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Mischa Barton isn't setting a good example.

After all, her little sister, Hania Barton, just got out of rehab. Yes, you read that correctly.


It's got to feel good to go through such an ordeal and then see your sister vomiting all over the place after a night of insane partying.

But hey, we all know celebrity drug use is the name of the game these days.

Mischa Barton was reportedly with a group of friends the other night at the Anchor Bar in SoHo when she became "tired and emotional," witnesses say.

She may not be dating Cisco Adler anymore, but his pot-smoking, hard-partying ways have apparently stuck around.

The anorexic blonde was drinking and dancing to songs by Beyoncé, Nelly and Madonna, among others, seemingly having a grand old time.

That is, before she ran outside and tossed her cookies on several smokers' shoes, narrowly missing Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Good thing she's got decent aim.

Ever the trooper, the former star of The OC went back inside and drank and danced more. Hey, sometimes you have to boot and rally. We just hope she offered to clean it up.

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Mischa Barton can't act.

But did you also know she's a worse driver than Lindsay Lohan?

Mischa Barton Bikini Photo

As if her split with Cisco Adler in early February wasn't painful enough, the former annoyance on The OC claimed her second fender-bender yesterday, bringing her sum total to two accidents in less than three weeks.

The 21-year old actress first demonstrated her lack of driving skills on February 18, when she had a minor collision with another vehicle while tooling around in pal Nicole Richie's car on LA's Sunset Boulevard (no one was injured).

Not to be outdone, Barton did a bang-up job on March 7 while enjoying some retail therapy in LA. Unable to navigate the store's parking lot, Barton caught her bumper on the gate and accidentally ripped it off her car. While no one was hurt, we have to assume Barton's auto insurance company is rolling its eyes as it reevaluates her rates for the umpteenth time.

After all, can you really insure someone whose driving record makes the arrest record of Jason Wahler look perfect?

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In the wake of The OC finally going off the air, a former star of the show appears to take it in stride.

Seen here, Mischa Barton - who blamed the death of her awful character, Marissa Cooper, for the show's demise - doesn't seem bothered by very much at all. Unless you count where she can satisfy her case of the munchies.

Quite Troubled

It's hard to blame Barton for needing a puff or two. She probably hasn't recovered from seeing Cisco Adler naked. Lord knows we're yet to.

At least that hairball was good for something, as we have a pretty good idea where Mischa got the remedy in her hand from. We just hope the thin actress plays it safe this time.

After all, Barton hasn't had great luck in cars recently. Just ask Nicole Richie. If you have trouble finding her, that's just because she's really, really tiny.

Or under the mean-spirited foot of Brody Jenner somewhere.

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After dropping off pal and fellow anorexic Nicole Richie at an L.A. tanning salon on Sunday afternoon, Mischa Barton got into a fender bender... in Richie's Mercedes SUV.

Clearly annoyed and a little shaken, the former star of The OC then pulled into a gas station, exchanged car insurance information with the couple she bumped into and refilled Richie's tank, according to a source.

Mischa Barton Nude

We're surprised to hear that the emaciated Mischa has the strength needed for pumping gas, but you learn something every day. Anyway, there is more to this celebrity car crash story.

Mischa and Nicole's new mystery BFF, Carlos Lopez, who happens to show up wherever they are, just happened to be at that very same gas station when Barton arrived, ready to lend a helping hand.

This Lopez fella sure does have a knack for showing up wherever there's paparazzi. He's like a less-greasy, more Hispanic Brandon Davis.

Seriously, how did Lopez know when and where to find his skinny damsel in distress? Is he just looking to get his name on the gossip websites, or is he trying to make a move on Barton only weeks after she's seen Cisco Adler naked?

Only time will tell, Gossip followers. Only time will tell. One thing's for sure, though - he's better off pursuing Barton, since Ms. Richie may end up doing hard time.

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During a recent trip to the supermarket, Mischa Barton spotted the quilted, quicker picker upper. Knowing she had a serious mess to clean up back at her pad, the former star of The OC pounced on this pack of Bounty paper towels like Nicole Richie on a bottle of Vicodin.


The question is, what is the mess in question? What induced the pile of puke that the actress must clean up using these two-ply, top-of-the line paper products?

We have some theories:

  1. Bulimia.
  2. Late night at Hyde.
  3. Trying to emulate Hollywood's lunch-losing queen, Britney Spears.
  4. She was given Season 3 of The OC on DVD and realized how nauseating it actually is to watch, regardless of whether she's on screen.
  5. Pals keep e-mailing her the infamous pic of Cisco Adler naked.

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Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler are done.

No, this time they actually are. Really. But not over a nude pic.

FHM Pose

The pair affectionately known to the Hollywood Gossip as Badler has decided to call it quits, ending a relationship of a year-and-a-half, Barton's rep confirms this week to Us Weekly.

"Mischa and Cisco have decided to part ways," says the rep. "Mischa is moving east soon and they both have very demanding schedules."

About a week ago, Us Weekly broke the news that the former star of The OC and her medicinal marijuana puffing beau had ended their romance, due in no small part to an interesting (to say the least) pic of Cisco Adler naked.

But later in the week, the New York Observer spoke with Adler about Barton and "Ballgate" and the Weird Al look-alike was nonchalant about the whole thing. Then false reports surfaced claiming the couple had not split.

