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It's not what you think. In fact, if you guessed "they're famous for no reason," obviously you haven't seen our boy Zac in High School Musical. Just saying.

Nicole Richie, Zac Efron are among several young stars recently spotted rocking crimson bracelets - much like the red Kabbalah string Madonna made famous a few years ago.

Conrad Pic

Is the trend making a comeback?

Richie (pictured here with the string on her limp, bony arm) and Lauren Conrad - also spotted wearing the string of late - each have been sporting a charm of a hand on them called a "hamsa," explains Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of TLC's Shalom in the Home.

"It's a kabbalistic symbol. Wearing it is meant to bring down God's mercy and kindness."

But a rep for Zac Efron (who's girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, also wears one), tells Us Weekly that his bracelet has no significance.

"It's not a kabbalah string," the rep said.

"There's no religious meaning [to the red string]."

Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad's rivals on The Hills, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, are probably rushing to try and patent string, as well as the color red, so they can cash in on this fad.

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A pregnant Nicole Richie has one thing going for her most other expectant mothers do not:

There's no need to worry about excess baby weight. This celebrity could use as many pounds as she can get.

By the looks of the photo below, Richie is benefiting in another way from being knocked up: look at those breasts! While not exactly at the level of Lucy Pinder or Michelle Marsh's chest yet, Nicole's boobs have grown noticeably larger since Joel Madden put a bun in her oven.

(Excuse us... we just threw up a little in our mouths from that image.)

While Jodie Sweetin-like breasts are nice and all, we hope Richie didn't get pregnant just to boost her bust size. Having a baby is a big responsibility. At the least, it means no more Vicodin-induced, wrong way driving incidents.

Apparently the birthing process does not stop you from having a successful American Idol audition, however. Right, Antoria Gillon?

But don't get any ideas, Nicole. It's bad enough Heidi Montag is coming out with an album. We don't need to hear you sing, too.

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And to think, Paulina James thought she had the celebrity porn movie world all to herself.

The adult film star, who will be portraying Lindsay Lohan nude in an upcoming flick, now must deal with the fact this sex-filled spoof won't be the only title of its kind coming out in the near future.

A Harlow Smile

Venom Digital Media is releasing Paris and Nicole Go to Jail in September, a very x-rated version of the thin stars' jail hijinks.

Sindee Jennings and Aubrey Addams (what, was Kendra Jade unavailable?) will be filling the talentless, law-breaking shoes of these socialites, as they find "that life is different on the inside, and at first have trouble adapting, but soon learn how to get things in prison by becoming friendly with the warden, the guards, the inmates."

We think Stavros Niarchos is familiar with how Hilton goes about doing that!

Nicole Richie is pregnant now, of course, so she may wish to keep her future child away from the porn aisles when he or she gets older.

As for her skanky friend, well, a Paris Hilton sex tape is nothing new. This one just won't be starring the spoiled heiress herself is all.

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If The Simple Life taught us anything, it's that BFFs Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie do everything together! We never expected that to mean going to the same jail, though.

The Hollywood Gossip has learned that Nicole will serve her four-day jail sentence at the Century Regional Detention Facility at Los Angeles County's women's jail in Lynwood.

That's where Paris Hilton spent 23 days for violating probation.

"Nicole Richie and her attorney have indicated that she wants to do her time in county jail," L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said. "Lynwood is the only county jail for women in L.A., so if she does go to county jail she will go to Lynwood."

The former reality star could enter Lynwood late in the evening (as Paris Hilton did) and get credit for an entire day. There's also a chance she could be awarded "good time" credit, which would also shorten the sentence.

Meanwhile, the pregnant Richie told Diane Sawyer she was so surprised to discover that she was Knocked Up, she took five pregnancy tests to convince herself it was for real.

"It took me - it really took me a long time to really - for it to sink in," she says. "I actually didn't even really believe it until I heard the heartbeat."

ABOVE: Diane Sawyer interviews Nicole Richie. Why? No idea.

Richie was speaking to Diane Sawyer for an exclusive interview - in three parts - Thursday and Friday on ABC's Good Morning America and then tonight on 20/20.

Richie and Joel Madden, who have already started a video diary for their unborn baby, tell Sawyer they don't want to know whether the child is a boy or a girl.

