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Leave it to Orlando Bloom to knock Tony Romo and Sophia Bush off the entertainment news front pages.

How has this mediocre actor with a sexy accent done it? By getting serious with Australian model Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr in Thong

"They've been friends for a long time," a source told Us Weekly. "But they only decided to give it a go a few weeks back."

On ­October 18, Bloom attended the Victoria's Secret Phi Beta Pink party in Beverly Hills in order to support Kerr.

An insider said the couple also embarked on a romantic getaway to East Hampton, New York, on October 4 and 5.

A witness who spotted these two at dinner during that trip said: "Miranda's very into him!"

Sounds like Ben Lyons and Whitney Port have some serious competition for hottest new couple in Hollywood.

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We never thought we'd be able to make a Britney Spears joke at the expense of Orlando Bloom, but the hunky actor is reportedly following in the train wreck's footsteps and becoming part of a hit and run investigation.

The LAPD is investigating a weekend car crash involving Orlando Bloom, and cops are still looking at the possibility that he acted illegally.

The accident occurred just after 2:00 AM Friday, after Orlando Bloom left a Hollywood club. The woman in the back seat, prominent fashion stylist Cher Coulter, suffered a fractured neck in the crash.

Just minutes after leaving the club, Orlando smashed into a parked Porsche, then began walking away from the scene. But X17 has this video of paparazzi members urging Bloom to return, which he eventually did.

Orlando Bloom and stylist Cher Coulter were involved in a car wreck. She was riding in the back seat and after he crashed his car, he may have acted illegally.

Ironically, right as Cher Coulter left the club, before getting in the car, she said to Orlando, "What, are you gonna leave me on the street?" Minutes later, it turns out, that's exactly what he did ... when he walked away.

As to why the police did not administer a field sobriety test to the Lord of the Rings star, one detective says that even if an officer saw "minor objective symptoms" of intoxication, it's still a subjective judgment call.

Detectives say Orlando Bloom has been interviewed by cops, and he said an SUV with celebrity news reporters cut him off and caused the crash. The LAPD is investigating that claim as well, and the investigation is open and active.


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No, Orlando Bloom won't bare his rear end in London's West End, much to the disappointment of fans buying tickets to his stage debut.

We know, fans. It's a terribly tragic travesty.

Orlando Bloom Picture

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 30, who recently announced he wanted to take a break from movies, hits the boards for the first time Thursday, starring in the David Storey play In Celebration.

Some Orlando Bloom fan sites claim that he will be getting naked onstage, much like a certain teenager and Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, who got naked in his own stage debut, the play Equus.

NOTE: Due to rules imposed by our advertisers, we are unable to display the pic of Daniel Radcliffe naked.

NOTE #2: However, as a (big) consolation, we invite you to view Shemar Moore naked.

"I heard what they're saying," Orlando Bloom tells Britain's The Guardian. "But you've read the play. Where would I possibly get my clothes off in it? It's bizarre."

Find a way, man. Get nude. And get Keira Knightley in there with you. Such amazing chemistry there! It's a shame to waste it.

In the play, about three brothers who escape the mining life represented by their father, Bloom is at one point invited to take off his ... coat (HOT) ... but, sadly, that's the only disrobing in the production set in the gritty north of England.

He does, however, sport a new mustache for the role. Wonder how his ex, Kate Bosworth, feels about that. Probably so sick to her stomach that she just won't eat.


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Amazingly, the life of Orlando Bloom may be as interesting as his career onscreen. At 13, he found out his father was actually not his biological father. At 21, he fell three floors off a balcony and broke his back, only to walk out of the hospital 12 days later.

He once spent three weeks riding an icebreaker headed to Antarctica, and more than a year and a half riding Kate Bosworth! He also went on a date with Kirsten Dunst, briefly forming one of the best celeb couple names in Doom.

NOrlando Bloom

In the May issue of Details, the 30-year old Orlando Bloom opens about his career, religion, his rise to fame, and a whole lot more...

On learning that his dad was not his biological father:
"Think about that. Think about finding out when you're 13 that your dad is not your dad. It's like, okay, take it on the chin and keep going. No choice, really."

