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Octomom Nadya Suleman shows off her girls in a new Christmas card. She also showed off some of her daughters and sons - nine of 14 to be exact.

No word on whether the other five were in a time out, or why the pony was included, but it's nice to see they're enjoying these final weeks at home.

She owes a modest $450,000 by January 1 or it's foreclosure time.

Doesn't Octomom put you in a festive mood?

At least Nadya Suleman can wear that low-cut tank top for a Christmas card and hold her head high knowing she sets a good example as a role model for her brood.

Despite being courted often by Vivid Entertainment for various adult film roles, she will not demean herself just because she's in debt. Woman is truly classy.

In case you were wondering, here's 2009's Octomom Christmas card. Y'know, e-cards are a much cheaper option when you're short on cash. Just saying, lady.

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Nadya Suleman's fiscal woes are mounting. She is desperate.

Not so desperate that she would demean herself as a porn star, assistant or VIP party hostess, though. On principle. A woman must have a code, after all.

Despite a lucrative offer from Vivid shot-caller Steve Hirsch to host an adult awards show, Octomom rejected it because "porn is demeaning to women."

Not Interested

“Nayda did not even consider the Vivid offer,” says her lawyer, Jeff Czech. “There is no way she would do that. She isn’t going to be involved in any way.”

Vivid wanted Octomom to host the AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

As her California home mortgage loan problems continue to escalate, Nadya has been courted by the adult video kingpins. Every time, she nixes them.

As for her current finances, Czech says “She has cut back massively on her bills and uses only one nanny part time to help take care of the kids.”

There's just the small matter of having 14 of them and no job.

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Vivid Entertainment really wants to tap Nadya Suleman.

Not sexually ... goodness no. Although they have made such overtures in the past. This time, however, porn kingpin Steven Hirsch just wants her as a hostess.

The company wants the mother of 14 at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas next month, offering her a job as co-host of their parties during the weekend festivities.

Broke Ass Octomom

WHICH WAY TO THE MONEY? No word on how much Octo would be paid.

Hirsch previously offered Nadya Suleman $1 million to get naked on video to fight her financial troubles. They tried again for $500K as a production assistant.

Nads turned them down. She has her principles, after all. But might she consider it this time around? Things are getting more and more desperate for her.

She has until January 1 to fork over $450,000 in balloon payments on her house or else the guy who holds the note is going to kick her brood to the curb.

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The man who holds the note to Octomom's house is once again saying how he's fed up with her games, and now wants her to pay $450,000 by January 1.

Plus interest, natch.

Amer Haddadin says he's been more than understanding when Nadya Suleman fell behind in making her monthly payments, but, well, enough is enough.

Octomom can run, but she ... wait, she can run?

A $450,000 balloon payment has been looming over the mother of 14 for months ... it becomes due every time she falls behind on California mortgage payments.

Amer, who planned to publicly shame her the last time this happened, only to have her scrape together the cash last minute, says she's fallen behind once again.

Guy served Octomom's lawyer with a letter demanding Nads pay the full $450,000 balance plus interest by December 31 or get out of her La Habra home.

She scraped up the cash last time somehow ... can she do it again?!?

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For a future welfare recipient, Nadya Suleman is a real overachiever.

Her physician testified this week that her initial goal when she met him in 1997 was to have 10 kids. She actually has 14 ... eight of whom are the same age.

Nadya told the fertility specialist that she “wanted a large family,” and was “very intelligent” and “knowledgeable” during that meeting. Looks can be deceiving.

Whack Job

OCTO-VAGINA: It's actually not a clown car.

Dr. Michael Kamrava is fighting back against allegations that he was grossly negligent in treatment of Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009.

The doctor said that after Nadya gave birth to her daughter in 2002, making six children at the time, the nut job returned asking “for more pregnancies.”

Kamrava revealed, “She wanted me to intentionally make twins.” He also claimed he “severely discouraged” her from getting more fertility treatments.

Then he implanted 12 embryos anyway. Say goodbye to that license, dawg.

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Future welfare recipient Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, has been caught in a series of lies pertaining to her octuplets' birth following an investigation.

A fertility doctor implanted her with 12 embryos in the pregnancy that spawned her octuplets, conflicting with her claims that only six were implanted and two split.