"We're going to try and hold out," says Richie. "Try."

That's cute. But can we ask why Diane Sawyer is interviewing Nicole Richie? What is that significant here? For us, news and gossip about celebrities are what we deal in. But is it that slow over at ABC that its quote-unquote journalists are resorting to Hollywood gossip - and pretty boring items, at that? Just saying.

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Almost four weeks after we reported that Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden were expecting, Richie has finally confirmed her pregnancy.

In an interview scheduled to air this tomorrow on Good Morning America and then Friday on Good Morning America and 20/20, the former Simple Life star tells ABC's Diane Sawyer:

"Yes I am. We are. I'm almost four months."

Thank you so much for this revelation, which totally wasn't confirmed already.

In addition to finally coming clean about her growing baby bump, Richie, 25, talks to Sawyer about her decision to plead guilty to DUI and accept four days in jail.

"I have to take responsibility," she said. "It's something I did wrong, and if I could personally apologize to every person that has lost a loved one from drunk driving I would. Unfortunately I can't, but this is my way of paying my dues and taking responsibility and being an adult."

Looks like Nicole learned a thing or two from her friend Paris Hilton - and decided, wisely, to behave in exactly the opposite way.

Nicole Richie was convicted and must serve 96 hours in jail for her second DUI in the next 60 days. Lonely, Joel Madden will continue to play rock music with Good Charlotte.

Meanwhile, her reality show, The Simple Life, which was apparently still running on cable, has apparently been canceled. Maybe when she gets out of jail, she'll consider laying low, chilling with Joel and reconnecting with father Lionel Richie.

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No more reality checks for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Just breaking the law and hard time served in federal, pound-me-in-the-a$$ prisons.

Obscure Office Space quotes aside, multiple sources have confirmed that their reality show, The Simple Life, will not be picked up next season by E!

Nicole, Harlow Photo

Apparently, The Simple Life was still on the air. And was airing on E! Who knew.

A source says that the overexposure of Paris and Nicole - shockingly - is to blame for the show's cancellation.

"We felt like the real life drama of their lives overshadowed anything happening on the show," says the insider.

"Viewers would see Paris all day long on the news about her going to jail, so they didn't care about seeing her camping. It was played out."

The source adds that Nicole Richie - not the ho-tel heiress - also became increasingly difficult to work with last season.

"Paris actually carried the show. She was the one willing to do anything," says the source. "Nicole Richie was the diva."

According to one source, the show could get a second chance at life if another network decides to pick up the series (the show's first season debuted on Fox).

Somehow, we don't see it happening. It looks about as likely as Lindsay Lohan salvaging her movie career after her many rehab debacles.

On Friday, Richie, 25, was sentenced to four days in jail after pleading guilty to driving under the influence, her second DUI since 2003.

Paris Hilton, 26, served 23 days in jail last June for violating probation on a previous reckless driving conviction. Yeah, yeah. Yawn.

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We now pause from our coverage of Lindsay Lohan's insane bender to bring you other breaking celebrity news from the exciting world of celebrity DUIs.

Nicole Richie appeared in court this morning and copped a plea in her DUI case, stemming from her infamous December arrest, and as a result, will do time.

Nicole Richie Mug Shot

Sources tell TMZ that Nicole Richie either pled either guilty or no contest. Lionel Richie's daughter appeared before the Court Commissioner and was sentenced on the spot.

Given that the "actress" is pregnant, and merely screwed up like a moron, rather than showing complete disregard for the law, we didn't expect her to get a harsh sentence.

Unlike worthless BFF Paris Hilton, Richie did not make a scene and was given a short sentence of 96 hours, or four days in jail. By law, anyone with two DUIs must serve at least five.

She was credited with one day served for the time she spent locked up the night she was arrested. This DUI conviction was Nicole Richie's second, following one a few years prior.

"Wrong way" Richie was arrested on December 11, after she drove the wrong way on a California freeway while high on the weed and Vicodin.

Then again, at least she didn't try to run people over.

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What's there to say, really?

The pregnancy rumors proved legit.

Harlow Pic

She's really, really thin and drives the wrong way on freeways while high on the weed and Vicodin.