"They are fine, very happy together," said a rep for Contango Records, the label that handles Adler's band, Whitestarr.

The couple has been dating since August 2005, two months after Barton, 21, ended a one-year relationship with oil heir Brandon Davis. Adler, 28, was once engaged to Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart.

Barton will next be seen on the big screen starring with Hayden Christensen in Virgin Territory, a film set in Italy during the Black Plague.

Adler will be smoking chronic, rocking out pretty damn hard and looking for a new hot young Hollywood thing to date. Hey, Cisco kid - we hear that Kim Kardashian is a hellcat in the sack.

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Mischa Barton Bikini Pic

Why is Mischa Barton so pissed off in this picture? We have some theories:

  • She can't shake the image of Cisco Adler nude from her head. Yikes.
  • The curtain she's wearing as a dress could be uglier than a similar outfit donned by Kate Bosworth a few months ago.
  • She just realized that Autumn Reeser is a much better actress on The OC than Barton ever was.

We can't say for sure. And we do admire Mischa for pumping her own gas. It's something we can't exactly see anyone on MTV's The Hills doing.

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Hold the phone. Badler may not be done just yet.

According to Cisco Adler's rep, who must not be a very good rep if he is repping Cisco Adler, the 28-year-old dirtball and his girlfriend, Mischa Barton, are still together despite reports that she dumped him over a nude photo of him that surfaced last month.

Mischa Barton Nipple Slip

"They are fine - very happy together," a rep for Contango Records, the label that handles Adler's band, Whitestarr, tells People.

But that's not to say that Barton, the former star of The OC, was thrilled when this revealing picture of Cisco Adler naked emerged on a site called And one can understand why.

"Mischa wasn't too excited, to say the least," Adler said of the "Ballgate" scandal in an interview with the New York Observer.

"I think it was actually worse for her than for me in some ways. So yeah, I'm gonna try to keep my pants on from now on."

Hear that, Britney Spears?

In addition to the naked Cisco pic, the site Paris Exposed displayed other items belonging to Paris Hilton that were obtained when the contents of a storage unit she rented (which just happened to include graphic sex tapes and nude pictures of Cisco Adler) were sold.

After Hilton sued the site's owners, a judge ordered it to be temporarily shut down.

"Paris' sh!t got stolen, and somehow she had a picture of me naked in there," Adler explains to the Observer. "That's Paris Hilton for you."

It truly is. But the Cisco kid himself remains unfazed.

"I think it's pretty rock 'n' roll. You know, if it was like, yesterday, I would've freaked out, but then I looked at the picture and I was like, 'Oh, that's from like 2001. Whatever.'"

Barton's rep was not available for comment. But it's good to see that Ballgate has blown over and the couple has many fun days of scoring medicinal marijuana ahead.

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Apparently, the naked truth hurts. Literally.

Mischa Barton has parted ways with her loser boyfriend, Cisco Adler, after nude pictures of the latter surfaced on the Internets.

Barton's Bailing

Yes, you read that accurately. And can see it (censored) below.

This picture of Cisco Adler turned up in Paris Hilton's possessions when a storage locker of the heiress' was allegedly raided and the contents (which included sex tapes and other incriminating photos) sold.

His medicinal marijuana scam was one thing. But one can certainly see how the revelation that this was up in Paris Hilton's locker (and probably in Paris Hilton herself) would prompt Mischa to part ways with the dirtbag.

"They had a blowup," a friend said. "She was furious."

The former star of The OC had been with Adler since the fall of 2005, when she broke up with none other than Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear.

Prior to dating Mischa, the Cisco kid was engaged to Kimberly Stewart.

What is it about this guy that makes the anorexic hotties swoon? Is it his access to drugs? His personality? Maybe it's his absolutely enormous... hair?

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The former star of The OC, Mischa Barton, and her dirtbag boyfriend, Cisco Adler, came within minutes of being part of a search and seizure warrant being executed on a medical marijuana distribution center in West Hollywood on January 17.

Stoned Mischa Barton

Adler's visit to the center that day was no different than any number of times he visited it. As usual, Cisco parked his Mercedes on the busy street with girlfriend Mischa Barton waiting patiently in the passenger seat.

Cisco was buzzed in, and after less than five minutes inside, he appeared with a small white bag, and the two drove off.

As Badler left, they failed to notice that two nearby side streets were lined with police cars, and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers wearing bullet proof vests who were preparing to raid the small store front.

Just 15 minutes after Cisco Adler and Mischa drove off, the agents stormed in and sifted through documents, copied hard drives, and left with pounds of marijuana and other paraphernalia. Officials did not say whether Nicole Richie was also in there at the time. But it wouldn't be shocking.

Medical marijuana became legal in California in 1996, but while the Golden State technically legalized medical marijuana, the Federal Government still considers it illegal, and the Feds have all the power over the state. Local officials lately have been taking legal action as well as the DEA to crack down on shops.

We don't know what painful and life-threatening ailment has stricken Cisco and Mischa have that they need almost daily doses of marijuana, but we do know that he may have to find other avenues to fulfill their special needs.

Local officials in Los Angeles are now calling for a suspension of all pot shops until they can investigate if the pot shops are operating within the limitations of the law. Don't worry, guys - surely Kevin Federline can get you his dealer's pager number. 

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