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Summer might not officially begin until June 21, but unofficially, the hottest season of the year is here. Bathing suits, sunscreen, and the beach are all calling our names.

You know what else this season needs? More... MUSIC. Songs of summer, to be exact.

What, exactly, IS a "song of summer"? Right now it's what every artist is trying to acquire: the most played song of the season that most ... well, reminds us of summer.

Our favorite warm-weather jams conjure up images of bodies of water, dancing, frozen and/or boozy drinks, and maybe even some lovin'. Preferably all of the above.

To that end, we've compiled a playlist of 21 songs of summer, comprised of #1 hits and hot songs we love that remind us of our carefree time in the sun.

Roll your windows down, turn your radio up, and cruise through this gallery ...

THE song of summer, Will Smith's "Summertime" has been oft-imitated, never duplicated.

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Musicians are forever pushing the envelope, honing their crafts, stretching their limits.

Or they're just trying to get as many #1 hits as possible in order to sell more records and make more money to buy big cribs with multi-car garages and basketball courts in the basement.

To that end, artists frequently collaborate with other artists to experiment with style and sound. Sometimes they cross the genre lines and what results is... unexpected. 

Nearly an entire season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was dedicated to Kandi Burruss' quest for songwriting credits in Country music and she teamed up with Sara Evans to make it happen.

Some of these collaborations are wildly more successful than others, but when rap meets country or when pop meets metal, it feels weird. So weird it's good.

Here are 11 weird musical collaborations that totally work. Get ready to groove!

Katy Perry and Juicy J - Dark Horse
Academy Award winner Juicy J's inclusion on Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" made the song sure to be a hit instead of a, well, dark horse.

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Floyd Mayweather came out this week and said Shantel Jackson got an abortion last year.

The boxer took to social media - Facebook and Instagram, to be exact - and said he broke off the couple’s engagement last year because Jackson aborted the pair’s twins against his wishes. 

Mayweather even posted a photo of an ultrasound as proof.

He has since removed the items, but it's now clear what set Floyd off in the first place: Jackson is dating Nelly!

An insider tells TMZ that Mayweather feels “betrayed” because Nelly is a member of his inner circle.

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Rapper Nelly was detained last night as police officers searched his tour bus at a Texas checkpoint and found heroin, marijuana and a loaded gun on board.

Nelly Pic

Nelly's bus was stopped by the border patrol in Sierra Blanca, where Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Armie Hammer and Fiona Apple have been popped recently.

A police canine detected the presence of drugs.

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