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A new onslaught of promotional photos for Nadya Suleman's adult film debut with Wicked Pictures have been released and are available for your consumption.

Sorry ... or you're welcome, we don't know.

All depends how you feel about Octomom, really. Speaking of feeling Octomom, she's the only one doing the honors in this porn flick. It's a solo effort.

Looks like a pleasurable one, at that ...

Octomom O-Face

The photos, which are shockingly graphic, show Octomom completely naked and doing the unspeakable ... while surrounded by baby/household stuff.

She looks good for having had 14 kids though. Gotta give her that.

Maybe this will even help her feed and clothe them and buy more than one working toilet. Here's hoping! Octomom: Home Alone comes out June 20.

Click to enlarge more great/terrible Octomom photos from it:

  • Topless Nadya Octomom Suleman
  • Octomom Topless
  • Nadya Suleman Topless
  • Ironing
  • Nadya Octomom Suleman Picture
  • Octomom Flashes Boobs
  • Octomom Cowgirl

Octomom: Would you hit it?


[Photos: Wicked Pictures]

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is getting ready to throw it down in the Celebrity Pillow Fighting Championships ... which is apparently an actual thing.

Despite the fact that Octomom's porn star career is in full swing, she's still trying to make more cash money starting June 23 in Broomall, Pa.

On the same card with the "Pillow Fighting Championships," to be exact.

Octomom Boxing

Nadya will be fighting Shila, co-host of Philadelphia radio's "Chio, Shila & Tingle in the Morning," who says she is excited to fight Octomom.

The public "fight" between the women involves three one-minute rounds. Nadya is the favorite, with a 5-0 record in celebrity boxing and 1-0 in pillow fights.

Shila, on the other hand, will be stepping into the ring for the first time.

"I'm not sure who the girl is I'm pillow-fighting with, but I heard she has never been in the ring before,” Nadya Suleman told the Huffington Post.

“I've done this several times, and I will remain undefeated!"

Except by life. She's getting pummeled in that arena.



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Seductive as Octomom's porn star makeover might have made her, the mother of 14 will not be coming to the stage of a Florida strip joint after all.

Nadya Suleman is reportedly canceling her scheduled stripper gig because she thinks club staffers are talking smack about her, according to TMZ.

Octo was set to get topless at T's Lounge in Palm Beach, Fla., next month, but her rep, Gina Rodriguez, says she pulled out of the deal this week.

Right in the Nads

Rodriguez says the final straw came in the form of a local news interview.

Not with Octo herself, but with a club bartender discussing her stripper gig and saying she has "a lot of mouths to feed so it was only a matter of time" before she got naked.

"She must be a little crazy, normal people don't have that many children."

The guy's not wrong - she had six kids before she got pregnant with the eight that made her Octomom - but Nadya did not take kindly to the remark and pulled out.

If only the IVF specialist had done so three years ago ...



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Octomom is certainly taking her new porn career seriously.

Perhaps inspired by Lindsay Lohan's wardrobe malfunction, the mother of 14 can be seen spilling out of her skimpy top and fully glammed up in this photo from the set of her self pleasure video, which she recently completed filming.

Take a look at one of the most revealing Octomom pics yet:

Octomom, Porn Star

The gold and black bikini snapshot of Nadya Suleman, was leaked by another porn star, Jessica Drake, who "coached" Octo through her "performance."

The porn studio behind the video, Wicked Pictures, quotes Nadya in a press release, saying Drake "opened up my eyes to a whole world of self-pleasure."

Drake says, "I am honored to have helped [Suleman] explore her sexuality."

According to the release, the video shows Octomom in a "variety of erotic scenarios" all focused on solo masturbation and poking fun at her public persona.

Octomom, who recently booked a stripper gig as well, calls the experience "the best, most powerful, and most liberating thing I've ever done."

Good to know, Octo. Tell us ... Nadya Suleman: Would you hit it?


[Photo: Wicked Pictures]

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In the hottest news ever (or not), Octomom Nadya Suleman has booked her first gig as a stripper. Try to contain your excitement there, fellas.

Sources close to Octomom say she will be at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, Fla., for her inaugural (and hopefully last) stint as a stripper July 11-15.

She'll do two shows a night during that stretch. Thank goodness.

Sexy Nadya Suleman

Of course, while T's Lounge is an all-nude club, Nadya will only be going topless. No full Octomom nude action. Or lap dances. Keep dreaming.

