We doubt it. But probably nice and celebratory nonetheless.

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Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank plays a real-life teacher who becomes an inspiration for troubled teens in the movie Freedom Writers, which opens this weekend.

At the premiere last night in L.A., Hilary met up with Patrick Dempsey, who plays her husband. Even though they worked together while filming the movie, she can't help but be struck by how good looking the Grey's Anatomy leading man is. The same goes for Patrick... when he sees (or even thinks about himself). Yes. He is that McDreamy, folks.

Patrick Dempsey Style

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The cast of Grey's Anatomy may need some-real life doctors on the set.

According to sources, stars Isaiah Washington (pictured) and Patrick Dempsey recently were involved in a violent brawl. With each other.

Patrick Dempsey Style

The ever-reliable National Enquirer first broke the story, but other sources have confirmed it. They report that a long-simmering feud boiled over on Monday when Washington and Dempsey started arguing over cast members being late for a scene.

It's no Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, but here's the play-by-play:

"What are we waiting on?" said Isaiah.

"Not me," said Patrick. "I'm always ready."

"At that point," said the source, "Isaiah said something mean to T.R. Knight" (who plays mild-mannered Dr. George O'Malley).

"That's when Patrick told Isaiah, 'Pick on somebody your own size.' Well, that did it. Isaiah became enraged and grabbed Patrick by the throat and shoved him back a few feet."

Jeepers. Rumors have been swirling that Washington, an experienced stage actor, hasn't been pleased with the attention Dempsey has received as the face of the hit ABC show.

But there are better ways to handle things, Isaiah. Take a lesson from Jessica Biel and stretch out that anger. Take a deep breath.

And then follow the always inspirational lead of Nicole Richie and make up with your friend/co-star.

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It's a race of second babies!

Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy

Will Ferrell and his wife are expecting their follow-up child some time in the next few months. No doubt it'll be a funny kid.

Now, we've recieved word that Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Jillian Fink, are expecting their second child, as well. No doubt it'll be a beautiful kid.

The couple have a 4-year-old daughter, Tallulah Fyfe, and met in 1994 when he came into her salon for a haircut.

Naturally, Jillian couldn't resist those locks and the two wed in 1999 at the actor's family's farmhouse in Maine.

McDreamy, as Dempsey is known on Grey's Anatomy, said the following about his life and fame in 2002:

"I really love it now. But I also have a life outside it with Jill and Tallulah. I am really thankful that it is all going well."

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He may not have brought his daughter with him, but that didn't make Patrick Demspey look any less (Mc)dreamy at the launch party for Grey's Anatomy Season Two on DVD this week:

Patrick Dempsey Photo

Of course, what would a Grey's Anatomy party be without the title character? Ellen Pompeo also showed up, although she wouldn't dish on whether Meredith and the beloved Dr. Sheperd finally give in to love and tempation when season three stars in two weeks.

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