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Nicki Minaj has become infamous for a recent rash of nip slips.

But the singer has discovered a way to solve this revealing issue: Paste some fabric to the end of her giant boobs and - voila! - problem solved.

The rapper showed off this solution in two sexy Instagram photos today, posting shots of her in gold chains, star-shaped pasties and… that's it.

"Should I add #Pasties to the Spring Collection????," Minaj asks in the caption of these images, referencing her new Nicki Minaj Collection, which went on sale Tuesday.

Yes? No? Maybe? Forgive us, Nicki, if clothes aren't the first thing on our minds at the moment...

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Nicki Minaj has already gone topless on Twitter.

And now she's topless on Instagram. VERY topless!

The former American Idol panelist took a few moments away from blasting Random yesterday to release her puppies online, preventing the world from getting a full view of them due to her strategically-placed black hair.

Nicki Minaj Shirtless Photo

Minaj didn't include a caption with the image because, really, what is there to say?

Especially when we've actually seen plenty more of the artist in her music video nip slip from March. Nicki Minaj, everyone... not exactly shy!

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She may be gone from American Idol, but Nicki Minaj is making sure she isn't gone from the national conversation...

... by posting a photo of herself topless on Twitter!

The singer's producer and rumored boyfriend, Scaff Breezy, actually posted the image first. But Nicki proudly re-Tweeted it to her 16 million followers, explaining that it was snapped backstage last year at her W photo shoot.

Ogle away now and then compare this shot to Kate Upton topless to see who pulls off the bare look better:

Nicki Minaj Topless

NOTE: If the artist wants to sell more of her Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume, she may want to put this image on the bottle.

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