If you've been watching Kocktails With Khloe on FYI, then we suppose you can just skip this article.

Now that both of them are gone, here's an interesting tidbit for the 7.3 billion or so who had no idea FYI was a cable channel. It turns out Kocktails With Khloe is more than just a alliterative title: the sassiest Kardashian really gets her guests hammered!

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Last night's Democratic primary debate may be dominating today's headlines, but the world recently learned of a political showdown that makes Bernie vs. Hillary look like Lincoln Chafee vs. the voices in his head telling him he's not good enough.

You may remember that Snooki and Chris Christie squared off in 2013 at a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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Snooki has something in common with Kendra Wilkinson.

Large boobs, no real talent and an uncanny ability to remain in the spotlight? Hmmm... ok then: Snooki has a few things in common with Kendra Wilkinson.

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Last month, the Ashley Madison hack exposed millions of cheaters, some of whom have wives and children, as well as careers that depend on their images as responsible family men.

Yes, Josh Duggar is the most famous example, but the hack might have also ensnared Jionni LaValle, whose wife, Snooki, has built an empire on her unlikely transition from Jersey Shore party girl to mommy blogger and fitness guru.

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