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Both girls involved in the infamous shovel girl fight video that hit Vine and went viral last week have been charged with disorderly conduct as a result.

The Miami (Ohio) County Sheriff's office confirms that a charge of disorderly conduct was filed Monday in Juvenile Court against both girls for fighting.

The victim is 18, but the girl who hit Miranda Fugate in the head with a shovel, knocking her clean onto the ground with her head hitting the pavement, is a minor.

Interestingly, she did not draw any additional criminal charge.

It is believed that unlike the infamous Sharkeisha video, both parties were engaged in an extended, violent altercation before the shovel takedown.

Even though the coup de grace was extremely one-sided and caused serious injury to Fugate, officials determined she should be charged as well.

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Miranda Fugate, a.k.a. the Shovel Fight Girl, recently earned 15 minutes of fame after she got DROPPED with a thunderous blow to the head on Vine.

The sound of the shovel hitting the girl in the head alone will make you cringe, and conjures up memories of the Sharkeisha video that went viral last fall.

Shovel Girl GIF

The clip is actually from a longer, eight minute video of the fight between two girls - a 14-year-old shovel thrower and the 18-year-old target, Miranda Fugate.

"I'm deaf in one ear, I have a concussion, I have like blood behind my eardrum," Fugate tells World Star Hip Hop, while adding that she wants a rematch.

Once the assailant turns 18, that is. In the meantime, she says she wants to take on another infamous online bully: Sharkeisha. Yes, we're serious.

"I want to fight Sharkeisha so bad!" she says, proving that even victims of brutal assaults can't help but fuel the online culture that immortalizes them.

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The shovel attack on Miranda Fugate has prompted a criminal investigation, according to reports, and her attacker could end up in serious legal trouble.

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Miranda, a.k.a. "Girl Hit with Shovel," became a sensation on Vine two days ago after the clip of her getting destroyed by the airborne metal object surfaced.

The hit was so bad, there was even a hoax that the punishment left Miranda Fugate dead; this is not the case, and a good thing to for alleged assailant Emily Powers.

The two girls were fighting when one grabbed a shovel and charged the other, who tried to flee. Miranda was nailed her in the back of the head as she peaced out.

The Miami County Sheriff's office in Ohio says they're looking into it, assigning a deputy to investigate after they were contacted by the girls' high school.

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Online reports claiming Miranda Fugate, the girl hit with a shovel in a Vine video that went viral this week, has died as a result of the attack are unsubstantiated.

A story titled, "Miranda, 16, Who Was Hit In The Head With A Shovel, Dies" has been shared thousand of times since the video spread, but is without merit.

Simple searches reveal that it originated not from a valid news or celebrity gossip source, but a satirical news site famous for spreading death hoaxes.

Huzlers (dot) com reports that "Miranda Fugate Lockwood died of serious head injuries after being hit with a shovel in the head by an old friend, Emily Powers."

"The whole thing was caught on video and posted all over the internet and generated around 500,000 video views in just 2 days," the site also claims.

That part is true. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen Miranda Fugate hit in the head with a shovel. She is alive and well, though. This is untrue:

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Can you say Sharkesiha, Take 2?

In an insane Vine video making the Internet rounds, two girls agree to fight.

They exchange punches, slaps, kicks and taunts before taking a break to talk and then they begin the process over again multiple times.

Neither side backs down... until one pulls out a shovel and toss it into the head of her opponent.

Most of the video has been removed from the Internet, except for all the all-important (read: totally NUTS) shovel throw. See it for yourself here:

The victim later took again to Vine and told folks she’s “doing alright,” even including with her message the hashtag #shovel.”

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