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Miley Cyrus and are feeling themselves in a new music video.

No, not like that, people.

But the musical superstars have come together for a track that serves as the lead single off the latter's new studio album, "#willpower." It actually goes on sale today.

Check out the official video now:

On Sunday, meanwhile, Miley performed at the American Music Awards. She was joined on stage by a lip-synching cat during her latest rendition of "Wrecking Ball."

But, hey, at least she kept her clothes on!

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Miley Cyrus did not Twerk at last night's American Music Awards.

She did not dance with any little people and she did not get naked.

Instead, the 21-year old artist took to the stage and performed her smash hit "Wrecking Ball" alongside an adorable lip-synching cat on the screen behind her.

Was this unexpected? You bet. We all know Miley is a dog person! Watch now:

Among other memorable performances from the event, Ariana Grande stripped down "Tattooed Heart" and received a standing ovation, while R. Kelly straddled Lady Gaga on the desk of the oval office.

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Miley Cyrus took to the stage in Europe again tonight.

But the artist didn't light any joints in front of attendees this time, nor did she Twerk or dance with a single small person.

Miley put on a simple, stripped down version of her hit "Wrecking Ball," though, no, she didn't even strip down! Clearly struggling with a cold, the singer pushed through, donned a somewhat revealing dress and weird headpiece and did her emotional thing.

Did she do it well ? You tell us:

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Miley Cyrus isn't afraid of controversy, as we know from her lighting up on stage, Twerking with dwarves, licking stuff, getting naked ... or anything Miley Cyrus does.

Nor is she afraid of daring music covers, as she proved on the UK's BBC Radio 1's when she belted out a sultry rendition of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness."

Did she do it justice? Watch her performance below and see what you think:

"Check out my @BBCR1 live lounge cover of Summertime Sadness," she wrote of stripped down, acoustic set for the ballad with two backup singers.

The BBC lounge performance is quite the chilled out departure from Miley Cyrus' MTV EMAs antics, which included smoking a joint on live television.

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As expected, Miley Cyrus stole all headlines at last night's MTV European Music Awards.

Not as expected, however, the singer actually appeared to light a joint on stage.

But Miley did more than smoke in Amsterdam, she also performed twice: first, opening the show with a space-themed rendition of "We Can't Stop" that involved Twerking, a little person and boob grabbing.

Later on, she broke it down for attendees with "Wrecking Ball," standing in front of a giant video screen that depicted her crying.

Watch both performances now:

Following the event, Miley was mum on the pot smoking, but did Tweet to followers:

"Stay in school & Be kind. Other than that HAVE FUN."

We can't argue with any of that advice. But we can argue with a messenger who also flaunts drug use, no matter how legal it may be in certain countries.

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Miley Cyrus, her tongue and her Twerking rear end will soon be coming to a venue near you.

After announcing her Bangerz tour during a cameo on Saturday Night Live two weeks ago, Cyrus has now unveiled the 38 cities that will be graced with her presence in early 2014.

Miley Cyrus Vegas Performance Pic

Is yours among them?

Tickets go on sale November 16 at Live Nation and you can scroll down for a look at all Miley's upcoming tour stops...

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You've seen the space-based teases for the music video.

Now you can listen to the actual track.

Miley Cyrus and Future have released the full version of "Real & True," a hip hop song that will be included on the latter's upcoming album, "Honest."

Look for the full video to come out this Sunday, November 10, and click Play now:

Cyrus hasn't released any new music of her own in a little while, as she continues to ride her wrecking ball to the top of the chart.

And to make out with Benji Madden. She continues to do that as well.

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Look out, Sandra Bullock. Miley Cyrus is coming for you.

As previously noted and pictured, the 20-year old goes all naked space person for a collaboration with Future on the "Real and True" music video, which will be officially unveiled at 6:55 p.m. on Sunday, November 10.

In anticipation, the rapper - and new Ciara fiancé! - has teased the video with a very impressive, movie-like preview.

It's a 30-second sneak peek that involves dim lighting, flashing lights and some interesting facial expressions. Miley is also donning an astronaut helmet at one point. We have no clue what's actually going on here.

But we can't be the only ones anxious to find out, can we?

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Stick out your tongues and shake your rear end, Miley Cyrus fans.

The singer may be coming to a city near you!

The 20-year old crashed Edward Norton's Saturday Night Live monologue yesterday and announced to the world that she's scheduled to hit the road early next year in promotion of her album Bangerz.

Edward Norton and Miley Cyrus

"Really quick, I'd just like to announce to all of my fans that I am about to be going on tour," Cyrus said alongside the actor, giving Norton advice on how to host the show and later adding via Twitter:

"I'm gooooing on tooooooour!! #Bangerz2014Tour. #Drinkinouttavasesamirightttt #celebrate #Bangerztour2014."

Miley, of course, hosted SNL herself a few weeks ago, mocking the government shutdown and pretending to make a sex tape during her time in charge.

She is yet to release any dates or locales for her 2014 tour.

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Miley Cyrus has stripped herself down once again.

No, not as a space alien this time.

Instead, the singer has joined the growing legion of those who have released Wrecking Ball covers by going ahead and doing so herself.

Watch now to experience Miley singing this track with nothing but a piano as accompaniment. And, we presume, nothing covering her body as she does so:

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