In the new issue of W, Naomi Campbell puts her throwing arm to productive use, penning a diary about her foray into court-ordered manual labor.

As Campbell's prose dispatches reveal, the 36-year-old model is full of surprises: she drinks regular Coke, prays every morning and night, and does not own a diamond-encrusted phone (bet you Paris Hilton does).

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America Ferrera is not engaged to Ryan Piers Williams. Got that? The lovely Ugly Betty actress is upset with recent tabloid reports about this and wants to make it clear.

Similarly, Naomi Campbell is looking to shoot down rumors that she cleaned toilets or was romantically involved with a fellow sanitation worker during her five-day community service stint in Manhattan.

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Just everyone else.

But the 36-year-old beauty, who recently pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges for attacking a former housekeeper, says she takes responsibility for everything she does.

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