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Nadya Suleman appeared on the Today Show Friday, and NOT surprisingly, one of her kids took a spill, falling head first into a backdrop.

The embattled mom of 14 was talking about her controversial doctor when one of her sons (don't freaking ask us to tell you which one) tripped over the back of the NBC morning show set and took a spill onto the ground.

Fortunately, Octomom host Ann Curry was there to save the day ...


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Somehow, some way, Octomom is still around.

Nadya Suleman has been booked for an interview on Today, and unlike her possibly bogus interview with In Touch, she will gush about her kids a lot.

Friday, Today’s Ann Curry will interview Nadya, with her 2-year-old octuplets and children Elijah, 11, and Amerah, 10 in tow - almost all her offspring.

Correspondent Amy Robach will focus on the rest (she has 14 children in all) during am extended, separate piece at Nads' home in La Habra, Calif.

Not Interested

Some Octomom quotes from the sit-down:

  • “I don’t want to undo my fourteen kids. I love every single one of my children. I will for the rest of my life. I will die for them."

THG NOTE: This is like bragging about never being imprisoned.

  • "Everything I do, any kind of work, any kind of money I generate – where does it go? It goes into their mouths or it goes into the house or goes into their school. Their private school is twice as much as the mortgage."

THG NOTE: Which she cannot pay on time, ever. Just saying.

  • "The goal in life for us – one of our main goals – a priority, is to buy a home and I would earn it. I want to work for it, and I want to buy it myself."

THG NOTE: We may know a guy who can help her out there.

  • “My job as a responsible parent is to protect them. Unfortunately, as a result of hundreds of death threats that I started to receive, directed towards me and my kids, it started to boil and bubble into panic attacks."

THG NOTE: We've got nothing.


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Octomom Nadya Suleman is PISSED over an alleged interview she gave to celebrity gossip magazine In Touch. She doesn't exactly come off well in it.

Quotes from Octomom include gems such as "I hate babies, they disgust me," and likening her older children to "animals" who make her cry constantly.

Problem is, Nads claims, is that she never even gave the interview.

Bag It Octo

While we're not inclined to believe a word Octomom says, In Touch may be even less reliable, and making up celebrity quotes is kind of what they do.

"I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours," says the unemployed mother of 14 kids.

"I Love ALL my children, I do not regret them and it's just ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against disgusting, fabricated lies."

That's slightly redundant, but we get the point.



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Nadya Suleman has Dr. Michael Kamrava to thank for eight of the 14 children she can't support. Still, she says he should never practice medicine again.

Claiming it would be for "the best of humanity" if the Medical Board of California stripped him of his license for life, Octomom acts like a victim in this.

Dr. Michael Kamrava just asked for the opportunity to continue practicing medicine while he appeals the lifetime ban he was just slapped with.

Such a Freak

BABY FACTORY: There's no love lost between Nads and Kamrava.

Octomom says that the doc "could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies."

"Talk about breeding for disaster!"

Seriously ... that's not something we want. Unless his appeal is granted (don't bank on it), Kamrava's license is set to be revoked on July 1.



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Sigh. Your dreams of smoking hot, wet, soaped up Nadya Suleman pictures have been dashed, guys. Octomom's bikini car wash for next weekend is off.

Her manager says the event, which was organized to help Nadya raise some cash for the mortgage payments she is once again behind on, is dead.

Why? Because the deal they had with the Melrose Strip Auto Detailing went south when the location wanted $13 of every $20 they were charging.

Point, Octomom

That is a pretty steep ass commission. Also, Suleman and her porny pals - January Gessert, Capri Anderson, Tila Tequila and Violet Kowal - had to provide their own supplies (soap, towels, etc) to the bikini car wash!

Nads' manager says she's looking to reschedule at an alternate location.

The Hollywood Gossip's collective breath is being held, and then some.


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Falling behind on mortgage payments once again, Octomom Nadya Suleman is holding a bikini car wash to raise money to save her house.

