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Michael Jackson's family is outraged and prepared to put forth a united front in opposition to any effort to make Debbie Rowe guardian of Paris Jackson.

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Rowe, Paris' biological mother, has not made any move to become her guardian after last week's suicide attempt, but she's open to it if Paris wants it.

Paris Jackson is having trouble connecting with grandmother Katherine, and recently established a bond with mom Debbie over the last few months.

While Paris' identity crisis and desire to get to know her mother are no doubt genuinely motivated, family members say Debbie's angle is quite different.

Basically, they say she just wants to put herself in the public eye.

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Is Debbie Rowe poised to become Paris Jackson's legal guardian after all these years?

If the 15-year-old wants it, and she very well might, in light of recent events, it's likely.

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The custody judge in the teen's guardianship case has ordered an investigation into her welfare after the stunning Paris Jackson suicide attempt last week.

Debbie Rowe has, thus far, made no attempt to become Paris' legal guardian. That title belongs to Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, and T.J. Jackson.

T.J., Tito's son, is Paris' cousin. He was installed as co-guardian last summer, but all of this could change if the judge deems it in Paris' best interest.

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Is Paris Jackson suffering from an identity crisis? And are the unorthodox parenting decisions of Michael Jackson himself to blame for his daughter's woes?

As decisions are being made on how to best treat the 15-year-old after Paris Jackson's suicide attempt, those close to her are wondering what went wrong.

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There is no denying that Michael Jackson was a loving father who tried to protect his kids from the pain and suffering he faced as a child in the public spotlight.

But MJ's untimely death at the age of 50 and the trauma that his passing would cause them - directly and indirectly - were things he could not foresee.

Some family friends say the long-term damage done by isolating his children from much of the world and their mother became an issue after his passing.

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Paris Jackson was transferred to UCLA Medical Center Saturday night, effectively ending the 5150 psychiatric hold that began after her suicide attempt.

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That facility is the same one where her father, Michael Jackson, was pronounced dead four years ago this month following an acute Propofol overdose.

As you're likely aware by now, 15-year-old Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday after she allegedly cut her forearm with a meat cleaver.

A purported Paris Jackson suicide note was found at the scene, though it's unclear; the youngster is believed to have been battling major depression.

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With reports of gunshots at Paris Jackson's home yesterday, the saga following her attempted suicide just keeps getting stranger.

The gunfire turned out to be a false alarm, but that isn't easing concern from the authorities.

Now, Judge Mitchell Beckloff, the man who made Katherine Jackson Paris' guardian, has ordered an investigation into the situation.

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The investigator has been ordered to "prepare a written report and include therein any recommendations relating to the minor child's health, education and welfare."

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The Jackson family is in the news a lot this week, following an alleged Paris Jackson suicide attempt.

Yesterday, police hurried to Katherine Jackson's home, where Paris resides, after a report of gunfire was called in.

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Once they got there, police learned that nothing had in fact happened. The call, it turns out, was an apparent prank.

Just what the Jackson family needs right now!

LAPD Spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed that the cops did indeed show up to the residence, but that "it was nothing."

He added, "That house has had a lot of activity lately, so we sent a unit there."

We're definitely glad there was no gunfire. But the Paris Jackson saga is surely still unfolding.

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Marilyn Manson dedicated a song to Paris Jackson last night during a concert in Los Angeles.

The 15-year old attempted suicide this week, with many reports confirming she was sent over the emotional edge after being told she could not attend a Manson show on Tuesday night.

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In response, the rocker sent a message to Paris through TMZ ("I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want.") and on Thursday he referenced Jackson before a rendition of "Disposable Teens."

Sources say Manson later mimicked cutting his wrists with a microphone designed to look like a knife.

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It may be impossible for anyone to truly know what Paris Jackson is feeling at the moment, but Demi Lovato might have at least some ideas.

The singer has struggled for years with self-esteem issues and an eating disorder and is fewer than three years removed from rehab.

So the star Tweeted from experience today when, in light of Jackson's suicide attempt, she wrote:

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"Dear Paris Jackson, don't let bullies to let you down. We believe in you!! Stay strong, Please."

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the man serving a prison sentence for his role in Michael Jackson's death, has left a bizarre message for Paris Jackson.

In the wake of Paris' suicide attempt yesterday, Murray apparently found a pay phone and left what he describes as a "letter" for the troubled 15-year old.

"I don't know if there's anything to do to solve your pain," he says in the message, quoting multiple verses from old MJ songs and adding: "I'm here for you."

The disgraced physician adds Paris consoled him "in [her] deepest moments of grief." Listen to the voicemail in full here:

Paris Jackson is resting in the hospital at the moment.

She reportedly used a cleaver on her arm early Wednesday morning and a family insider attributes the tragedy to long-term depression stemming from her father's death.

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A day after Paris Jackson attempted suicide at her home in Los Angeles, a source close to the 15-year old tells People she has "been very, very depressed for a while."

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The daughter of Michael Jackson slit her arm many times with a kitchen knife and also swallowed up to 20 ibuprofen tablets, according to multiple media outlets.

And these are extreme examples of the teen's recent behavior, says the magazine insider.

"She's been throwing fits and tantrums, kicking and screaming and cutting herself."

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