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What can we say about the following photo of Naomi Campbell nude?

It's attractive and, most likely, insane.

Campbell in Cannes

Unlike other, fairly stable super models - such as Petra Nemcova or Gisele Bundchen - Campbell is known for throwing telephones and causing scenes.

Perhaps she's trying to change her image below, channel her inner Tila Tequila nude and get word out that she's simply beautiful. Not a beautiful mess.

We'll do our best to help you with that cause, Naomi. But you might wanna stop having sex with garbage men. That's just our opinion, though.

Meanwhile, we wonder if Diane Kruger nude is pissed at Campbell for stealing her naked thunder.

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In the new issue of W, Naomi Campbell puts her throwing arm to productive use, penning a diary about her foray into court-ordered manual labor.

As Campbell's prose dispatches reveal, the 36-year-old model is full of surprises: she drinks regular Coke, prays every morning and night, and does not own a diamond-encrusted phone (bet you Paris Hilton does).

Campbell in Cannes

On making friends:
"As we are working, one of my co-workers tells me how he ended up here. It was basically because of alcohol. I bond with him, and I tell him I'm in recovery. I started doing drugs when I was 23, as a recreational thing. I had no idea of the effect it would have on me."

THG NOTE: That's what Pete Doherty said. It all starts so innocently.

On manual labor:
"I head to my locker and change into my work clothes and am told, along with two other people, to sweep the garage. We start mopping so intently and get a rhythm going. I have to tell you, I find solace in sweeping. I have no other responsibilities. I have no phone. I have time to think. I just have, you know, peace."

On self-reflection:
"I never really looked into myself, deep below the surface. I was just caught up in my job and flying around the world and wanting to be fabulous. But there comes a point when it all catches up with you. And that caused me to reassess myself and get real treatment for my anger and my addictions. Some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but I've finally come to realize that, for me, it's all or nothing - and it has to be nothing."

THG NOTE: Britney Spears, we hope you are listening. 

On the designer clothes she wore to work every day:
"It's getting crazy. I'm getting all calls from designers and stylists asking me to wear their clothes. Apparently, people on the Internet are rating my outfits. With everything happening in the world â€" in Iraq, in Africa â€" this is what they focus on?"

On her coworkers:
"Two of the people in the room have never been on a plane. They ask me what it's like, and I'm embarrassed to tell them I was on seven planes the week before alone... They tell me some of the things they've read about me, like that I have a diamond-encrusted BlackBerry. I laugh. I've never had a diamond-encrusted phone! I'll leave that to Paris [Hilton]. It's not my style."

On her employees:
"I don't really have many yes-people in my life anymore. I've gotten away from them â€" all the agents, assistants, people who would never tell me the truth and watch me destroy myself. But of course many of those people maybe didn't want to work with me anymore, either, which I totally understand."

On being independent:
"Most people can rely on their family, but I tried to deal with everything on my own. I'm a very strong person. I never had problems with men, because if they bothered me, I'd tell them to f*%k off."

THG NOTE: It's a lesson Lauren Conrad is finally learning.

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America Ferrera is not engaged to Ryan Piers Williams. Got that? The lovely Ugly Betty actress is upset with recent tabloid reports about this and wants to make it clear.

Similarly, Naomi Campbell is looking to shoot down rumors that she cleaned toilets or was romantically involved with a fellow sanitation worker during her five-day community service stint in Manhattan.

Campbell in Cannes

The 36-year-old supermodel was sentenced to five days' hard work in January for chucking a phone at her maid last year.

"I swept and I cleaned walls and tables and offices. I tidied up," Naomi Campbell said.

As for rumors about her and a guy, who tabloids nicknamed the "Sanitation Stud," Campbell says it's all a load of, um, community service garbage.

"He's become a friend of mine - he and his wife. I felt terrible when they exposed him in the papers after I left. I thought that was really uncalled for. He was just simply being a really sweet person," she says.

Not so sweet that she's eager to return to that line of work again. After running afoul of the law, Campbell says she's learned her lesson and will calm down a bit.

THG NOTE: You listening, Joe Francis?

"I'm in an honest place with myself," she says.

"I've had to look at the people I have around me and I need honesty in my life today - people that tell me the truth, not people who say yes. And I don't have any yes people left in my life."

We guess she threw all of those people out with the... um, trash. Much like we're hoping Britney Spears does with all her loser friends.

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Naomi Campbell likes to beat people.

Too bad she couldn't beat the legal system.

Campbell in Cannes

Well, not entirely. Her recent sentence - community service, in which she must mop the floors of New York's Sanitation Department, starting March 19 - is pretty light when you consider she assaults people.