THG NOTE: Suri Cruise can take this to heart one day, when she learns that her biological father is not the great Tom Cruise, but rather some random Asian guy Katie Holmes knows.

On being told by doctors that he might never walk again:
"For four days I was thinking this was it, that I would be living my life in a wheelchair, and then I thought, no, and I knew I would walk. I just knew." 

On being famous:
"There's all this noise that happens. I was 22 when I starred in The Lord of the Rings. Nobody tells you what it is like to be famous. There's no guidebook, you know what I mean?"

THG NOTE: Britney Spears knows exactly what you mean.

On starring in Kingdom of Heaven:
"When you're [almost] 27 years old and Fox greenlights a movie with a budget of $150 million with you as the headliner, that's a tribute. And then all the press afterward was like I hadn't come through, like I hadn't delivered. But what did I not come through on?"

On his career:
"I have the patience to trust my own journey. Life is going to unfold as it should because life always does. If I'm true to myself, then all the rest is like, f--k it, man."

On being a Buddhist:
"The philosophy that I've embraced isn't about sitting under a tree and studying my navel, it's about studying what is going on in my daily life and using that as fuel to go and live a bigger life. When your girlfriend dumps you, when the bill comes through the door, and your mom calls you and tells you she can't handle the stuff in her life - that's hell, but that's just one world. If you are aware of what is going on, then you can grow and use that hunger, that fear."

On his filming two trilogies back-to-back:
"I've been white-knuckling it for so long. Between Lord of the Rings and [Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End], I've been going non-stop ... So now, on a personal level, I just want some time and space from everything, from all that; from the environment and the phone and the communication."

On spending three weeks aboard a Norwegian icebreaker bound for Antarctica:
"I felt isolated and vulnerable and I just had all this time to think. I just had time to read and think and I figured out that this moment is when I can use everything that I've done to my advantage, to choose a great project, to do something great and take a risk. I'm looking around and going, I cannot f--king believe how lucky I've been - [Pirates of the Caribbean] has afforded me the luxury of choice, and with it comes responsibility but also freedom."

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Who's got more St. Patrick's Day spirit? Is it our favorite cute little Asian baby, or the hunky British actor who steals every scene of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean? 

That Hat Sucks

At left, we see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, a.k.a. TomKat, along with their cute 11-month-old daughter, Suri Cruise, getting into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day as they attend the basketball game of Tom's son, Connor Cruise, in Beverly Hills.

At right, we have Orlando Bloom. Not a very original outfit, dude. But hey, at least it's festive. And he's also dated, or been linked to, a number of hot chicks, such as Kate Bosworth and recently Kirsten Dunst, so what does he care?

Who's got better St. Pat's fashion sense? You tell us.

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They're young. They're single (so long, Jake Gyllenhaal; try eating, Kate Bosworth) and they're attractive.

So the question really isn't whether or not Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom are dating - it's what took these Elizabethtown co-stars so long?

Kirsten Dunst Image

Sources spotted the pair last week all over each other in the L.A. hotel Chateau Marmont.

"Kate and Orlando are definitely more than just good friends now ... They were kissing and cuddling in the corner of the lobby bar and didn't seem to care who saw them. They even stayed past closing time because they were enjoying each other's company," said this totally reliable anonymous person.

Bloom, of course, had been rumored to have swung with Penelope Cruz for awhile, but that talk has died down.

If this story is true, though, The Hollywood Gossip would like to throw our support behind Dunst and Bloom (aka Doom?). It's nice to see some people getting together just as others - such as Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe - are breaking up.

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Orlando Bloom appears to be an open fella. Ask him about movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and he'll talk at length about the experiences.

But bring up Kate Bosworth and the actor goes mum. He won't comment on the couple's break-up and we wouldn't dare ask him to comment on rumors that pocket lint weighs more than his former flame.

Penelope Cruz Picture

Therefore, it's doubtful that Orlando would have much to say about recent rumors that he's dating Penelope Cruz. But we'll spread them anyway!

The stars were seen twice at club Hyde together last week, fueling speculation that Penelope is either in full Bloom or Orlando is Cruzing for some tail. Choose your pun.

