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First, she slept with Kim Kardashian's man.

Now, she wants Kim Kardashian's career.

Myla Sinanaj - the woman who slept with Kris Humphries soon after he split with his wife of 72 days - has come right out and admitted to TMZ: She made a sex tape... and she's darn proud of it!

Myla Sinanaj Image

"I may not like Kim, but she was smart and she's sexy and I look a lot like her," Sinanaj told TMZ. "So why not make a tape and make millions and get a reality show?"

Why not indeed!

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Myla Sinanaj has something to say about Leyla Ghobadi.

Yes, the ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries - who recently accused Kim Kardashian of cheating on Reggie Bush many years ago - took to Twitter yesterday in response to Ghobadi's claim that she slept with Kanye West.

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  • Kanye West Cheating Claim
  • Kim Kardashian in Pregnant Dress

And it's safe to say Sinanaj was not exactly sympathetic toward the reality star.

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So try to follow along with this one, THGers:

Myla Sinanaj dated Kris Humphries after he split from Kim Kardashian.

She allegedly received a check from Kim after testifying in the reality star's divorce case, went to cash it on Friday… and proceeded to go on a Twitter rant that accused Kardashian of cheating on Reggie Bush with Kanye West.

  • Myla Sinanaj Facebook Photo
  • Very Pregnant Kim Kardashian

"U know what finding this check just pi**ed me off!" Sinanaj wrote. "truth is my a** didn't want to go to her dumb deposition so i said i have no $ for gas, but that didn't stop her from mailing me a check that's how bad she wanted me to go! which i don't understand WHY."

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It's been far too long since we've written about Kris Humphries and Myla Sinanaj.

But Hollywood Life sources say the on-again-off-again-blackmailing-occasionally couple is once again back at it, with an expensive twist:

Sinanaj has new breasts... bankrolled by Humphries!

Kris Humphries is a Tool

“Kris paid for Myla’s boob job because he’s trying to turn her into Kim Kardashian," this friend claims. "No one knows she got a boob job, but she went from a B cup to a D cup.”

See the evidence for yourself in this Myla Sinanaj bikini photo.

NOTE: No, Kris and Kim are somehow still not divorced. You can go back to not caring now.

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According to a new report, friends of Kris Humphries are pissed that the New Jersey Nets power forward has been secretly dating Myla Sinanaj for months... and we know what you're thinking:

Kris Humphries has friends?!?

Apparently. And TMZ says those close to the former reality star simply cannot believe he's been lying to them about his romantic interludes, which include at least two nights spent this week with Sinanaj.

Kris Humphries in Plaid

Humphries allegedly told pals he was done with Myla, considering he stuck the FBI on her a couple months ago after she supposedly tried to extort him by threatening to reveal details of his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Confronted about his rekindled relationship with Sinanaj - if it even ended in the first place, that is - by loved ones, Kris reportedly ignored the question and changed the subject.

Seems like the sort of immature response we'd expect from Humphries, really. We can totally understand what you see in him, Myla.


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Kris Humphries stands 6'9" and weighs approximately 235 pounds.

In other words: it's difficult for the former Mr. Kim Kardashian to sneak around, which may explain why TMZ cameras caught him entering the Rutherford, New Jersey home of Myla Sinanaj yesterday.

Yes, the same Myla Sinanaj who once threatened to sue the NBA baller and who also once claimed she was knocked up with his child.

Considering Humphries was there for hours, and considering witnesses also allege his car was parked outside overnight on Monday, why do we have a feeling Kris was entering more than just Myla's abode?

  • Kris Humphries is Hot
  • Myla Sinanaj Image

Sinanaj was actually deposed by Kardashian's attorneys last month, called to testify as part of The Divorce Case That Will Never End.

She said at the time that she was never pregnant; never took any money from Kris; and never talked to him about his relationship with Kim. But did she ever have sex with the Hump? Sinanaj was advised to ignore that question.

But we all have the answer now, don't we?

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Myla Sinanaj thinks Kim Kardashian is a cruel bitch.

