Olga Kurylenko is a model from the Ukraine. She's appeared in the movie Hitman and will soon be seen in Bond 22. That ought to be a nice...

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Olga Kurlenko as Head Mistress? Say no more, when's the premiere?

The Oblivion actress has joined the cast of the Vampire Academy adaptation as Kirova, the head mistress of the academy.

Olga Kurylenko Picture

Vampire Academy is a coming-of-age fantasy romance that tells the story of vampires in high school, adapted from a best-selling Young Adult novel series.


No! Vampire Academy!

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While Daniel Craig stars in the iconic role of James Bond in Quantum of Solace, a pair of new beautiful faces have captured the attention of male movie goers.

Olga Kurylenko takes on the role of Camille in the film, a violent woman seeking revenge for the murder of her loved ones.

  • Olga Kurylenko in Maxim
  • Gemma Arterton Photo

Gemma Arterton, meanwhile, portrays MI6 Agent Fields, one of several Bond Girls over the years fortunate to wake up next to the world's coolest spy.

Along those lines, we're asking readers which of these actress you'd rather, you know...


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Olga Kurylenko is the latest in a long line of gorgeous Bond girls, and stars in Quantum of Solace, which is released nationwide today. She also turns 29 today. Coincidence? Definitely. But you gotta love the free publicity we're giving it!

No one in America is happier to celebrate a birthday than Travis Barker, though. The rocker is lucky to be alive to see 33. Seriously. Dude almost died.

So whether you want to see Olga Kurylenko nude or Travis Barker's ... many tats, click to enlarge some pictures of today's celebrity birthday boy and girl!

  • Olga Kurylenko Image
  • Olga Kurylenko, Maxim
  • Olga Kurylenko Naked
  • Olga Kurylenko Picture

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Olga Kurylenko might star as Camille in the upcoming Quantum of Solace, but the actress doesn't need anyone to provide her with comfort over past naked photos.

Kurylenko says she's comfortable with the pictures that have been leaked online.

"There are no actresses who haven't appeared naked. These things are not unusual," she said. "All the magazine pictures are artistic. I didn't do any pornography... It was advertising stuff... It was part of the job... There are much graver things in the world to worry about."

Follow this article's jump to get a look at one of the Olga Kurylenko nude pics in question...

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The next James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, comes out in November.

Based on the following photo of Olga Kurylenko, however, it's safe to already say producers have done a quality job choosing the next Bond Girl.

Olga Kurylenko, Maxim

Check her out now, courtesy of Loaded Magazine:

Kurylenko is a cutie. So is another new actress starring alongside Daniel Craig in the movie, Gemma Arterton.

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Olga Kurylenko is aware of what it takes to be a Bond Girl: an affinity for her own body.

As such, the Ukrainian model has no problem baring it all in order to star opposite Daniel Craig in the highly-anticipated James Bond movie later this year, Quantum of Solace.

Olga Kurylenko Image

"I've never had a problem going topless or being naked for a film. When you're on the beach you're almost naked anyway. It was the same with my naked scenes in The Hitman, which I did last year. I sent my body double back because I wanted to do the scenes myself.

"If they want me to strip off for Bond, that's fine," Kurylenko concluded, to the delight of men everywhere.

As we look forward to the sight of Kurylenko's boobs, we can also take comfort (or solace, we suppose) in the fact that another relative, beautiful newcomer will appear in this film: Gemma Arterton.

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Say hello to Craig. Daniel Craig. He's pictured here with girls. Bond Girls. Okay, that's enough of that.

Daniel Craig stands in the middle of a beautiful woman sandwich in this photo, as co-stars Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko snuggle up next to the man who portrays James Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Earlier today, it was announced that the 22nd Bond film will be called Quantum of Solace, a name that "has grown on me," Craig told reporters. He added:

"[Bond] is looking for his quantum of solace. He wants his closure… He had his heart broken at the end of the last movie and that certainly is a spur for him in this one…

I'd be lying if I said there wasn't revenge in his heart. But it's more than that. That spurs him on, but that's not what the movie is. It's not a revenge movie. It's about him figuring a few things out."

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They sure know how to choose Bond Girls.

Racy pictures of model/actress Olga Kurylenko have been leaked onto the Internet, courtesy of her role as a woman who gets caught up in a blackmail scheme in the 2006 film Le Serpent.

Olga Kurylenko in Maxim

A woman who is involved in full frontal nude bondage scenes, that is.

At least Kurylenko should be well-prepared for any love scenes with Daniel Craig after scenes such as this from Le Serpent.

The actress said she was happy to be tied up, finding the art of bondage "quite beautiful." We wonder if fellow Bond 22 star Gemma Arterton agrees.

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Olga Kurylenko Picture Olga Kurylenko is a model from the Ukraine. She's appeared in the movie Hitman and will soon be seen in Bond 22. That ought to be a nice... More »
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