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We may have been a bit premature in announcing the date, but the fact remains: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will soon make their divorce official.

In court documents made available today, Simpson and Lachey have asked the court to appoint a retired judge, Judge Dana Senit Henry, to preside over the proceedings.

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The former MTV Newlyweds are asking to "bifurcate" the case, meaning the divorce can become final and the parties can then deal with the complicated financial matters afterward.

Neither has wasted much time moving on personally. Lachey has canoodled with every pair of legs in Hollywood, now appearing to have settled, once again, on Vanessa Minnillo.
Simpson has bit a bit quieter in her dating life, but rumors are circulating that she and future co-star, Dane Cook, have been sharing a lot more than laughs recently.

In court, the papers require a "sign off" from the presiding judge before it becomes official. Senit Henry is on vacation until next week, but after he signs it, the judge is expected to issue the divorce decree immediately.

Then, The Gossip can truly believe we have a chance with Jessica every time we view her new video.

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With his divorce almost complete, Nick Lachey is free to roam. He's certainly taken advantage of that fact recently.

Following the Antonio Tarver/Bernard Hopkins boxing match Saturday night, Lachey headed out to Borgata's Mixx night club. At this hot spot, however, it became apparent that an old relationship was not down for the count.

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When Jessica's Simpson ex-husband left the Atlantic City joint around 4 a.m., he wasn't alone. On his arm? MTV veejay, Vanessa Minnillo.

In March, this duo was romantically linked, but the flame seemed to have been extinguished weeks ago. In Minnillo's place, Lachey had boinked almost every ovary-laden companion that came his way. Reportedly, the most recent conquest was Paris Hilton buddy, Kim Kardashian.

On this night, though, Vanessa and Nick just had to live on a prayer. As that classic Bon Jovi tune blared into the night, the pair locked eyes, pumped fists and - we can only assume - ended the evening as only Tommy and Gina would.


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Nick and Jessica

Despite clamoring from fans on both sides, it appears as though Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson truly are calling it quits.

While the announcement was made months ago, these procedings can take a long time to complete. According to rumors, the divorce day is nearing: June 17.

Each side seems resigned to the nullification of these former Newlyweds. Nick has been dating every pair of legs that walks his way, while Jessica is focusing on her latest album. Hopefully, these two kids will find love elsewhere.

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