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*Laugh* Okay, so CNN reported that Nicole Richie entered a rehab clinic for an ongoing eating disorder, and seeing that she is a malnourished waste, it made perfect sense to our editorial board and we jumped all over the story.

Our bad!

Nicole has issued the following statement on her MySpace page, fervently denying the rumors:

Cute Celebrity Baby-Mom Duo

"Contrary to CNN's false accusations, I did not check myself into an eating disorder rehab. I dont know why or how this rumor started, but i am home, in LA, and very happy. I do not have an eating disorder, and I don't know how many times I have to say it. I've repeated myself so many times, I feel like a broken record. Who ever started this rumor is evil and mean, but its not true. I am happy, and healthy, and living my life."

So, you have an eating disorder, then, Nicole? It's okay. We figured as much. Look, you should really get some help and enter rehab, don't you think? It's for your own good! You want Brody Jenner to like you, right?

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Our dear friends at the Hollywood Grind and the journalists at CNN are both reporting an interesting piece of news about Nicole Richie.

The Simple Life star and daughter of singer Lionel Richie has been getting a lot of grief over her food aversion in recent months. Some might say she looks a bit thin. Skeletal, even. The way one envisions a malnourished, third-world refugee.

Everybody Together: Awww!

Or a scary creature from another planet.

In any case, here's what the CNN News ticker has to say as of this morning:

"Singer Lionel Richie says he is not happy about his daughter's pencil-thin figure, and neither is Nicole Richie herself. She has checked into rehab for an eating disorder."

Well, we hope this is the beginning of a new phase in Nicole's life. One in which she embraces food in addition to boyfriend Brody Jenner.

Not sure where this picture was taken exactly, but it looks to be of Nicole entering the rehab clinic. That guy's shirt probably says "Hunger."

Or maybe "Burger."

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A picture is worth a few hundred words, as they say. In this one, Nicole Richie and boyfriend Brody Jenner take the plunge on Splash Mountain at Disneyland, where the much-talked-about, extremely annoying 25-year-old celebrated her birthday. The lovebirds appear to be having a blast, but we can't say the same for the dude behind them, who was apparently taken aback by Richie's alien-like figure.

B. Jenner

Brody looks really excited. Why? Because at the bottom of this exciting ride, there's food. And he actually eats, unlike his girlfriend (the recent, burger-gobbling staged photos don't fool T.H. Gossip). Sorry, it's been a long week, and we can't do better than that right now. But please, send us a comment with a better punch line!

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The lovely Nicole Richie is apparently trying to put eating disorder rumors to rest by chowing down in front of paparazzi. She doesn't stand a chance.

The celebutante was spotted out in Malibu, Calif., on Saturday with buddy Brody Jenner stuffing her face with a huge burger and sipping smoothies. This picture is kinda gross, so we apologize if you happen to lose your lunch while Nicole inhales hers.

Harlow and Mom

You're not fooling anyone, Richie. We know you vomited this back up within 45 minutes of the picture being taken! There's no masking eating disorders that obvious!

The petite heiress recently appeared on the Tyra Banks Show and revealed that she's hired a nutritionist and is trying to gain some weight. The Simple Life star expressed to Tyra how much stress the media attention on her body causes her, making it hard to gain weight.

Uh-huh. Sure thing babe. Keep on pukin'!

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Yesterday, T.H. Gossip showed you Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner out and about, having just enjoyed a delicious meal at a trendy L.A. cafe. Today, we bring you... the exact same thing! Only this time, Lionel Richie's daughter and Bruce Jenner's son (who is also Kristin Cavallari's ex) got take-out. See below.

B. Jenner Pic

We personally think Brody eats Nicole's dinner (perhaps followed by some other things, if you know what we are talking about) after they get home from these dates. While we will never know for sure what goes on behind closed doors, we're certain that it involves a lot of deep, scintillating conversation.