That's about as far as the story goes as far as we're concerned, but the pregnant, soon-to-be on trial Nicole Richie is set to emerge from a period of self-imposed media blackout.

Next week, the Simple Life "star" will finally come out of hiding for an interview with Diane Sawyer.

Must be a slow week at ABC if they are turning to celebrity news of this nature.

In three segments set to air August 2 on Good Morning America and August 3 on Good Morning America and 20/20, Sawyer will finally have the chance to ask Nicole Richie on behalf of America, in the words of Elliot Reid from Scrubs:

"What the frick is going on with you?!"

Indeed, the forthcoming interview will mark something of a comeback for the usually media whorish Nicole Richie, pictured here with pal and fellow DUI fiend Lindsay Lohan.

On tour recently with boyfriend Joel Madden's band, Good Charlotte, she has kept a low-profile, trying to avoid being seen whenever possible.

That should be easy. All she has to do is turn sideways. Eh? Sorry.

Some topics that we hope Diane Sawyer will cover are Richie's upcoming court date for her December DUI arrest, where she could face 90 days to one year in jail, and whether she plans to keep the baby or let it starve to death as she seems to favor doing to herself.

Previous celebrities who have memorably opened up to Sawyer include Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, The Dixie Chicks and Tom Cruise.

Big footsteps to follow in, Nicole. Hope you're up for it.

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To some celebs, such as Kim Kardashian, Olivia Mojica and Paris Hilton, doggy style is just something you do to kill time... and make some money off sex tape sales.

To others (fortunately), it's more about fun, companionship and cuteness. Not to mention a fashionable accessory. Truly, little dogs are all the rage in Hollywood these days.

Let's take a look at a few stars and their furry friends. Below, Kristin Cavallari gives her pooch a lift during a morning outing in L.A. this week. While Lauren Conrad always melts our hearts, we'll say the same about K-Cav if we see a few more pictures like this one!

Also below (right), Jessica Simpson and her BFF and companion, Daisy, are seen at LAX airport in this selection exhumed from our archives of celebrity pictures.

Now here's the wonderful Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Hollywood Dog magazine with her puppy, and the pregnant Nicole Richie posing with her little Shih Tzu, Honeychild.

Lastly, we have Jake Gyllenhaal, apparently a big To Kill a Mockingbird fan, who has two dogs: Atticus Finch and Boo Radley. He's seen here with one of them.

Which celebrity dog pairing is your favorite?

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Nicole Richie's lawyer forced yet another delay in court Tuesday of her pending DUI trial.

"The trial will not happen Wednesday" as scheduled, said Jane Robison, spokeswoman for the L.A. County District Attorney. "Richie's attorney filed a motion ... stating that their key witness, a drug expert, was unavailable."

Although Los Angeles County Commissioner Steven Lubell denied the pregnant Richie's attorney's request for a new trial start date of August 5, he ordered both sides to court Wednesday to argue over why the trial should be postponed.

Regardless of the outcome, the hearing postpones the trial at least a day.

Nicole Richie does not have to attend the trial. She went to Canada to watch boyfriend Joel Madden's band Good Charlotte peform Tuesday in Calgary.

Richie's lawyer declined to respond to requests for comment. But in a court filing, she said she intends to use defense expert Terence McGee, a doctor specializing in drug abuse, to challenge the prosecution's evidence against Richie.

In fact, TMZ obtained a document that holds the key to Nicole Richie's DUI defense - a claim the drug tests cops performed on her were bogus. Well, that's one way to go.

A declaration, filed today by Shawn Chapman Holley, Nicole Richie's lawyer, says, "Dr. Terence McGee ... will challenge the prosecutor's scientific evidence and [his] conclusions."

If convicted of the misdemeanor charge, Richie - who pleaded not guilty - faces a minimum of four days in jail with three years of probation because it would be her second DUI offense.

Last month Nicole Richie, 25, told David Letterman on his show that she is "scared" to go to jail. Bu added that she is "willing to face whatever consequences come my way, and take responsibility for what I've done."

Spotted driving the wrong way on a Los Angeles freeway on December 11, Richie failed a field sobriety test and admitted to police that she'd smoked pot and taken Vicodin that evening.

She was previously convicted of a DUI in June 2003.

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