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In a horrifying tragedy, Monica Spear was gunned down this week by armed criminals in Venezuela.

The former beauty pageant was on vacation with her estranged husband and five-year old daughter when their car broke down and they waited for a tow truck on the side of the road.

The family was then ambushed and Spear was shot to death, along with Henry Thomas Berry, after the trio locked themselves inside their vehicle. The little girl was wounded in the leg.

Family members and loved ones say Spear and Berry actually split a few years ago, but remained very close.

"They were a great couple," said Luis Dominguez, who owned an adventure tour company with Berry and spoke to him Sunday over the phone. "They were having the greatest time."

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Tragic news today out of Venezuela:

Monica Spear, a 29-year old wife, mother and former Miss Venezuela, was killed in an attempted robbery last night.

According to local police, via Globovision, the ex-beauty pageant winner was in the car with her estranged husband and daughter when their vehicle crashed.

Assailants then approached the family as they waited for a tow truck.

Mother, father and child locked themselves in their car, but the thieves murdered both Spear and her husband, Thomas Henry Berry via gun shot; their five-year old girl was left with a bullet wound in her leg.

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