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Don't believe us? Ask the the buxom-laden blonde yourself.

In Jane magazine, Jessica Simpson says that on their third wedding anniversary, she went to go save the children while Nick just "stayed at home."

Jessica Simpson, Body

In that one fateful moment, everything changed for Ashlee's sister.

"Everything became so clear," said Jessica. "I was in hospitals with all these sick kids ... I just knew I needed to find something more in my life, on my own."

Like the long-awaited answer to the chicken/tuna debate.

Look, we like Jessica. She's pretty and sweet. But give Nick Lachey a break. He wasn't the one that spent hundreds on lingerie that could've gone to charity or sat around the house, whining about cooking a meal.

Okay, maybe we watched too much Newlyweds.

The point is: Lachey may not be Bono ... but he's not O.J. Simpson, either.

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What a difference a day makes. Or getting photographed in public without asking to be. Despite telling David Letterman the day before that he learned his lesson and is keeping his current relationship out of the spotlight, boy band God Nick Lachey takes the lovely Vanessa Minnillo by the hand as they leave a New York City hotel on Thursday.

Vanessa Kisses Nick Photo

Yeah, it's probably a good thing Nick doesn't attempt any new reality shows. Jessica Simpson may have nice boobs, but really, there's not a whole lot going on upstairs.

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Uh-oh. Could there be trouble in Nick Lachey land?

The studly singer appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman last night ... but wouldn't even utter the name "Vanessa Minnillo."

Totally Smitten

Are they finished as a couple? Is Nick, once again, going Soul-O? No, not at all. Lachey has just made a choice to keep his private life private. (It's a good thing for The Gossip staff that Dustin Diamond has decided to take the opposite approach.)

Anyway, here's a partial transcript of the interview:

David Letterman: You haven't been here in quite a long time.
Nick Lachey: It has been a long time.

DL: You were here with your then wife, the lovely Jessica Simpson.
NL: Yes indeed.

DL: You were doing a show that was on MTV about being a newlywed at the time and, I don't want to make you feel, maybe you don't feel bad, I can't tell. But I would think that doing a show like that would maybe actually make the marriage stronger.
NL: Yeah. About that. [Audience laughs] Not so much. I don't think so ... It was among the dumber ideas I think I've ever seen executed in history.

DL: But at the time, there was every reason to do that show. People liked it.
NL: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And for a while, I think we actually enjoyed doing the show as well. It was just so invasive that it became a problem.

DL: Do you think that was why the marriage broke up?
NL: You know that's one of those things where I think until you get enough hindsight and enough clarity and perspective, I don't think you can really know what happened. But, I certainly think it was probably a factor.

** THG Note: Jess banging Bam Margera may not have helped.

DL: Are you still friends? Friendly?
NL: We are. And I think both of us have handled it about as well as we possibly could, under the microscope that we're under and everything. But, I think, again, with time, it'll give us a better opportunity to redefine our relationship.

DL: Now, when I got divorced years and years and years ago, I spent a considerable amount of time thereafter drunk. I mean, really drunk.
[NL and audience laugh]
NL: It wasn't quite that bad but, I definitely think you go through different phases and there's certainly a phase of, "Oh, I don't care about anythingâ€"I'm going to throw myself into a little bit of booze and kind of numb the pain." And I went through a little bit of that and came out on the other side and still have some sobriety left.

Pssst, he may not say it, but he also has a really hot girlfriend. Check out this Vanessa Minnillo picture and see for yourself.

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Don't worry, fans, Nick Lachey isn't dedicating all his time to his new ABA basketball team. In fact, he's excited about the tour that's set to begin.

"It's going to be really music-based, just me and the band rocking it," Lachey said of the concerns that kick off tomorrow in Albany.

Birthday Boy and Girl

Lachey is a fan of more showboating singers, such as fellow boy-bander-turned-solo-star Justin Timberlake, but he cited the toned-down Sade as the inspiration for his show.