But the random brunette has no harsh things to say about Kris Humphries, as evidenced today when she was deposed by Kardashian's attorney as part of that estranged's couples ongoing divorce battle.

Myla Sinanaj on Tumblr

Insiders tell TMZ that Sinanaj testified to the following under oath:

  • She never dated Humphries.
  • She was never pregnant with his child.
  • She has never received any money from him.

Did she ever have sex with the power forward? Myla's lawyer reportedly told his client not to answer that question.

Sinanaj also said she never considered a lawsuit against Humphries for telling the FBI she made efforts to blackmail him. Which is all well and good… except she did. Attorney Joe Tacopina drafted a 26-page defamation suit on her behalf.

It also came out during the deposition that Myla no longer works at the hotel where she and Kris met earlier this year. We have no idea why not. She's clearly a model employee and human being.

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Myla Sinanaj will be deposed today in the never-ending divorce battle between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

However, before the latter's ex-lover takes the stand, she has a few harsh things to say about the woman forcing her to do so.

  • Myla Sinanaj Picture
  • Kim Kardashian in Vegas

According to TMZ, Myla is describing Kim as a "cruel bitch" because she has the audacity to schedule Sinanaj's deposition on the one-year anniversary of Kardashian marrying Humphries.

(Which also makes today the one-year-minus-72-day anniversary of Kardashian divorcing Humphries.)

Sinanaj also tells pals she will testify that Humphries did, indeed, "get played" by Kardashian and that the union between the pair ought to be annulled based on fraud because Kim was only in it for the reality show ratings.

Moreover, despite the six figures he banked from the E! series, Humphries supposedly "hated the cameras and his life being on display." According to Sinanaj at least.

As a quick refresher: Sinanaj reportedly met Humphries while working at a NYC hotel in January. The pair dated for a few months... split... and then Kris accused his ex of running a brothel... Myla responded by saying she could ruin Kris' case against Kim... and then she temporarily claimed she was pregnant.

You know, the usual breakup stuff.

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Very recently considered an ally of Kim Kardashian, someone who would help finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries, Myla Sinanaj now has one simple message for the large-breasted reality star:

Back the heck off!

  • Myla Sinanaj Facebook Photo
  • Kim Kardashian, Too Close Up

That's essentially what Myla Tweeted last night, calling out Kardashian for actions taken on her behalf in legal proceedings with Humphries.

A quick refresher: Kim wants to sign the divorce papers. Kris is dragging the split out in order to earn more money by somehow proving he was duped into a phony marriage. And Kim has subpoenaed Sinanaj under the belief that she can help provide information on Humphries that will damage his case.

But after initially sounding like she'd gladly screw over Humphries, Myla now claims to be BFFs with the baller and addressed Kardashian last night with:

Why don't u enjoy ur Miami trip and stop sending private investigators to my house-Stop dragging me into ur drama... I don't have to explain Or apologize for who I chose to be friends with.  Subpoena or not!

Of course, Sinanaj is legally required to spill certain beans under the subpoena, but insiders tell TMZ she may assert that attorney Joe Tacopina did not have the authority to agree to said subpoena.

We're not sure why anyone would care about any of this. But we'll keep you apprised of the latest ridiculous development when news breaks!

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Myla Sinanaj has gone from pregnant to virginal in just over a week. Sort of.

Days after reports stated the ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries was pregnant with the NBA player's baby, Myla now says she was never pregnant - and never Humphries girlfriend!

Myla Sinanaj Image

"We're just friends," Sinanaj said today on Kidd Kraddick In The Morning, responding to a question of whether she ever had sex with Humphries by citing his legally married status and adding:

"No, I don't do that type of thing."

It was just a few weeks ago, of course, where Myla was supposedly threatening to expose Humphries as a liar who talked incessantly about Kim Kardashian and was pondering a lawsuit against him for defaming a character.

What has changed since? Why the entirely different story? We don't want to say the only answer is money.

But the only real answer is money.

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