Despite vowing to never exploit herself for money, Octomom is feeling so "sexually liberated" since filming her solo porn video. Good to know.

The video is scheduled for release around that time, so she decided stripping would be a good promotional tool. How enterprising of her.

She will reportedly make "thousands" from the gig, not including $1s stuffed in her sexy g-string by oglers. The show is gonna be so epic.


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It just keeps getting worse for Nadya Suleman.

Octomom's Chapter 7 papers were apparently not filed properly and have been rejected by the judge, leaving her bankruptcy filing null and void.

Yes, this is really possible ... you learn something every day. In any case, her creditors are now free to come after her in full force. Hooray?

Nadya Octomom Suleman Pic

Octomom filed for bankruptcy on April 30, but according to documents filed Tuesday, Nadya didn't file all the necessary paperwork in time.

Nor did she ask the court for an extension, so her case was dismissed.

Without the Chapter 7 protection, all the people she owes bank to can come a-callin' ... and her list of creditors is quite long. Totaling over $500,000.

Let's hope Octomom's porn video career generates some much-needed revenue for her. The beleaguered mother of 14 needs to keep her DirecTV.



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Mother's Day is a wonderful celebration honoring our moms and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society in general.

Here at THG, this means a little tribute to some of the celebrity moms we've come to know and love ... and also a bunch who could use some improvement.

On this 13th day of May, take a look at a 13 popular THG celeb moms (and 13 more who also have kids) in the poll below and vote for your favorite (and least favorite):

  • Blue Ivy Photo
  • Jessica Alba and Daughters
  • Obama Family Portrait 2011
  • Jennifer Garner and Daughter
  • Will, Jada and Family
  • Brangelina, Kids Pic
  • Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon

Who's your favorite celebrity mom?


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Octomom just heard about the New Jersey woman giving her a run for Mother of the Year, Patricia Krentcil, and boy oh boy, is she incredulous!

Nadya Suleman admits that while she is always inclined to give parents the benefit of the doubt ... the now-infamous Tanning Mom needs help.

If not mental help, then some serious parenting classes.

  • Octomom Suleman
  • Tanning Mom Pic

From one amazing parent to another ...

Octomom says she doesn't feel Patricia Krentcil should lose her kid, even though she was recently arrested for taking her little girl tanning.

She does feel, however, that Child Protective Services should step in to give Krentcil some tips on child-rearing. Hard to argue with that.

It's kind of like the pot calling the kettle bronze here. No, Octo hasn't been arrested at any point, but she's messing up 13 more kids than Patty.

In any case, when a woman who's been visited by CPS herself, filed for bankruptcy and started an adult film career (Octomom's porn video debut is slated for later this year) decides to call you out on your mothering skills ... never a good sign.

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Octomom's adult film shoot last week meant plenty of nerves for first-time porn star Nadya Suleman, but now that it's over, she's stoked for it to come out!

"My first shoot was amazing," Octomom told the Huffington Post.

Of her XXX-rated masturbation video, she says, "It was such a learning experience for me in so many ways. I don't think I could have asked for a better crew to work with. They were so patient and willing to teach me."

Octomom on Porn Set

"I owe a lot to Wicked Pictures' Jessica Drake; she opened my eyes to a whole different world of self-pleasure that I could have never imagined."

"They made me look so glamorous, and for the first time in my life, I felt beautiful and sexy. I'm very excited for it to come out!"

The video, directed by adult film star Brad Armstrong, is scheduled to be released in mid-June by a major online adult entertainment company.

At the shoot, Nadya also posed for a set of photographs in which she's seated at the head of a long table, her body covered with Spaghetti=Os.

Try to aim away from the computer when you vomit.

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Octomom's first day as a porn star is in the books.

The beleaguered, bankrupt mom of 14 completed her first day of XXX shooting at a porn mansion in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley Thursday, and it went well!

Octo (real name Nadya Suleman) is starring in a new film in which she will be pleasuring herself ... since she refuses to do porn involving other human beings.

She was nervous at first, but got the hang of it.

Octo Nadya Suleman Picture

Before the shoot, producers decided it would be a good idea to screen some porno flicks for the clearly nervous Nadya as an educational tool of sorts.

When it was time for Octomom to get down to business, TMZ reports that she was a pro. A source even said, "She was a natural. She looked great!!"


No word on how much she's making for the masturbation movie, but she may need to film a bunch of sequels to pay off at least $500,000 in debt.


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