"Sade is one of the most magical performers I've ever seen, even though everything she does is so subtle," he said. "It's not about big moves and pyro, it's about captivating the audience, and she's one of the best, in my opinion, at that."

The same goes for Diddy when the audience is a gym full of high school students.

Lachey is trying to move on, meanwhile, in both his personal and professional life. Perhaps blatantly singing about ex-flame, Jessica Simpson, hasn't helped with either of thos goals.

"The tabloids can be a little trying for sure, but the best thing to do is just live your life," he said. "I don't let that dictate what I do."

Amen. Although Lachey's second television pilot, in which he played a newly married baseball star, failed to get picked up this summer, he's already on to a third.

"I can't say much about it, but it's an exciting concept and I'm excited to be a part of it," he said to "With TV, you just never know. You keep doing stuff that inspires you and that you're interested in and you just hope it sticks."

Or you sign up for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and let Aarom Sorkin take you home.


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When you own an ABA team, money comes pouring in. That gold mine, combined with the seemingly kind heart of Nick Lachey, led the singer to agree on a reduced sum in his just completely divorce settlement.

  • Nick Lachey, Short Hair
  • Nice Rack

While Lachey and Jessica Simpson were officially divorced months ago, the duo never signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Therefore, Nick was entitled to half of Jessica's assets (not THOSE assets), estimated at $36 million.

However, Lachey agreed to take considerably less than 50%, according to published reports.

In the property settlement, Nick will take significantly more than the $1.5 million Joe Simpson has initially tried to offer, but less than half of what he and Jessica earned during the marriage. Two sources in Nick's camp made it clear to TMZ that Lachey agreed to end the dispute because he didn't wish to hurt anyone in a contentious court battle.

That's sweet. Plus, Ashlee Simpson could really use some extra cash from her sister about now. In lieu of Braxton Olita, Ash may seek comfort in much, much more plastic surgey.

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What happens when two stars are trying to avoid famous ex's at an awards show? They find comfort in each other.

Evidence is provided here by Nick Lachey and Nicole Richie. The former spent the MTV Video Music Awards hoping he wouldn't run into Jessica Simpson (and her new rumored boy toy, John Mayer).

  • Photo of Nick Lachey
  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie leaving the club

The latter, meanwhile, must've been aware that former best friend and current pathetic excuse for a singer, Paris Hilton was in the house. There was no need for Richie to hide in Lachey's arms, however.

All she had to do was turn sideways and no way Hilton was gonna see her.

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What does a man do when his gorgeous ex-wife starts to score with a mellow dramatic singer/song-writer? He drives hard to the hole himself ... by purchasing a professional basketball team!

Yes, Nick Lachey has joined a bevy of B-listers in creating The Hollywood Fame, a franchise set to begin play in the American Basketball Association this season. Joining the former boy band crooner in the endeavor are:

  • Nick Lachey Black Shirt
  • ABA Hollywood Fame Photo
  • A.J. DiScala Photo
  • A.J. DiScala
  • Former Dancing with the Stars contestant and WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler
  • Awful quarterback, Kyle Boeller
  • Former MLB player and steroid abuser, Brady Anderson

Perhaps Lachey joined the group because he's probably the most famous name among ownership.

Player tryouts were held on Tuesday, with another round planned for September to fill any remaining spots on the squad. Colin Farrell showed up, but was turned away when he found out they didn't mean that kind of player.

"We're excited about the Hollywood Fame bringing highly skilled basketball players to the fans of Los Angeles. We are creating a unique family entertainment option at affordable prices," said DiScala, the former husband and manager of Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Two points of interest:

  1. Sorry, Nick, but watching your own players on the court won't make you feel any better about the fact that John Mayer is now scoring with your ex, Jessica Simpson. In a slow, profound, acoustic sort of way.
  2. The Hollywood Fame? Really? We only would've asked for a few million in royalities to let you borrow The Hollywood Gossip. Think about it.

