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What a way for Nina Dobrev to kick off her 25th birthday celebration.

The actress won Best On-Screen Chemistry along with Ian Somerhalder at the People's Choice Awards last night... and then the Vampire Diaries stars cracked us up by joking about their real-life split on stage.

Dobrev also looked downright beautiful in her dress for the evening, don't you agree?

Nina Dobrev Wins!

Dobrev is now single, though there were rumors she and Derek Hough were an item toward the end of last year.

She's also on fire in her professional life, at one point playing THREE different characters on The Vampire Diaries.

But she's typically just Elena Gilbert, although Katherine Pierce has enjoyed quite a lot of screen time on Season 5.

Go watch The Vampire Diaries online to see the beauty in action and send her your birthday wishes now!

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Nina Dobrev turns 24 years old today, but she already has one of the most handsome men on television alongside her in bed.

What else could fans possibly get The Vampire Diaries actress?!?

Indeed, Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are a major item, as their characters have actually gotten together this season on The CW smash. Well, sort of. There's this whole sire bond thing going on and it's complicated and...

... nevermind, actually! Just send in your birthday wishes now for Nina Dobrev!

Nina Dobrev, Cleavage

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