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As Snooki's WWE debut proved, she didn't step into the ring just to get tossed around and pummeled like some punk b!tch. Her encore effort? Equally strong.

Girl unleashed serious black-flippin', ass-whippin' action on her Wrestlemania foe this weekend, crushing a supposed wrestling star with her pint-sized fury.

Michelle McCool got a butt-full of the Snook Monster, who put her cheerleading background to good use, leaving a stunned McCool senseless on the mat.

That's when the Jersey Shore star delivered another acrobatic move to pinned her opponent down and seal the victory. Watch the 4'9" firecracker's dominate:

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Ex-Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick, who tried to eke out another few seconds of fame in the TNA wrestling circuit herself, is totes jealous of Snooki.

After watching Snooki's debut on WWE Monday - during which Snook actually wrecked shop and set up a showdown at Wrestlemania - Ange is livid.

Pivarnick calls her a “fat troll” who's ripping her off by jumping in the ring, and says it's obvious that Snook has been jealous of her since day one.

Angelina also says that her enemy should "never wear those shorts."

Ooh. Fightin' words. These two need to throw down circa Season 2 ...

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JWoww has apparently taught her understudy well.

If you predicted Snooki would get her rear end handed to her on WWE last night, you made a safe assumption. But you were surprisingly wrong.

The Princess of Poughkeepsie pulled some hair, bashed some skulls, pounded some face with her fists of fury and even dropped a crotch bomb.

If you don't know what that means, just watch:

Of course, this was just the battle. The war is far from over ... because this 4'9" ball of aggression will now be taking her talents to WrestleMania!

After her impressive handling of the Lay-Cool lady tag-team, Snooki was challenged to a three-on-three coed brawl at the big show in April.

She accepted. It is ON then. Somehow we expect a ratings boost for WWE and a healthy dose of painful revenge doled out on her then.

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Snooki is a diva who can throw down with the best of them. But how will the Jersey Shore star fare in the ring with a WWE Diva? We predict an ass-whomping.

Face it, this is no cat fight with Angelina Pivarnick in a rented Seaside Heights shack. This is the big leagues of trashy, scripted, steroid-fueled entertainment.

When Snooki comes to WWE Raw on Monday, all bets are off. We know she can stir up drama and take a punch or two, but she's like 4'3" WITH the poof.

Could get ugly. Here's USA's promo for her appearance:

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Freaking Snooki. That thing is absolutely everywhere these days.

Just last week, we saw Angelina Pivarnick get absolutely whomped on Spike TV's TNA Impact wrestling. It was great. Now, Snooki is ready to step into the ring.

One week from tonight on WWE's popular Monday Night Raw, the Jersey Shore star will appear LIVE in St. Louis. It's unclear if she will actually fight someone.

We know she can take a punch in any case. Remember that barroom melee during the first season? Girl got straight cold-cocked! The WWE shouldn't faze her.

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