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Looks like Jack Bauer isn't the only person mystified by the death of Marissa Cooper.

Mischa Barton recently had the nerve to say that the death of her character was the reason why The OC has been canceled.


The 20-year-old star is really, really thin. She also played Marissa on the teen series and died in a car accident at the end of the last season.

When asked if she was surprised that the show had been axed she told Fox News: "No. They killed me off."

We hate to break it to Mischa, but The Hollywood Gossip staff - who were huge fans of the series before it started sucking - somehow doubt viewers cared about her character's demise.

Rachel Bilson is still on it, right? Then perhaps it was the quality of the writing, and not the death of a boring character, that actually led to cancellation.


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Fruit print, fringes, see-through lace... ever the risk-taker, former OC star Mischa Barton continues to push the envelope, fashion-wise, during a shopping outing in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, where People magazine got this shot of her:

Mischa Barton Bikini Photo

You know what else she pushes? Food. As in, away from her. Look at that body. It's no coincidence that her character on The OC was never seen consuming food. Or that Mischa is friends with Nicole Richie in real life.

Needless to say, give us Rachel Bilson over Barton any day.

Sadly, boyfriend Cisco Adler was not seen with Barton on this excursion. Wonder where he was. If he didn't look like a total deadbeat who crawled out from behind a dumpster (not unlike, say, Isaac Cohen), we'd assume he were at work.

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Stick-figure actress Mischa Barton steps out with her boyfriend at Beverly Hills restaurant La Scala on Wednesday. One can only wonder what she ate (and then threw up in the bathroom when she went to go "freshen up").

Quite Troubled

The former star of The OC, which is experiencing a renaissance of sorts since she was killed off, has a slew of films on the way in the new year, including the drama Virgin Territory, co-starring Hayden Christensen, and The OH in Ohio.

As for her beau, Cisco Adler? He has a slew of fries to serve up at Burger King.

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It's been a tough year for Mischa Barton.

She was killed off The OC, which is now creeping back to respectability after her departure. Ouch. Moreover, she lost about 15 more pounds in addition to her primary acting job. All that's left of her is a gaunt, skeletal frame.


We're talking Nicole Richie style.

But at least she has a man... not that she seems excited about that. For someone who's been dating the same guy for awhile now, Barton looks a tad apprehensive about being spotted in public with her dirtbag beau, Cisco Adler.

It's like she's nervous, just hoping no one sees how hard she's slumming it these days.

Bet her friends don't even know he exists.

As Chris Rock once said, "If you've been dating a girl for four months, and you haven't met any of her friends, you are not her boyfriend."

Not that we blame Mischa. You gotta take some action where you can get it, and this guy is like a cross between Brandon Davis and Kevin Federline. We're talking straight-up grease ball. Note to the Cisco kid - enjoy all the nude Mischa Barton you can get before she casts you aside for someone she's not ashamed of.

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What would Ryan Atwood say about this?

As Benjamin McKenzie mourns the loss of Marissa on The OC, he may wish to avert his eyes from the following image. Sadly, it appears as though his former love has moved on.


Having ditched Newport, Mischa Barton has found a (naked) home in Ohio.

The upcoming film, The OH in Ohio, will feature the actress in a nude, sex scene. It should be quite the departure for her fans from the FOX show that were used to seeing Barton in clothed, awful scenes.

When asked to comment on the undressing of her former co-star, Rachel Bilson smiled and said: I'm really cute.

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Mischa Barton, former star of The OC, is never far from the public eye. But if this gentleman's actions are any indication, sitting next to the famous actress doesn't compare to the simple wonders of a digital camera.

Allergic to Food

Cisco Adler notwithstanding, no one much cares about Mischa these days. At least a lot less than they used to. She was killed off a bad show! Not exactly a good career sign. In the end, we would definitely rather play with a digital camera than Barton or her BFF, Nicole Richie.

Now, Rachel Bilson, on the other hand...

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Former OC star Mischa Barton says she loves mushy peas, mashed potatoes and brussell sprouts. In other words, she's a huge fan of English Cuisine.

In related news, T.H. Gossip just announced that it is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, and George W. Bush has resigned from office.

Mischa Barton, Boyfriend

It seems Barton, who was born in London but moved to New York when she was just 5, is going back to her cooking roots -- and who can blame her. Even the chocolates taste better across the pond. Assuming you actually digest them, rather than throwing up in the bathroom immediately after, of course.

"I love all the mashed potatoes, the mushy peas and the Brussels sprouts. And oh my God, Cadbury's chocolate! It is so much better than Hershey's which we have in America," said Mischa.

Mischa Barton spent most of her summer in London to attend the world famous acting school Rada. Let's admit it people, she needed it. Her character on The OC? Not un-annoying by any means.

"People seem confused about the idea of me going to school, but I love learning. My course was about Shakespeare and we hardly did any of that at school, it was really exciting to read all the plays."

Sure thing. It's also exciting having eating disorders, we've heard. Every other celebrity seems to be into it! In any case, we're looking forward to a new season of The OC, sans Mischa. Okay, no we're not. But we are big Rachel Bilson fans.

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You can't spell OC without Mischa Barton. But you can kill off her character. Here, the wispy Barton makes waves in ruffles at a dinner for designer Jenni Kayne at L.A.'s Curve boutique Friday, the closing day of Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Mischa Barton Bikini Pic

Alongside Mischa is her boyfriend, Cisco Adler. Asked why in the world he is dating Mischa Barton, Adler replied that Rachel Bilson is not available. Just kidding. No way that happened. Nevertheless, this picture confirms one of T.H. Gossip's age-old theories:

Mischa Barton is really thin.

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Who wants to be the next Samuel Plouchart?

You know, the random guy that some famous girl dates and has his name in the news for a couple weeks. Harry Morton had the honor for awhile - and where is he now?

Mischa Barton Nude

Yeah. We have no idea.

But we do know who this Joe Schmo might be dating while enjoying his 15 minutes in the spotlight: Mischa Barton.

The former star of The OC revealed recently that she's just looking for a regular guy:

"I have dated actors and I have to say it's a very odd experience," Barton said.

"It's a little unsettling to be with someone who cares about how they look as much as you do."

Come on,, Mischa, is that possible for you? Pretty boy, David Beckham, doesn't care at all about how he looks compared to you.

If that's your only critera, the dating pool remains wide open. But don't count on Brody Jenner jumping in any time soon. He's spoken for now.

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Incredibly, former OC star Mischa Barton is seen here enjoying stroll -- sips of what may be nutrients -- Tuesday on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. Then again, we can't confirm anything, since it just might be a $23 designer latte. Biatch.

Mischa Barton, Boyfriend

In addition to her risky fashion choices, Barton continues to sport another accessory: a mystery wrist bandage. Why is she wearing that? We've got a theory. It involves Mischa being so emaciated that she sprained it while picking up one of her precious designer bags, which are manufactured by impoverished children in third-world sweatshops.

On Barton's right is her boyfriend, Cisco Adler. Who the f*&k is Cisco Adler, you ask? We have no idea, but he's obviously a tool. We know this because:

  1. He dates Mischa Barton.
  2. He hasn't mastered the whole straw-in-mouth thing.

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