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Is proof of Octomom Nadya Suleman's alleged welfare fraud evident in profits she raked in from her adult film debut? According to a new report ... yes.

Octomom Home Alone Cover

Authorities investigating the mom of 14 turned up more proof of possible welfare fraud thanks to paychecks from the Octomom porn, according to TMZ.

The L.A. County of Welfare and Fraud Department believes she Nadya Suleman was overpaid thousands of dollars in welfare funds from January-May 2013.

Authorities seized payment records from Vivid, the company that produced and sold the Octomom porn, and found her residual payments from the work:

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The ongoing welfare investigation into Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has turned up some fairly damning evidence, according to her financial records.

Mom of Octo

L.A. County Department of Welfare Fraud officials got a tip that the mom of 14 was collecting government funds, despite making $200,000 in 2012.

Because Octomom has 14 dependent children, she can still qualify for public assistance if she earns $119K a year or less - a ton for most people.

But she made a lot more than that (due to the Octomom porn video, strip club gigs and more), and could be in deep trouble with the state as a result.

From January-May 2013, she got $6,666 she had no right to collect, on top of $9,016 in Food Stamps she shouldn't have gotten, for $15,683 total.

That's just for four months too. The investigation continues, and it looks like Nadya Suleman could very well be charged with welfare fraud, a felony.

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Nadya Suleman is in deep this time ... and we're not talking about the Octomom porn.

Welfare fraud investigators are on the cusp of seizing bank records and documents that may prove the mom of 14 has been stealing taxpayer money.

Intentionally or not, such an act could land her in prison.

Octo Mom Picture

Officials obtained a warrant to seize Nadya's financial and employment records, believing that she earned far more than the welfare threshold in 2012.

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Financial documents show Nadya Suleman could be in major hot water over her income from 2012 and the fact that she was still collecting welfare.

Octo Nadya Suleman

The Los Angeles County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation is looking into the mother of 14, who has been on public assistance.

If Octomom makes under $119,000 in a year, it's not a problem (lots of mouths to feed). But it looks like she made $150,248.77 last year - at least.

According to 1099 documents, the Octomom porn video made her $33,300, while some company called DD Entertainment paid her nearly double that.

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Will Nadya "Octomom" Suleman end up losing her kids following her latest scandal, in which she moved out of her rented house and left it in squalor?

As we reported yesterday, Octo peaced out of her Palmdale, Calif., home in the middle of the night, leaving an abhorrent "den of filth" in her wake.

According to a source, the whole house "smells like urine.”

Octo Mom Picture

The walls were riddled with graffiti, while discarded clothes, food and toys littered a stained carpet, leaving many to wonder if she's fit to take care of children.

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Nadya "Octomom" Suleman is in hot water for breaking her lease and moving out of her house ... and for reportedly leaving it in horrendous condition.

The landlord may need a lot more than hot water and paper towels to clean up the "den of filth" Octo left in her wake. You won't believe the squalor.

Oc-to! Oc-to!

According to the landlord, the mother of 14 left behind ...

  • Piles of trash
  • Scattered toilet paper
  • Broken blinds
  • Empty booze bottles and cans
  • A half eaten pizza
  • Graffiti-riddled walls
  • A general stench of pee

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What do Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, Anne Hathaway, Gwyenth Paltrow, LeAnn Rimes and Kim Kardashian have in common?

They all made Star's Most Hated Celebrities list, a new poll finds! Clearly, this collection of personalities made the undesirable list for different reasons.

  • Chris Grins
  • Taylor Swift for Elle
  • Justin Bieber Mustache Photo

Justin and Taylor are overexposed. LiLo is a train wreck. Kim K. is famous just for being famous. Chris Brown beat the living crap out of Rihanna.

Anne H. and Gwyneth? We suppose they rub people the wrong way. Fair or unfair? You tell us. Vote below and tell us who your own most hated celeb is!

Who's the celebrity you like the LEAST?


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Nadya Suleman makes like Angelina Jolie - who she claims she did not even know existed before the media started comparing them - in the new issue of In Touch.

Yes, Octomom said that. She is not normal. Never has been.

In any case, she's well aware of her now, as you can see ...

  • Octomom as Angelina Jolie
  • Nadya Suleman as Angelina Jolie

Nadya Suleman aped Angie's famous leg thrust from the 2012 Oscars, plus her Lara Croft/Tomb Raider style. And the comparisons didn't stop there.

Octo also compared herself to Brad Pitt's fiancee when it comes to motherhood, something we doubt the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador will be reciprocating.

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Three words: Octomom porn audit!

According to TMZ, the investigation into whether Octomom committed welfare fraud is underway, with officials looking to establish how much bank she makes.

Octo Mom

The L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I) recently got a call from someone claiming Nadya Suleman is cheating the system.

It's not clear who tipped them off or why.

Astonishingly, because she has 14 dependent children, Octomom can receive welfare support if she made less than $119,000 in a calendar year.

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Nadya Suleman will do anything to make ends meet, and tells Oprah Winfrey she has no regrets about some of the suspect ways she's done so.

The mom of 14 appeared on the March 19 episode of OWN's Oprah: Where Are They Now? On it, she defended the infamous Octomom porn.

"Years after I had [the octuplets], my manager and I collaborated together on doing an independent, um, self-pleasure video," Nadya Suleman says.

"I did it, obviously, to provide for my family. I don't regret it. Shockingly, it became one of the most liberating and empowering things I had ever done."

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