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It's been nine months since Nick Lachey was a married man. And for the life of him, the former boy band crooner can't understand why tirelessly talking about his split from Jessica Simpson in a public forum is causing constant public attention.

Nick must also wonder what Mel Gibson and Saddam Hussein have in common.

Photo of Nick Lachey

"It is bizarre," Lachey said to Australia's Sydney Morning Herald while Down Under promoting his album, "What's Left Of Me." "We get so used to it in the States, but, yeah, to think that it's become like that in a lot of other places in the world, yeah, it is strange. People kind of think they know you before they have a chance to talk to you. It is a surreal thing, but I guess it's kind of what we signed up for."

At least Lachey can acknowledge that starring in an MTV reality show will spark such an interest. Nevertheless, he says fans don't truly understand what happened between himself and Simpson.

"No one really understands this side of it, but she and I decided to use the show as a promotional vehicle for our albums, you know with MTV, who we'd worked with for years. It was supposed to be six episodes to promote our records, then it turned into this whole other thing."

That's because Jessica is frickin hot! Although Lachey has rebounded like only a man with those arms can, bagging VJ Vanessa Minnillo.

Ignoring the scrutiny of his personal life is "easier said than done," Nick complains. "My sister-in-law and I were photographed together and she was my new 'mystery blonde.' It's a joke. It gets to be laughable at some point, that's why it becomes so frustrating because it's just ridiculous."

Still, there is hope. "I can already hopefully feel it starting to go away," he says of the attention. "I think there's some closure there for (Jessica) and I; hopefully the rest of the world will find some closure along with us."

Amen. And nothing says closure like giving an inteview to a widely read newspaper.

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Anyone that watched Newlyweds saw plenty of a ripped Nick Lachey. He wore cut-off shirts, lugged furniture around, his arms gave Jessica Simpson's breasts a run for most impressive aspect of the show.

Ok, it wasn't close at all.

Nick Lachey Blue Eyes

Nevertheless, the point remains: Lachey is no Dustin Diamond. The singer works out. Stil, it wasn't his toned body that many fans in Melbourne were hoping to catch a glimpse of when the artist landed there over the weekend.

Lachey was Down Under to promote his new album, but approximately four dozen people seeking autographs didn't care about what was left of Jessica's ex. They were at the airport to see several muscle-bound WWE stars.

"He seems OK," said a fan. "But we're not here to see Nick Lachey - we really want to see the wrestlers."

We assume this guy meant Triple H, John Cena, fighters of that nature. It might not be too long, though, until Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton step into a squared circle.


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Call us crazy, but Nick Lachey seems to sing about his ex-wife a lot. Who, exactly, can't he hate anymore? And what would be the reason why there's not much left of him?

According to Lachey's former better half, however, only one song on her new album relates to the past.

Jessica Simpson Lips

Yes, Jessica Simpson is aware the title of this CD, "A Public Affair," may make it sound like it's about the spotlight placed on her doomed marriage, but she insists that isn't the case.

"A Public Affair is a play on words," Simpson, 26, told MTV News. "It's not about what you think it's going to be about."

Jessica understands the misconception. She said "people probably expected [it to be about Lachey] because of everything going on in my life, but it's not about him at all."

Well, one song is.

During the "really tough time" last year when things were falling apart, Simpson said she found comfort when she shared one of her favorite songs with recently constructed Ashlee, Patty Griffin's "Let Him Fly."

"We laid there listening to the song and just cried and cried like babies," Jessica confessed. "In a lot of ways, my sister really gave me the strength to pull through this really hard time. And it was just lying there and being with her that got me through it. I knew everything would be okay."

The song is covered on A Public Affair.

As for the rest of the CD, Jess says it's a declaration of freedom and fun.

"It's about me going out with my girlfriends and forgetting everything that's around me, which is paparazzi, and just having a fun night. Because (paparazzi) can ruin a night."

Can they ever! Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

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