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Owen Wilson has just become a father for the second time. Caroline Lindqvist has given birth to their son, the actor's rep confirms to People Saturday.

“I can confirm they had a baby boy on Thursday morning,” the rep says.

Now that's a joyous, elated statement if ever there were one.

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The baby is his first with Caroline Lindqvist, his one-time personal trainer. Owen Wilson is also dad to three-year-old Robert Ford, his son with ex-girlfriend Jade Duell.

Sounds like he's not in a relationship with Lindqvist either.

“They aren't living together, but Owen is involved [in the pregnancy]. He comes to doctor’s appointments and makes sure Caroline is doing well,” a source said.

Well, that's very good to hear at least.

Congrats to the new parents!

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Owen Wilson is going to be a father again. It has been confirmed that he is preparing to welcome a baby with married personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist.

"I can confirm that they are having a child," the actor's rep tells Us Weekly.

Caroline Lindqvist, 41, was in the process of divorcing her husband, a plastic surgeon, when she and Wilson conceived the child. She and Wilson, who met several years ago when he hired her to be his trainer, are not together.

Wilson, 44, made it clear he will be there for her and the baby, however.

"Owen is very involved with the pregnancy," the source explains. "He isn't in a relationship with Caroline, nor do they plan to be in one, but he is very supportive."

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Caroline Lindqvist, a Swedish-born ballerina and the estranged wife of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra, is allegedly pregnant by actor Owen Wilson.

Lindqvist, 42, has been separated for more than a year now.

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She first met Owen Wilson, 44, after his breakup from actress Kate Hudson and 2007 suicide attempt. He hired her to be his personal trailer at the time.

Eventually, their friendship became a sexual relationship, he got her pregnant, and she left her husband. They had been dating while she was married.

“Caroline broke the news to Owen this past May shortly after confirming that he was the father,” a source said. “A few days later she filed for divorce.”

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That was fast.

Just days after Owen Wilson announced he and girlfriend Jade Duell were expecting a child, the latter has already given birth to a baby boy. The blessed event took place this afternoon in Hawaii.

Says a source close to the actor:

He "has been doing research and learning as much as he can. He's super into it and asks a lot of questions to make sure he knows what's going on every step of the way."

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Let's hope Owen Wilson studied well for his role in Little Fockers - because the actor is about to be a father!

In a terse statement, the actor's rep says he and girlfriend "Jade Duell are happy to be expecting a baby." The couple has been together for about one year.

Wilson, who famously dated Kate Hudson for a long period of time, has a packed 2011 movie schedule. He has parts in Cars 2, Hall Pass, and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

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