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Nick Stahl is back in jail after getting arrested for methamphetamine.

The Terminator 3 star got popped this morning after police found him in a Hollywood motel with three other people. All of them were allegedly using meth.

Stahl was taken into custody along with the three other individuals.


Interestingly, cops actually went to the motel to conduct a parole compliance check on one of the people Nick Stahl happened to be hanging out with.

Wrong place, wrong time for Nick and his ongoing addiction battle.

Stahl told TMZ this week that he was happy he was hospitalized and placed under a 5150 hold earlier this month, saying it helped straighten him out.

So much for that ... and any role in the Terminator reboot.

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Nick Stahl was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, a la Britney Spears and Paris Jackson, last night after being taken to an L.A. hospital, TMZ reports.

Nick Stahl Photo

Stahl, whose long struggle with drugs, alcohol, and other personal issues rivals that of Eddie Furlong, was transported to the facility around 3:30 a.m.

Details about circumstances of why he was hospitalized and placed on psychiatric hold are unclear at this time, but it's clearly a sad spiral for Nick Stahl.

He recently said he was committed to turning his life around, too, after he went missing, went to rehab, went missing again and was arrested for a lewd act.

Here's hoping he gets it together ... this time.

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Earlier this year, Nick Stahl went missing.

Last night, meanwhile, the actor was found… touching himself inside an adult video store.

Nick Stahl Picture

Authorities tell TMZ that undercover LAPD officers were conducting a basic check of an establishment in Hollywood when they stumbled upon Stahl in a private booth, committing a "lewd act," according to the official report.

Pee Wee Herman and Fred Willard can explain to you what that means.

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Nick Stahl is alive and, hopefully, on his way to doing well.

The actor - who went missing on two occasions, most recently in mid-June following a trip to rehab - has found his way back to his family and is on the path to recovery, a source tells TMZ.

Nick Stahl Photograph

Stahl is reportedly attending AA classes and loved ones say he's "in a good place." It's unclear where the actor is residing at the moment, but sources confirm it is not at home.

Stahl even Tweeted a photo of himself and his wife tweeted yesterday.

The former Terminator star was initially reported missing in May, and then once again a month later. Let's all hope that's never the case again.


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Nick Stahl's family and friends are once again searching for the missing Terminator actor after he bailed on rehab against his doctor's orders days ago.

Stahl, who was reported missing last month before contacting friends and family and entering treatment, has disappeared anew, according to reports.

"He's been missing for about four days," the actor's estranged wife, Rose Murphy Stahl, confirmed to E! News Monday. "I don't want to comment any further."

Nick Stahl Photo

After checking out of rehab, the Terminator 3 star went to stay at a friend's. He was then seen in downtown L.A., but after that, Stahl returned back to his friends.

He has not been spotted since he left a friend's house Thursday.

The source says: "He's disappeared. We can't find him anywhere. He hasn't made contact with anyone. We are all just desperately looking for him."

"Everyone just wants him to come home," the source adds, with no luck so far. "It's just a terrible situation. We are searching, but we've had no solid leads."

Here's hoping he surfaces safe and sound once again.


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Nick Stahl, who was reported missing last week, has surfaced.

Better yet, the actor is apparently unharmed, and seeking help.

Friday, he told friends via e-mail he planned to get help and seek treatment for his substance abuse problem, and now, Stahl's wife Rose confirmed that he has.

The Terminator 3 star checked into rehab Saturday night.

Nick Stahl Photo

According to a source, Stahl apologized for "worrying everyone," said he wanted to get help and that he was planning to seek treatment in a rehab center.

He had not been seen since May 14.

The 32-year-old, who went missing more than a week ago, was "really working hard" at sobriety at the time of his disappearance, according to his wife.

"He wants to be well," Rose, who has been estranged from Nick for an unknown period, stated. "He's a good man and we want him home so we can help."

Hopefully, this means the beginning of his road to recovery.


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Actor Nick Stahl's family filed a missing-person report Monday, but there were ongoing issues that predated the Terminator 3 star's disappearance.

According to court papers, he was involved in a custody battle with wife Roseann, who reported Nick Stahl missing, over their 2-year-old daughter Marlo.

She filed in February requesting that Nick not be allowed unsupervised visits with their daughter. She also requested both legal and physical custody.

Nick and Roseann are still married, but estranged and living apart.

Nick Stahl Pic

Roseann, 30, also stated that in 2011 she estimated the Terminator Salvation actor's income to be $500,000 while she listed her own income as $0.

She said her total monthly expenses were $6,065. In March, she subsequently requested Nick pay $3,807 monthly in child support, and he agreed.

It's unclear if Nick Stahl's drug problems played a role in his disappearance, but they were bad enough to worry Roseann at the time he vanished.

He was granted only supervised visitation with their child, however, and was barred from consuming alcoholic beverages or narcotics within 24 hours.

He was also ordered to provide a negative drug test result for marijuana, cocaine and alcohol within 24 hours prior to every scheduled visitation.

"Thank you for the kind words," Roseann tweeted, along with a plea for anyone with information about Nick's whereabouts to contact the LAPD.


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Nick Stahl, an actor best known for his role on Terminator 3, has been reported missing by his wife.

Nick Stahl Photo

Law enforcement officials have confirmed to TMZ that the actor's wife filed the proper paperwork on Monday, stating she last saw the man behind John Connor on May 9.

There is reason to fear the worst, too, as Stahl's wife also told a court in February that Stahl was using drugs and often frequented the downtrodden Skid Row section of Los Angeles.

No word yet from Stahl's reps, but we'll update this story as news breaks.

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