Minka Kelly is a beautiful actress you may recognize from the amazing NBC series known as Friday Night Lights. We also recognize her from...

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Is Minka Kelly the perfect choice for the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey? She's the latest sexy actress to be rumored for the coveted part.

The former Friday Night Lights star has supposedly caught the casting director's eye, which is not a shock given her gorgeous eyes, lips, and body.

Can she act well enough to command that kind of part, though?

Minka Kelly Fashion

Her FNL role gives her plenty of cred, as it was one of the best shows ever. But she also hasn't done all that much since, beyond date Derek Jeter and be hot.

There are also a ton of other names under consideration for Ana Steele, some of whom bring more star power than Minka, and others who bring less.

Minka may be the kind of girl every guy wants, and every girl wants to be, but is that enough when it comes to a movie part of this magnitude?

You tell us: Minka Kelly as Ana Steele?


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Do blondes truly have more fun?

It's a question Minka Kelly will soon be able to answer.

The actress has received a makeover from Meche salon co-owner Tracey Cunningham, who posted a photo to Instagram of Kelly's new look, hearing back from the star herself, who is clearly pleased with the change:

"Thank you for the fun summer goldierocks," Minka left as a comment. "I love it! You're the best in the biz!"

Compare/vote on Minka's looks below and then go check out Sofia Vergara as a blonde as well:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Minka Kelly has gone blonde. Do you like this look on the actress? Or do you prefer her as a brunette? View Poll »

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012!

From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Keeping the heat rising at #18: Minka Kelly!

Minka Kelly Underwear Photo

Most recently, Jessica Simpson bikini pics made THG's hottest list ever.

Now, it's an actress whose beauty and sexiness have few peers.

Continue Reading...

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Chris Evans and Minka Kelly are back together, insiders tell Us Weekly.

In other news ... Chris Evans and Minka Kelly were once together.

Apparently. After dating briefly in 2007, The Avengers actor and The Roommate actress recently rekindled romance, according to the supermarket tabloid.

Kelly allegedly broke his heart back then, as well.

  • Chris Evans Picture
  • Minka Picture

"She did a number on him him back then," a source says of Kelly, who was in a long-term relationship with Derek Jeter from 2008-late 2011.

"But she reached out to Chris this time."

The on-again actors hit Max and Dylans eatery in Evans' native Boston August 18 and took in the musical The Book of Mormon in New York City August 24.

Still, pals hope Evans keeps his guard up. "He's still a little insecure, so he's being cautious," one Evans friend tells the celebrity gossip publication.

Put this in same category as the Minka Kelly sex tape. We'll believe it when we see it. Not that they wouldn't be a cute couple, but Us has been striking out lately.

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In a word: GULP.

Sources tell TMZ that a Minka Kelly sex tape is floating around and may soon hit the online market... but there's one significant hold-up: the gorgeous actress may have been a minor when the video was taken.

Minka Kelly in West Hollywood

Insiders say the sex tape is 30 minutes in length, was shot in New Mexico and features Kelly with an ex-boyfriend. It was also filmed with a tripod and it's clear the ex-girlfriend of Derek Jeter is very much aware of what's going on.

We repeat: GULP.

No word yet from the star's camp, but Minka Kelly was once named the Sexiest Woman Alive and for good reason. If the sex tape does get out, it may be an all-time best-seller.

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We're just gonna come right out and say it: Wilmer Valderrama must have a giant... personality.

The actor (currently starring on NBC's Awake) has reportedly snagged his latest Hollywood hottie, as witnesses spotted Valderrama getting VERY cozy with Minka Kelly at L.A.'s Greystone Manor this week.

The two sat in a private booth and were "all over each other," an onlooker tells People, adding: "They were very flirty and dancing close. They even left with each other."

  • Minka Kelly Red Carpet Pic
  • Wilmer Valderrama Image

Valderrama's dating resume includes flings with Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashlee Simpson, Mandy Moore and, most recently, Demi Lovato.

Kelly, meanwhile, reportedly got back together with Derek Jeter at the end of 2011. Perhaps, however, that was merely a short stop for the long-time couple on a path to long-term separation.

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For Derek Jeter, this is one double play we're guessing he doesn't mind hitting into.

All indications point to the Yankees superstar rekindling his romance with actress Minka Kelly, as witnesses tell Life & Style the pair are spending the holidays together in Paris. They were spotted at the Musée d'Orsay yesterday.

  • Derek Jeter in Black
  • Minka Kelly Limo Ride

"They had a guide taking them around on the fifth floor, and they were looking at Monet and the works of other French impressionists," a source tells the tabloid "They went to all the different floors; they looked at Van Gogh. Derek was very low-key and was wearing a black-and-gray sweater. Minka looked very pretty. She was wearing white jeans, a brown jacket and boots."

Jeter and Kelly split in August due to their demanding schedules, but since then the latter's remake of Charlie's Angels has been canceled, giving her ample time to go deep into the hole with the iconic shortstop... if you know what we mean!

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His team has been eliminated from the American League Playoffs. Her new show is likely getting canceled.

So why wouldn't Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly get back together?!?

Jelly Photo

The long-time couple broke up in August due to scheduling conflicts, but with more free time ahead than either had hoped for, sources tell The New York Post that a reconciliation is possible. Jeter flew to see Kelly in Miami this week.

“They met up to try and figure it out,” said a source of the South Beach rendezvous. “They are trying to see what the future holds for them.”

For Jeter, it holds out hope that the Yankees can flip Jesus Montero and other prospects for Felix Hernandez. For Kelly, perhaps a nude spread of some kind? It's unclear which of these dream scenarios is more far-fetched.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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A crew member on the set of ABC's Charlie's Angels set has been fired after he gave Minka Kelly's butt a little smack on the set. Yes, we're serious.

There's a report that the guy was holding a $100 bill when he slapped her, and the star retaliated with a slap right back. TMZ says that is not the case.

However, she did get slapped and she was not happy.

Minka Picture

What Kelly did do, according to sources connected to the production, is respond, "Please don't ever disrespect me or any other woman like that again."

Given ABC's zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, the guy was immediately banned from the set and subsequently fired when bosses found out.

For what it's worth, Minka did not want the guy fired and had nothing to do with the decision, and was reportedly upset that he was, despite the slap.

ABC sources say this was not an isolated incident, however, and the guy had done it to other women before getting inappropriate with Derek Jeter's ex.

Similar to Brett Favre's inappropriate "courtship" of Jenn Sterger, the problem wasn't the guy's taste, just his tactics. Restrain yourself, man. Yeesh.

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We don't want to get on Tom Cruise's bad side or anything, but ... is it just us or did Katie Holmes look a bit under-dressed at the 2011 Emmy Awards?

Compared to some of the stunning celebrity fashion statements at the event, she looked like she was off to the junior prom, not a major award show.

Minka Kelly, meanwhile, looked gorgeous as always as she promoted her new ABC show Charlie's Angels, but how did her dress stack up with Katie's?

Tell us by casting your vote in the Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed best at the Emmy Awards, Katie Holmes or Minka Kelly? Vote here on who you think was the more stylish star on Sunday night! View Poll »

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