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A photo of a little girl gasping at Mitt Romney is making the rounds online and has resulted in an apology for the AP for not using its caption to put it in context.

Best Mitt Romney Picture

The AP's original caption said that he was posing for pictures with schoolchildren, which was true, but the wire service later updated its caption with more detail.

The Virginia girl was reacting to Romney's decision to kneel down and pose for a picture with her and her classmates, having just learned he was doing so.

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is again trying to distance himself from his infamous "47 percent" comment, calling it "completely wrong."

As opposed to "ineloquently stated," his original description of the quote.

Romney, whose comments were caught on video at a private fundraiser in May, says "the words that came out were not what I meant" and disavowed them.

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Mark Hamill feels Mitt Romney hails from the Dark Side of politics.

The Star Wars actor says the Republican Presidential candidate is a snake oil salesman who must be defeated by President Obama in next month's election.

No, he was not one of the people threatening Stacey Dash.

Hamill Tweet

Hamill first commented on the election in July, joking at Comic-Con (where he was promoting his new film Sushi Girl) that "Mitt Romney is not actually human."

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During the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama found more common ground than you might think, coming to an agreement on a basic idea:

Shutting Jim Lehrer up.

Watch this skit from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and watch the two candidates go off on the PBS moderator, who was criticized for not controlling the event last week:

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Snoop Dogg has already endorsed the President, so his political preference is not news ... but this pro/con list for the two candidates is still hilarious.

Predictably, all the "cons" belong to Mitt Romney and not Barack Obama:

Snoop Obama-Romney List

The list was actually created by someone else (@DragonflyJonez) but re-posted by Snoop, and pretty much speaks for itself, even if there are some duplicate entries.

Beyonce and Michelle Obama. Enough said.

Election 2012:


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According to the majority of poll respondents, Mitt Romney won the presidential debate Wednesday. Still, he produced the oddest comment of the night by a mile.

In response to a question about what government-funded programs and ventures he would cut, Mitt gave the curious example of PBS ... despite his love for Big Bird.

What would happen if Mitt actually visited Sesame Street and gave the pink slip to the affable avian giant and his puppet pals? Something along these lines:

NOTE: This genius creation comes courtesy of Special Ed from WLLD/Wild 94.1 in Tampa.

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Mitt Romney's comment during last night's presidential debate about cutting funding to PBS - despite the fact that he likes Big Bird - did not go over well with the network.

PBS CEO Paula Kerger told CNN in response, "With all the enormous problems facing the country, the fact that we are the focus is unbelievable to me."

"We are America’s biggest classroom, we touch children across the country in every home."

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The first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was won by the challenger, according to more than 12,500 THG readers.

Even the typically pro-Democrat celebrity crowd took notice.

Obama and Romney Debate

During the most tweeted-about U.S. political event ever, President Obama got his fair share of accolades from stars, but Romney's strong showing couldn't be ignored.

Some choice celebrity reactions after the jump:

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The manager of Denver Chipotle restaurant has become an Internet celebrity thanks to a photo of himself with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

One look at it and you'll know why:

Chipotle Worker Poses With Mitt Romney

Marty Arps, 20, posed for a group photo with Romney and other Chipotle employees Tuesday, during a break in his preparations for the presidential debate.

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The first of three 2012 presidential debates has come to an end.

Who do you think was the winner of the showdown in Denver?

Obama vs. Romney Pic

Presidential debates are hyped up as pivotal moments for campaigns, although this isn't always the case. Was it tonight? Did either candidate shine? Did neither?

What was the most meaningful exchange? Was this the game-changer Mitt Romney needed, or did President Barack Obama help his chances for re-election?

Share your comments below, and vote in our survey:

Who won the first presidential debate of 2012?


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