On Saturday, the two danced to the oldie "Run Around Sue" at the L.A. hot spot, as Bloom kissed Cruz's hand affectionately. The same night, however, the Lords of the Rings star was also seen giving his digits to an unidentified girl, who he flirtatiously grabbed around the waist.

Something, of course, he wasn't physically able to do with Bosworth near the end of their relationship.

"They were definitely together and holding hands," a source said about the duo's Hyde trips.

That's like almost first base. But Cruz's rep insists: "They are not dating."

Sure. Whatever you say. And no man on the planet wants to kiss Jessica Alba, either.

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As his latest movie, Haven, is prepared to open nationwide, Orlando Bloom sat down with People magazine.

Orlando Bloom Photograph

Your costar Zoë Saldaña tells us that kissing you was "gross." How could she?
I hated kissing Zoë too! I was like, "Take your tongue out of my mouth, please. Your boyfriend is standing right there." Most people think kissing beautiful costars must be great. But it's always awkward, man.

Haven, about doomed teenage love on Grand Cayman, is darker than your big blockbusters. Did that appeal to you?
Some people have said it's too hard-core for teenage audiences. But it deals with (real) issues. You go on vacation, sit by the pool, go to the bar. . . . In this movie you get to see the underbelly of . . . the Cayman Islands.

You've reportedly split with Kate Bosworth.
People always ask me whether (we're) together or not. It's still nobody's business.

Fair enough. Can you give us an update on Pirates of the Caribbean?
We're in the middle of part three. I've loved working on Pirates, but I'm looking forward to new projects. When you do a movie that's so successful, people think that's all you've done. "Oh, he's that pirate guy!"

Or 'that heartthrob guy?'
That doesn't bother me. Name any of my heroes, and they were hotties. Brando was a pinup, so was James Dean, Paul Newman. I'm not going to (rest) on my "teen hottie" laurels. I have aspirations to do more than that. (Still) they're very loyal fans, those teenage girls! I definitely appreciate them.


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It's a terrible time for anorexic actresses and their relationships.

The public has barely had time to deal with the break up of Ashlee Simpson and Braxton Olita, when word comes out that another food-allergic celebrity has called it quits with her beau.

  • Orlando Bloom Pirates 2 Premiere Photo
  • Kate Bosworth Blonde Bombshell

This time, it's Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom that have ended their four-year relationship. Sources close to the pair told Entertainment Tonight that the Pirates of the Caribbean star and the 23-year-old actress have decided to go their separate ways.

Although no one could actually see Bosworth, we assume she went somewhere.

Bloom, 29, is currently on location in Southern California shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. He recently attended the Teen Choice Awards on August 20 by himself, where he accepted the surfboard award for "Choice Hottie." Jessica Biel was the female winner.

The future may contain some awkward moments for these former flames. This month, they're set to start filming Seasons of Dust, a Depression-era drama about a young woman (Bosworth) whose uncle commits suicide, forcing her to flee with a dashing thief (Bloom).

We'll keep you abreast of those happenings. In the meantime, Nicole Richie better be careful: her rumored relationship with Brody Jenner may be next to go.

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We just have to say that Kate Bosworth is looking rather thin lately.

We know that the Remember the Titans, Blue Crush and Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! star has always been naturally thin, but this is ridiculous. Soon enough, we'll have no choice but to ridicule Kate the way we do Nicole Richie. Actually, that's taking it too far. We would never subject a reasonably talented young actress to such treatment. A complete waste of space, on the other hand? Different ballgame. As our friends at say of Bosworth, "Granted, she is so thin that it's alarming, but at the same time, she is really beautiful."

Kate Bosworth Then and Now

Amen. But we suggest Bosworth resume eating on a regular basis to avoid a slew of anorexia-related jokes, not to mention poor health. Geez.

In other news, Bosworth beau Orlando Bloom was recently dining with a male pal at a trendy Hollywood hotel when a pretty brunette model approached and asked him on a date.

"Would you care to accompany me to an art gallery party in just a few," she asked the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

He politely declined.

"Sorry, the girlfriend wouldn't approve," Bloom said.

According to People, the fan reportedly rephrased her request several times before finally getting the hint and walking away.

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