She's got MAJOR D-list star power giving her a boost, too!

Among the bikini-clad gals pitching in to help Nads are Charlie Sheen's porn pal Capri Anderson, that nightmare Tila Tequila, Reggie Bush's former mistress January Gessert and Mel Gibson's alleged plaything Violet Kowal.

Octomom and 1 Kid

1 OF 14: Octomom's got 13 other kids somewhere.

Nadya Suleman plans to hold her bikini car wash fundraiser June 18. The price of this brush with greatness? Car washes are $20 ($30 for SUVs).

No word on whether happy endings are available for extra.



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Dr. Michael Kamrava will lose his license to practice medicine for one reason and one reason alone. He created the child-rearing mess that is Octomom.

California yanked the medical license of the Beverly Hills fertility doctor who implanted 12 embryos into "Octomom" Nadya Suleman three years ago.

Effective July 1, the state's Medical Board will take away his right to practice forever, a more severe punishment than the doc's expected five-year ban.

Dr. Michael Kamrava Picture

Kamrava, a fertility doctor, sure did his job well.

At a hearing last year, Kamrava apologized for implanting the embryos into Nadya Suleman without ordering that she be given a mental health evaluation.

The board ruled Kamrava "did not exercise sound judgment" in treating Suleman, then 33, unemployed and with six kids already, and other patients.

The board found that Kamrava "committed gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, and incompetence" in his treatment of Octomom and two others.

Kamrava's attorneys had argued that Suleman could have ended the pregnancy, and that the backlash against her made him look guilty by association.

Officials were unmoved by that assertion.


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Stop us if you've heard this one before. Nadya Suleman is in danger of losing her house after once again falling behind on her monthly payments.

Where's Steven Hirsch when you need him?

The man who owns the loan on Octomom's La Habra, Calif., home, Amer Haddadin, says Nadya Suleman missed her May payment. That sucks.

Suleman Sucking

Even worse? The bank hit her with late fees. They don't sit around and wait, do they? Millions of struggling American homeowners can relate ...

Amer, who's been down this road before (a lot) says he's been in contact with Nadya Suleman who has made it clear that she's broke as a joke.

Guess that Octomom fetish video didn't rake in the dough.

Last year, Amer let her off the hook when she failed to make a $450,000 balloon payment on the home, mercifully changing the payment plan.

But now, Amer says, his patience has run out and he wants money or her a$$ on the street. No word if he plans another public shaming of her.



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Nadya Suleman should have thought this through a little better.

The destitute drain on society now fears CPS will take away her kids in light of the Octomom fetish video, in which she whips a man dressed as a giant baby.

“I am scared Orange County CPS will misunderstand my intentions or my parenting abilities and take my kids away from me," Nadya told Radar Online.

Naughty Nadya

WHAT TRASH: Only Octomom finds herself in these situations.

While beating a grown man on tape for fun isn't necessarily criminal or cause for CPS' concern, her big baby co-star's checkered legal record certainly is.

David Gonzalez is currently on probation for a variety of crimes, including battery of a spouse, possession of weed and failing to provide a child restraint.

"I had no idea he had a criminal record," she said. "I thought he was a professional DJ on a reputable radio station who had come up with a funny skit."

"Instead of a lighthearted skit with a naughty edge," she said, "it turned out to be a vulgar, unprofessional video that I deeply regret playing any part in."

What about the video was misleading, Nads?

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On the list of people you wouldn't want to live next door to, Octomom has to be pretty high up. A few of the unfortunate souls who must endure such a fate are speaking out about the relentless screaming, cackling and police sirens.

Claiming Nadya Suleman not only disrupts the community but hurts property values, Octomom's neighbors in La Habra, Calif., liken it to an amusement park.

Kids screaming, crying and fighting at all hours ... delightful. Not to mention fetish videos being filmed there. Just how bad is it? Listen to this lady lay into Nadya ...

Upside: Your living situation sounds better now right? That chick walking in heels above you or the dudes playing music downstairs seem tame by comparison.