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Here are two quick updates to a pair of sad stories we reported on this morning:

Owen Wilson has issued the following statement, in regard to his hospitalization and rumored suicide attempt:

"I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time."

Meanwhile, Linda Hogan (pictured below with son Nick Hogan, daughter Brooke Hogan and husband Hulk Hogan) has released the following, focusing on Nick's car accident from last night:

"My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night. Nick suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from the hospital. At this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized. Nick is currently at the hospital with John and his family.

His sole concern is for the well being of his friend. On behalf of my family, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be with John and his loved ones."

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The family of Owen Wilson was spotted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday night amid reports the actor was hospitalized.

Santa Monica police issued a statement saying officers responded to a "medical assistance call" at a house on Wilson's street shortly after noon Sunday. Now, celebrity gossip source The National Enquirer is reporting that this was a suicide attempt.

"Owen Wilson has now been transferred from St. John's to another Los Angeles area hospital. His brothers Andrew and Luke are with him," Editor-in-Chief David Perel said to Perez Hilton.

"Andrew found him after the suicide attempt and called an ambulance. Both of Owen's wrists were slashed superficially and Owen had taken an overdose of pills.

Owen was found with a nearly empty bottle of pills next to him. He was at his house in Santa Monica."

We hope Wilson and Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Bollea, recover quickly.

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We know many men out there want to see more of Kate Moss topless.

No? Is it actually nude Tricia Helfer you're after?

Cute Family

Well, sorry, fellas, this post is all for the ladies. The fairer gender has a difficult decision to make. Do they vote for Matthew McConaughey and a body that is more chiseled than the Statue of David?

Or do they feast their eyes instead on the doughy goofiness of Owen Wilson?

Write in and let us know who you prefer. Meanwhile, guys can at least relax because they needn't make such rash choices. They can just enjoy topless Kim Kardashian in peace.

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Kate Hudson, put away that vodka and those diet pills.

Your relationship with Owen Wilson appears to be back on.

Good Luck Charm

If it ever ended, that is.

The supposedly broken up couple made a rare public appearance in Australia Sunday to attend a private screening of We Are Marshall, starring Matthew McConaughy, Hudson's co-star in the upcoming movie, Fool's Gold.

Wilson, a friend of McConaughey, was the surprise guest at the screening for the thirty cast and crew members of Fool's Gold. Oddly, there was no Lance Armstrong sighting. We hope those kids are doing okay.

As for Owen and Kate, though:

"They were cozy â€" they chose seats together â€" and seemed relaxed although slightly nervous, probably because they were in public together," an onlooker said. "Once the lights dimmed, they chilled out a bit more."

And they didn't even need the help of Dr. Sandeep Kapoor to do so. That's the sign of a healthy relationship.

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Kate Hudson is following the lead of Shanna Moakler. Sort of.

The latter threw a divorce party when she and Travis Barker split up - and over the weekend, Hudson got jiggy with it at her home in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades in an attempt to move on from Owen Wilson.

K. Hudson Pic

"They have definitely cooled off," a source close to the actress tells Us magazine of Hudson and Wilson's summer fling. "She adores him and wishes it had worked out. But it didn't."

Guests such as Justin Timberlake, Ryan Phillippe and Eva Mendes showed up to party their way into 2007 with the now single actress.

Hudson, meanwhile, is back to dating musicians now that her divorce from Chris Robinson is finalized. She brought Irish singer Damien Rice to a December 9 birthday party for director Brett Ratner.

A Hudson pal says: "She is exploring everything while trying to get over Owen."

Uh-oh. Look out now, Kate. A text from Kevin Federline is no doubt on the way.

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We hope Kate Hudson has enjoyed her brief time as an officially single woman.

Because it may already be coming to an end.

K-Huddled Up

The actress' rumored boyfriend, Owen Wilson, was spotted ring shopping with his mother at the Harry Winston store at the Highland Park Mall in Dallas on Friday.

"They were looking at a huge, pear-shaped, flawless diamond engagement ring," a witness told Page Six.

Then again, it may have actually been Ellen DeGeneres and not Wilson. It's hard to tell.

As most fans know by now, Owen and Hudson fell in love filming You, Me and Dupree last year; Hudson, 27, soon separated from her hubby of nearly six years, rocker Chris Robinson, 39.

A rep for Wilson confirmed the shopping trip to the New York Post, but insisted: "Owen's mother was looking for jewelry for herself."

Sure, we'll believe that as soon as we believe Michael Richards is not a raving, racist lunatic.

Meanwhile, Hudson, who has a son Ryder, 2, with Robinson, is currently in Australia filming Fool's Gold with Matthew McConaughey.

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When Howard Stern (the radio guy, not Howard K. Stern of Anna Nicole Smith fame) said on his show that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and overrated actor Owen Wilson look very much alike, we had to put that to the test. Henceforth, he have compiled a little comparison for you here at T.H. Gossip.

Ellen DeGeneres Image

Okay, so this is not exactly a pair of dead ringers along the lines of Abbie Cornish and Reese Witherspoon. Or, for that matter, Tom Cruise and Kim Jong Il. But in the Celebrity Look-Alike business, you can't force it. Not every day hands you a gem. You take what you can get.

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As we've discussed in the past, it's not easy to see the private parts of Kate Hudson.

One may need a magnifying glass to admire the boobs and tush of this tiny actress.

K. Hudson Pic

Maybe that's what she has in common with rumored boyfriend, Owen Wilson. As the picture below depicts, it's also difficult to catch this actor with his pants (or bathing suit) off.

While filming a scene for his next movie, Drillbit Taylor, in Malibu on Friday, Wilson required the use of a butt double. We wonder what the funny man had to hide.

We also wish Anna Nicole Smith was this shy with her body.

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It's no longer a question of whether or not Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson have seen each other naked. It's just a question of what they eat for breakfast together the next morning.

Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson

Apparently, it's nothing normal.

Last Friday, the You, Me and Dupree co-stars dined together at A Votre Santé, an organic restaurant in the Brentwood neighborhood of L.A. They shared a meal of egg-and-tofu scramble and blue-corn banana pancakes.

That sounds serious. So does this:

The next day, Wilson was seen playing catch with Hudson's 2-year-old son, Ryder, on the front lawn of her Pacific Palisades home. Ryder's dad, Chris Robinson, probably isn't too thrilled to hear this.

According to a friend of Hudson, the actress "is trying to figure out her life. She is also trying to have a great time."

And, hey, at least she's eating while doing both. That's more than can be said for fellow blonde, Kate Bosworth.

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Six weeks after announcing her separation from Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson is ready to make the split stick.

"She is filing for divorce imminently," a friend tells Us Weekly.

One Hot Hudson

A major motivation: You, Me and Dupree co-star Owen Wilson.

"As soon as she files, it relieves a lot of the pressure of going out with Owen," says a friend of the actress, who has been getting busy with Wilson over romantic dinners, soccer games and a trip to Hawaii recently.

The actor "makes Kate laugh," says a source. "She's much more true to herself when she's with Owen."

The possibly anorexic Hudson is still in contact with Robinson about their son, Ryder, 2.

A representative for Mr. Wilson declined to offer any remarks (or Wedding Crashers quotes) regarding his client. Sad. We'd love to hear Owen's take on being a home-wrecker.

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