The supermodel, who received the punishment after being found guilty of throwing a phone at her maid, will complete five days of court-ordered community service at the Manhattan garage for trash-trucks.

Campbell will wear an orange vest and workman's boots.

During the court case, lawyers for the British model told the judge that she would not agree to "do a Boy George."

We're not entirely sure what she means.

But the ex-Culture Club singer was once ordered to sweep the streets of New York wearing a bright orange jacket, after being found guilty of lying to police about a burglary.

Soon they might be calling this "doing a Nicole Richie."

Campbell will be allowed to stay inside the garage out of the public view, so as to avoid widespread ridicule. The 36-year-old, seen here with actor and friend Terrence Howard, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour assault in January.

After being arrested for hurling a crystal-encrusted phone at Ana Scolavino last March, Naomi Campbell apologized and said she needs to take responsibility for her actions. Scolavino needed four stitches to the head.

Someone's gotta get Pete Doherty into one of those jumpsuits. He and Naomi can pass the time mopping like mad, shooting up on breaks and talking about the latest developments in the Anna Nicole Smith drama.

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NaomiCampbell says she very much regrets losing her temper and hitting her maid with her cell phone over a pair of missing jeans last year.

Really, we might as well stop there. That pretty much sums it up.

Campbell in Cannes

"I felt very remorseful for having thrown the phone at someone that didn't deserve it," the 35-year-old supermodel told Extra. "I have a deep sense of shame for the things I've done."

THG NOTE: We hope that somewhere, Howard K. Stern is listening.

So what made Naomi snap and do chuck that cellular device? Tiredness, lack of sleep (and) "just so many things," she says.

"I was being really destructive to myself. ... I didn't know how to reach out. It was a really scary time," said Campbell of the incident in which she channelled her inner Russell Crowe.

Campbell, who has a reputation for angry outbursts, pled guilty to assault last month for hitting Ana Scolavino in the back of the head with the phone in March 2006. Scolavino was treated for a head injury.

"I threw a cell phone in the apartment. The cell phone hit Ana," Campbell said at her court appearance. "This was an accident because I did not intend to hit her."

In a way, it's similar to those Antonella Barba photos. While the American Idol contestant was all about giving an unnamed man oral pleasure with a digital camera shoved in her face, she didn't intend for them to be posted online.

Okay, that's a bit of a stretch. Moving on. In exchange for a guilty plea, Campbell was ordered to pay Scolavino's medical expenses of $363, do five days of community service and attend a two-day anger-management program.

"I do therapy every day," Campbell tells Extra, adding that she doesn't beat herself up (literally or otherwise) over what happened.

She's also partaking in the healing powers of crystals: "I think they bring great energy. ... You should see how many I travel with."

That's nice. Janice Dickinson has some good things to say about the kama sutra, too, if her fellow insane supermodel is interested.

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Just everyone else.

But the 36-year-old beauty, who recently pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges for attacking a former housekeeper, says she takes responsibility for everything she does.

Campbell in Cannes

"I take responsibility for anything I do," she said.

It's a lesson that Howard K. Stern will undoubtedly learn one day. If not in Florida superior court, then in the fiery pits of HELL.

But that's neither here nor there. Speaking backstage at the Julien Macdonald fashion show in London, Naomi Campbell she doesn't read negative reports about herself.

"As long I've got my real friends and family and I know who's who then I'm fine."

Apparently she hasn't beaten everyone close to her, which is cool.

Earlier in the evening, she'd opened the show to rapturous applause from the audience and was later surrounded by pals congratulating her backstage at the London Hilton on Park Lane hotel.

On January 16, Campbell was sentenced to five days of community service and two days of anger management for throwing a cell phone that hit former housekeeper Ana Scolavino.

"This was an accident, because I did not intend to hit her," Campbell said.

Right. And Kim Kardashian didn't want that sex tape to get out and instantly make her 100 times more famous than she was beforehand.

At least other three former employees have claimed Campbell attacked them, in several cases with phones. In October she was arrested in London for allegedly assaulting her drug counselor.

Hey, at least Naomi is establishing herself as an equal-opportunity beater. Much like Paris Hilton is an equal-opportunity used human condom.

Asked by People about the numerous incidents, Campbell replied that she takes responsibility for anything she does, and is "pretty much" okay with herself these days.

Campbell is currently working on FashionWeekLive, an event bringing the best of the catwalk shows to various cities in the U.S., but she also continues her volunteer duties.

Someone's gotta get Naomi and Bobby Brown together.

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