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Then again, knowing Paris as we do, we doubt it was really a sleep over. Probably more of a sleep under ... sleep from behind-er ... sleep reverse cowgirl-er ...

The shocking turn of events took place on November 7. Reports from Life & Style Weekly say Harry Morton - the ex of Lindsay Lohan - spent the night at Hilton's place. And the firey, loose redhead was none too pleased about it.

Paris Hilton and Todd Phillips

Lohan confronted her nemesis the next night at the L.A. club, Teddy's, reports the magazine, which quotes a friend as saying that although the two are not currently dating, "Lindsay still loves Harry, and this is devastating her."

Of course, Paris Hilton is said to be smitten.

"Harry is Paris's type of guy," said a source. "He's handsome and rich!"

However, Lohan might be getting in a tizzy for nothing, according to a "pal" of Morton, who says he's not really into Paris. But that's not true, of course. Everyone who meets Paris gets into her.

At least Lindsay can rely on the tiny shoulders of new friend Ashlee Simpson for support.

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And we continue to commend her for it.

On the heels of a successful divorce party, Shanna Moakler is back on the attack.

Pick Flick

She isn't through bashing Paris Hilton, mainly because this isn't the first time the HO-tel heiress has tapped an ex of Moakler immediately following their break-up.

Apparently, Paris previously dated boxer Oscar de la Hoya after he split from then fiancee and mother of his youngest child, Shanna.

"For her to do it not once, but twice, was in the poorest of taste," Moakler said about the evil sister of Nicky Hilton. "I think it was all done on purpose and it absolutely devastated me. It was really painful."

Of course, Shanna isn't just blaming Hilton. She isn't the biggest fan of ex-husband, Travis Barker, these days, either.

"For him to go with her was probably a very vindictive, spiteful thing to do."

Probably. But we should all take a lesson from Shar Jackson here. She isn't bitter about K-Fed knocking her up and leaving her for another woman. Think about that, Shanna.

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A few weeks back, we took a look inside the brain of a poor, pathetic pooch practically being tortured by Paris Hilton. The other day, we showed you exactly what Paris Hilton's pussy was thinking. Now, it's time we got a glimpse of what goes on in the very small, one-track mind of the hotel heiress herself.

Wasting Oxygen

Yes. While she feigns interest at her canine companion, who chows down on some sort of beef or pork product, Paris can't keep her mind out of the gutter -- and how she wouldn't mind being porked by that beefcake Stavros Niarchos.

But alas. While Paris and the Greek God of Poontang may have had a thing going in the past, he's nowhere to be found on this day. Nor is her "#2 Option," Travis Barker. No, sadly, Paris and her pup remain alone, deep in thought.

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If there's one thing the Simple Life duo knows how to do, it's act really, really annoying and feud with each other for months on end and for no reason.

But if there's a second thing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie know how to do, it's work the room.

What a Cute Baby

The newly reunited gruesome twosome was spotted in Brentwood Friday night, at party-planner Lara Shriftman's book party for Party Confidential.

Yup, the one-time BFFs, one-time mortal enemies and current BFFs Paris and Nicole made the rounds there for an hour, doing the whole socialite thing, before hitting the road. Spies say the two mingled with the large crowd, going person to person, hand-in-hand most of the time.

Nicole's freshly-darkened locks all but confirm that she was the "mystery friend" of Paris (left), who was seen hiding under a jacket as they ran into the Hollywood hotspot Hyde last Thursday.

The projectile vomiting and collapsing on the floor were also pretty good indicators.

This whole Paris-Nicole union is just plain wrong in our opinion. Wonder what Samuel Plouchart thinks of all this.

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We certainly can't blame this poor feline. Paris Hilton is that nasty -- and we've certainly seen animals, such as this poor, pathetic pug, try to escape the clutches of the horrible heiress.

With the possible exception of ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, and perhaps the legendary porn distributor David Hans Schmidt, no living thing would possibly want to be this close to the overused human condom herself. But alas, cute, innocent and defenseless animals don't always have a say in the matter.

Paris and Doug Kissing

This adorable kitten cannot speak. It can merely meow in resignation and wish it had the good fortune of being slaughtered to make one of Beyonce's fur coats or something. Anything would be better than this ordeal.

NOTE: The Pussycat Dolls were not available for comment.

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Shana Moakler may have thought she got the last word on Paris Hilton, but leave it to Hugh Hefner to bring the two ladies together again.

The two blondes may not have made nice at the Playboy Halloween bash over the weekend, but they also didn't violently murder one another. And that says a lot. Especially when Travis Barker was also in attendence.