Also, she's said in the past that she has no embryos remaining. She has 29 of them left. Dr. Michael Kamrava may lose his license as a result.

14 DOWN, 29 TO GO: Fight breedism, indeed.

Implanting Octomom with that many embryos endangered her life and violated national standards of care, Deputy Attorney General Judith Alvarado said at the Medical Board of California’s hearing to consider revoking his license.

Kamrava "knew that [this] 12-embryo transfer was unsafe," Alvarado said, as national medical guidelines specify that no more than two embryos are should be used in IVF treatments for a healthy woman under 35. Two ... give or take 10.

Continue Reading...

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Octomom made some back payments on her house and will get to stay there as a result. At least for now. Best of all, she didn't have to resort to fluffing.

The part-time bartender, garage sale purveyor, and human photo op is not out of the woods - she still owes nearly half a mill - but she earned a reprieve.

Nadya Suleman came up with two months of late payments to halt foreclosure proceedings by Amer Haddadin,the guy who owns the note on her house.

Point, Octomom

POINT, OCTO: Suleman won this round. [Photo:]

Amer says he halted proceedings after a "very constructive meeting" with Octo's attorneys in which they handed over a check for two months of back payments.

The Octomom foreclosure watch is still very much on, thanks to the $450,000 balloon California mortgage payment she owes. But she'll get an extension for now.

The two parties will establish a new deadline in the next few days. All good news for her, but when you may be going on welfare, your earning potential is low.

Just saying. This is gonna get ugly again.

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The foreclosure watch is on, and the clock is ticking. Octomom Nadya Suleman has until October 9 to cough up some serious cash or lose her home.

Her prospects for financial solvency are looking about as bad as the odds of her public humiliation are good, but her prayers may still be answered.

All thanks to a generous, PG-13 offer from an adult film company.

Swingin' Octo

Will Octomom ride Vivid's new offer to financial recovery?

Vivid Entertainment has been trying to get Nadya Suleman to star in a hard core porn flick for months, a prospect she has rebuffed unequivocally.

Given her reluctance, Vivid president Steve Hirsch has tailored his offer, and is now trying to get her a job - as a production assistant on XXX films!

Hirsch is willing to pay her $1,000 a day to be a member of his production crew, a job where she wouldn't even have to have sex or get naked.

A grand per day. That's a lot of money, even if "production assistant" is kind of a "fluff" job, if you get what we're saying. Please tell us you to.

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The dude who owns Octomom's house is not only going to legally reclaim it if she doesn't pay up, he plans to publicly humiliate the mother of 14 in the process.

Nadya Suleman has to pay off her massive debt - more than $450,000 - in three days. Amer Haddadin is sick of being d!cked around by Octo and her lawyers, too.

As a result, he's already planning the news conference for October 9 to tell everyone about how terrible of a resident and person the future welfare recipient is.


FORECLOSURE: It's coming, and it's gonna hurt for Nads.

Of course, all Nadya has to do to avoid this terrible scenario is pay up. Easier said than done, of course, when you're on the hook for nearly half a million bucks.

Our advice? Just get naked, pay off the California mortgage loan and move on. It's not like porn can hurt the reputation of someone nobody respects anyway.

Clock's tickin', babe.

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The Octomom Foreclosure Countdown is going down to the wire.

Only four days remain until Nadya Suleman has to cough up serious dough or hit the bricks, but word has it she may have an ace in the hole ... worth $462,500.

The dude who owns the note to Octomom's home, Amer Haddadin, is giving her 'til October 9 for the $450,000 balloon payment plus $7,500 in missed payments.

Goin' Broke

EVERYTHING MUST GO: Octomom Nadya Suleman is fairly desperate, but she's been in this boat before. Can she save her home? [Photo:]

Amer says he was contacted by Nads' lawyers last week, under the pretense that there's a realistic chance Octofreak will actually muster the cash to pay off the home.

She's been working her ass off lately in a desperate attempt to raise money, with a garage sale and a guest bartending gig ... but $462,500 is a big chunk o' change.

All that we can think of is that she's had a change of heart regarding her steadfast refusal to get naked to pay bills. Could be worth her while after all ... stay tuned.

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