Seriously, though -- she is so thin! Geez, it's like we're looking at Kate Bosworth over here. Someone get these girls some professional help... or at least a pizza.

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We'd never defend Paris Hilton. She's a drunk driving, immoral, spoiled wench of an ugly human being.

However, if the following story is at all valid, Paris does know how to pull a prank or two.

Nic Richie

Word is circulating that Nicole Richie has been receiving certain, surprise treats in the form of pizza deliveries for weeks now. A prankster has been ordering the pies and having them delivered late at night to Lionel's frail step-daughter.

"The stunt has Paris written all over it," says one insider. "She can't stand Nicole and loves that her former best friend is being ridiculed by people for her appearance. Sending pizzas is the kind of thing (Paris would) think was funny."

We're pretty sure sending pizzas is the sort of thing anyone would think was funny. Except Peter Sarsgaard, perhaps. He takes stuff like this really seriously.

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Emaciated she-goblin Nicole Richie and way-too-good-looking "pal" Brody Jenner (right) topped off their worthless morning with a meal at Malibu's Marmalade Café on Thursday. We bet Brody enjoyed this filling meal. Nicole's dad, Lionel Richie (left) meanwhile, took the mic recently at Festivalbar in Verona, Italy.

The legendary R&B singer has not only returned to the stage, but put his domestic life on center stage recently, giving a 20/20 interview in which he talked about his career but also discussed his concern for Nicole's loss of weight.

Hills Gang

The loving father says he's confident she has it under control, however, and added that he approves of Nicole and Brody. The Richies and Jenners are longtime family friends.

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Follow all that? It's simple, really:

Kristin Cavallari used to date Brody Jenner. It was a Laguna Beach thing. Then, they broke up.


After that, Nicole Richie began tanging Jenner, although Brody had trouble distinguishing between Richie and the bed sheet beneath him.

Now, Cavallari is cozying up to Richie's ex-fiance, Adam Goldstein. Also known as DJ AM. Naturally.

On Tuesday night, the 33-year-old Goldstein arrived in the same car as the 19-year-old Cavalleri to a party. He hung back as she preened on the red carpet, tugging up her strapless dress.

"I don't want a Tara Reid moment," Cavallari said to photographers. "I'm not taped, that's the thing. That's why I'm pulling!"

Cavallari then claimed she was there with "um, my friend Charlene." Apparently Laguna Beach doesn't teach you how to lie well.

Goldstein eventually joined Kristin inside and the two were seen cuddling until 4 a.m.

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Nicole Richie can't hide out anymore. She's opening up instead.

On The Tyra Banks Show Tuesday, Richie addressed her former friend and current bitter enemy. No, not Paris Hilton. Food.

Harlow Smiles

"It's horrible, especially when you're trying to do something about it [her weight] and you have just so many eyes watching you and people talking about you," said the invisible waif.

With so much attention put on her Richie's lack of a body, the paparazzi pose a problem. They're always snapping pictures ... when they can actually see the possible new girlfriend of Brody Jenner, that is.

"It's summer, everyplace to go eat you obviously eat outside ... I'm not eating for the cameras, I live in LA, I do what I normally do," said Richie.

"What really bothers me is when I go to the beach because when I go to the beach, they want me in the swimsuit."

The alien has a point. Swimsuits at the beach? That's like Brooke Hogan without her father's coat tails to ride.

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What happens when two stars are trying to avoid famous ex's at an awards show? They find comfort in each other.

Evidence is provided here by Nick Lachey and Nicole Richie. The former spent the MTV Video Music Awards hoping he wouldn't run into Jessica Simpson (and her new rumored boy toy, John Mayer).

  • Photo of Nick Lachey
  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie leaving the club

The latter, meanwhile, must've been aware that former best friend and current pathetic excuse for a singer, Paris Hilton was in the house. There was no need for Richie to hide in Lachey's arms, however.

All she had to do was turn sideways and no way Hilton was gonna see her.

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