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Two former nannies for Octomom Nadya Suleman claim she allowed one of her children to sexually abuse another child in her home, according to a new report.

Octo Pic

According to L.A.'s CBS2, the nannies have contacted Child Protective Services and told officials that they personally witnessed sexual abuse from the kid.

The nannies don't say Octomom personally sexually abused anyone, however:

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Forget the Mitt Romney-Barack Obama debate. This should be a lot more competitive.

Octomom Nadya Suleman is endorsing a debate website, Deeyoon (dot) com, that will give Internet users the chance to debate the mother of 14 twice a week.

Octomom Boxing

She's also ending her adult film career at one Octomom porn classic.

"Nadya only did one adult video and never planned on doing any more," her rep said. "Nadya is now debating for Deeyoon (dot) com two days a week for 90 minutes at a time."

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Nadya Suleman and her brood finally have a new place to live. No really.

Sunday, Octomom packed up her 14 kids to a new 5,000-square-foot home in Palmdale, Calif. Goodbye, foreclosure, hello new rental property with indoor plumbing.

Nadya Suleman Bikini Pic

It's a done deal now. Thanks to the Octomom porn proceeds, she should be able to make the $2500/month rent, even with more than a dozen mouths to feed.

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Nadya Suleman is ripping Paris Hilton over her recent comments about gay men ... yeah, you know it's bad when Octomom is jumping all over you for something you said/did.

Paris Hilton's anti-gay rant, in which she said that gay guys are horny, disgusting and probably AIDS-infected (Paris profusely apologized), makes her a "moron" in Octomom's book.

Octomom ripped Paris, calling her every name in the book, then bragged that she'll be performing her new song at a gay strip club soon. Because we know you're curious, here's a sneak peek:

Sorry. Hey, it beats the heck out of the Octomom porn trailer. Barely.

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Nadya Suleman has secured a new Octocrib for her giant brood at last.

The mother of 14 is moving to Palmdale, Calif., in the Antelope Valley, at the northern end of Los Angeles County. You can get more space in the 'burbs.

Octomom's five-bedroom, three-bathroom place has a pool, gazebo and a really large back yard, which is convenient when you have that many bodies.

It even has working toilets indoors, we're assuming - all for $2,150/month!


Nadya, who experienced serious problems getting a new place to live after her old crib was foreclosed upon, had to shell out EIGHT months rent in advance.

Plus a security deposit, no less, but even so, it came relatively cheap ... especially after she came on camera in the acclaimed Octomom porn flick.

Sorry, but it's true. She's raking it in these days by Octomom standards. No welfare, just proceeds from stripping and Nadya Suleman bikini photos.



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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012.

From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Josie Maran bikini photos were honored yesterday in part two of our Labor Day double feature. Keeping the countdown going at #93: Nadya Suleman!

  • Nadya Suleman Cleavage
  • Nadya Suleman Got BACK!

We know what you're thinking. How is Octomom on this list.

Our answer is twofold: 1. If you're grading on a curve (a bootylicious curve!) ... Octo has a pretty insane bod for having birthed 14 kids. 2. Charity.

Woman's trying to make a living. Say what you will about the methods - porn, bikini shoots, boxing, payday loan sharking, stripping, etc. - but she's going all out.

Rewarding that kind of shameless effort just feels like the right thing to do. By boosting Octomom's exposure, we help her support her ginormous brood.

So, there you have it. Click to enlarge some more Nadya Suleman pics below, and check back again soon to see THG's Hottest Bikini Body #92 ...

  • Octomom Bikini Photo
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  • Octomom Cleavage Action!
  • Nadya Suleman, Huge Breasts
  • Nadya Suleman Bikini Photo
  • Octomom Stripper
  • Octomom Topless Photo
  • Octomom Stripping
  • Octomom Porn Photo
  • Vagina = Clown Car
  • Octomom Bikini Pic
  • Octo-freak
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Octomom may star in an adult film, but she still has standards.

Or something. Call it the Nadya Suleman version of standards.

“I remain celibate to this day – it’s almost 14 years now – and I touch no one but myself [in the film],” the Octomom: Home Alone star revealed to Celebuzz.

This year's Octomom porn film flew in the face of her earlier claims that she would never, ever appear in such immoral films. Why the change of heart?

Octomom Hot Photo

“I had to make money quick,” admits Nadya, whose La Habra, Calif., home is now in foreclosure. “I never wanted to delve into the entertainment industry."

"It was the way to make the most money. As a mother of 14, I accepted that I had to eat my words, and I own that ... I’m very proud of the film.”

There was also a silver lining ... a sexy one.

“It was facing one of my ultimate fears,” Suleman said. “I was always uncomfortable with sexuality in general – so the film was very liberating and empowering.”


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Looks like Farrah Abraham's "On My Own" has some competition for worst song released in the past week ... or in the history of human civilization.

Octomom Nadya Suleman - yes, Octomom is RECORDING MUSIC now - has a new dance track entitled "Sexy Party" coming out in the near future.

The 30-second sneak peek below, which TMZ first posted, is rather amazing, as it features Octo counting in Spanish and plugging her payday loan site.

WARNING: May cause sudden vomiting and/or uncontrollable laughter.

Listen above, at your own peril ... what the Octomom porn video is to your eyes, "Sexy Party" is to your eardrums. And this isn't even the full song!

What do you think of Nadya Suleman's song?


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Say what you will about Nadya Suleman - and we've said plenty - but you can't accuse her of being a slacker looking for welfare handouts anymore.

Octomom is set to release a pop single in the near future, and in advance of "Sexy Party," she's revealed the album cover. Featuring her topless.

Here's Octomom with Adam Barta, a musician who collaborated with her on the track and clearly has his hands full ... if you know what we mean.

Octomom Topless Photo

Nadya Suleman has said she was inspired by Madonna for the "Sexy" cover art, which also features crucifixes in the background. So edgy.

Barta tweeted out the cover, asking: "Here it is everyone! The cover you have been waiting for! Octomom ... The Topless Album Cover."

"So excited for our #Madonna inspired CD cover! She is a childhood idol for me too! #Octomom" Presumably Madonna was his idol, not Octo.

Originally called "Get On The Dance Floor," the single is due to be released on September 4 and is produced by DJ Mr Migg and Mike Rizzo.

Try to contain yourselves for another few weeks.

Her other career endeavors include the infamous Octomom porn, stripping, endorsing a payday loan company and asking fans for donations.

UPDATE, 8/19: Listen to a sneak peek from "Sexy Party"!

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