Paris in Hawaii

Jeremy Piven, Three-6 Mafia, Nicky Hilton and Pauly Shore were also on hand to enjoy the mansion scenery; i.e. naked women. There was also a fully clothed Owen Wilson sighting, as the actor was spotted getting cozy with a mystery blonde dressed as an angel.

Most of the costumes skewed towards the skanky, of course, but the winner of tasteless costume of the night went to a man: Bill Maher. The comedian arrived as the late Steve Irwin, with a stingray barb through his chest.

Come on, Bill. Would society, or at least Karrine Steffans, really approve?

In the end, the party ended on an awful sour note: with Hilton dancing like a fool to one of her own songs. As partygoers looked on, the heiress, who donned her own version of the classic Playboy Bunny outfit, writhed to her pathetic non-smash, "Stars Are Blind."

Every time we look at a Paris Hilton picture, we wish we were, too. Or this Travis Barker picture. Good God man, what the hell is wrong with you.

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Paris Hilton and "The heir with the hair," Stavros Niarchos, continue to flirt with the rumor mill (no, Lindsay, not the Rumer mill -- calm down and talk to us when you get out of rehab).

The son of a Greek shipping tycoon (whose full name is Stavros Niarchos III) and the older, skankier sister of Nicky Hilton used to be a thing, and might be again, apparently. God help him. Who dates Paris? Twice? Ugh.

Paris Hilton and Todd Phillips

Here, they're seen returning from a movie Tuesday night in Hollywood. Rumor has it they saw V For Vandetta. Just kidding. We have no idea. The question is: are they exclusive, or is this shaggy stud muffin Niarchos merely making the rounds?

After all, this guy not only used to bone Mary-Kate Olsen, but he's also been linked to Lindsay Lohan as well. Not that a coked-up, strung-out Lohan would remember, in all likelihood. Man... Stavros gets so much poontang! Too bad it's all rancid.

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Arizona quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart welcomed his first child with girlfriend Brynn Cameron yesterday morning.

The couple has named its young son Cole Cameron Leinart.

Delux Kristin Pic

Prior to dating Cameron, the USC graduate was quite the player on the dating scene in SoCal. He has been linked with the likes of Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson's former assistant, Cacee Cobb, and Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach fame.

Leinart has been dating Cameron since February 2005, when they met during study hall at USC. She was doing schoolwork; Matt was "studying" chicks. Too bad he couldn't have added Lindsay Lohan to his list of conquests before settling on Brynn -- we all know it would have been easy.

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Before we go off on the usual Paris Hilton bashing, let us just say:

It's nice to see she's making at least some effort to make up for her drunk driving arrest. It's scary, but Hilton actually is a role model to younger women, she should try to send them positive messages such as the one detailed below.

Paris Hilton Baby Bump?

Yech. That's enough Paris complimenting. We feel dirt.

Still, the December issue of Seventeen magazine features the heiress â€" who was arrested on September 7 in L.A. for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol â€" on the cover and in a full-page PSA, in which she warns readers not to get behind the wheel if they've had any alcohol.

"All it takes is one drink to mess with the way you drive â€" it clouds your judgment and slows your reflexes. Don't take any chances. It just isn't worth it," Hilton says in the ad.

It's a solid PR move. Now we can't wait for the PSA advising against fights with Shanna Moakler.

Of course, Hilton couldn't resist also touching upon her favorite subject in the magazine story. She says she hasn't reached her sexual peak.

"I think you like [sex] when you're, like, in your thirties," Hilton says. "That's what someone told me. We'll see."

Lord knows she's been practicing for it in the meantime. Right, Stavros Niarchos? Travis Barker? Random dude waiting for the bus?

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Sometimes, here at The Hollywood Gossip, we need to make stories seem a bit more interesting. You know, throw in jokes or tangents every now and then to enterain our readers.

Other times, however, the blogs write themselves. This is often the case when it comes to Paris Hilton. She's just that slutty, spoiled, insane humorous.

Just Paris

The latest on everyone's least favorite hotel heiress comes from former boyfriend, Nick Carter. The Backstreet Boy She claims Paris relied heavily on drugs and alcohol to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not too wasted to even perform.

Let's listen to him tell it:

I lost count of the nights I had to pick her off the floor and drag her to bed passed out.

If she was going overseas she'd cut a hole in her teddy and stuff it with cannabis. She had to have her own private stash with her at all times regardless of the consequences.

So, to review: Paris Hilton was often too drugged out to have sex and snuck drugs on board airplanes in a stuffed animal. This is coming from the same guy that says he slept with Ashlee Simpson when Paris was away. Seems like a reputable source to us.

He's also recently been involved, along with his brother, Aaron Cater, with WWE events. Yes, that's staged professional wrestlings.

Nevertheless, a random accusation from a bitter ex is all we need to believe that Paris is an impotent lover and druggie. Feels nice just saying that.