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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino says his addiction to painkillers and subsequent rehab stay dates back to his short-lived stint on Dancing With the Stars.

That was 2010, and he says he's still battling to stay sober.

Say WHAT Yo?

While his people initially insisted the MTV star was just suffering from exhaustion, Sitch eventually confirmed he was hooked on opiates back in 2012.

Now, the 32-year-old is talking about his battle with prescription drugs and how his addiction was so bad, he could barely dress himself at his worst.

"All I had to do was get dressed for a family function and I couldn’t do that. The shirt was laid out, the belt, the pants, everything. The shower was on."

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After his elimination from Dancing With the Stars last night, The Situation's emotional situation is a little out of whack. The Jersey Shore star's feelings (yes, he actually has them) are hurt, and he's "upset," his pro partner Karina Smirnoff says.

Sitch, who stormed off the set Monday after receiving harsh remarks from the judges for his tango, put on a good front as he was given the boot. But it hurts.

Mike and Karina

AWW: Who knew Sitch was such a softie?

"He put a lot on the line doing that dance, but it is what it is," said Karina, adding that she thought the judges would appreciate the tough lifts the pair did.

For his part, The Situation (a.k.a. Mike Sorrentino) thinks that the judges "were trying to make a statement ... kinda like the first day of class when you see the most popular kid in class and wanna make an example of them."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Mike.

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For Dancing With the Stars, it was Situation overload.

Now it's Situation resolved. Mike Sorrentino is gone.

It was a good run for the Jersey Shore star, but the fourth week marked the end of an stunt casting experiment marred by bad dancing and bad jokes like you see above.

If nothing else, The Situation bowed out in (relatively) classy fashion.

He hadn't put together a truly good routine yet, but staked by until Mike's dismal scores in the show's fourth week left little doubt that he'd be leaving the show.

Even he seemed to realize it was time. Despite storming off the set in a huff the previous night, The Situation simply bowed, waved and fist-pumped to the crowd.

"I said, 'You know what, if I get eliminated, I put it all on the floor last night,'" said Sitch of his effort with Karina Smirnoff. "So if it was [to be], I bow gracefully."

"Dancing With the Stars, you definitely got to see the whole situation."

Indeed. Sad to see him go? Who are you rooting for now? Vote:


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Talk about NOT making the best of a bad Situation.

After posting bottom-of-the-barrel scores on Dancing With the Stars, Mike Sorrentino was spotted sulking in the parking lot, smoking a cigarette and shaking his head as a friend tried to console him. Probably while saying "bro" a lot.

The judges called his tango "a mess" and "a rough ride." Whatever it was, it netted Mike and Karina Smirnoff only 28 points out of 60. Follow the jump to watch:

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Tonight, we'll see how much clout fans of Jersey Shore and teen pregnancy have.

The Situation and Karina Smirnoff scored the lowest number of points on Dancing With the Stars Monday - 28 out of 60! - leaving them on the chopping block.

Right behind them: Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas, whose total of 32 (16 for technique, 16 for performance), has them in jeopardy along with The Siturina.

  • DWTS Promo Pic
  • Karina Smirnoff and The Situation

Is one of these two couples destined to leave tonight?

Bristol Palin and The Situation, arguably the show's biggest pop culture "gets" for the current cast, have to be the odds-on favorites to go home after Monday.

“You know that was a terrible mess,” said judge Bruno Tonioli, after Sitch's Argentine tango, which included Sorrentino struggling through the lifts and throws.

Carrie Ann Inaba is right, there's been improvement in his dancing. But will it be enough? If there's a saving grace for Mike, it's that Bristol may be worse off.

The judges know it and Mark knows it. She's just not a performer.

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On Monday's Dancing With the Stars, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino showed signs of improvement for the third consecutive week. That's the good news.

The bad news? A wacky version of the foxtrot set to the Black Eyed Peas' hit "Boom Boom Pow" that had the judges panel scratching its collective heads.

Check out Mike's latest rug-cutting effort below ...

Using a time machine as a prop to tell a story through time, The Situation and Karina Smirnoff's effort was summed up by judge Len Goodman as such:

"If that's your future, I am glad I live in the past. I don't wanna be nasty, but if you were dancing in my backyard, I'd have to draw the curtain." Ouch.

Bruno Tonioli called it a "land of the lost fox trot," though he added it was "entertaining ... in a very weird way." It did earn a reasonable 20 out of 30 ...

What do you think of Sitch's foxtrot?


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Sarah Palin should've been there.

When Bristol Palin took the stage on the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars in a flight attendant’s uniform that she promptly tore off during the opening moments of Monday's show to cha cha cha in a provocative red dress underneath?

Speechless. Just incredible stuff.

Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin makes American proud. [Photo: ABC]

Her first dance, fittingly set to “Mama Told Me (Not to Come),” was like a moving tribute to the life of Bristol Palin, ambassador for teen pregnancy awareness.

Mama told her not to come. Then mama decided to pull a no-show at the last minute rather than be associated with this. Probably not the worst decision.

Meanwhile, Len Goodman had the night's best quote when he told Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore the following: "I'm in an awkward situation, Situation."

Awesome. While recognizing Mike's athletic potential, the judges were not particularly impressed with his initial performance, landing him in a tie for last place.

Elsewhere, David Hasselhoff busted out the buoy, Audrina Patridge looked like a seven-year-old beauty pageant contestant and Brandy and Jennifer Grey ruled.

Follow the jump for last night's Dancing With the Stars scores ...

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Brandy and Jennifer Grey may be the favorites among the oddsmakers, but Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino likes his own chances on Dancing With the Stars.

"I definitely got a chance," he said of the new season, starting Monday. "I'm an athlete, I love the camera, I love people. As long as I practice, I got a shot."

Does the Jersey Shore cast give The Situation a shot?

  • A Karina Pic
  • Karina Smirnoff and The Situation
  • Sitch on DWTS

Can The Situation and Karina Smirnoff tango to the title?

"Depends how good his training is and if he follows through with it," Vinny said. "Because I've seen some people that can't dance, and they've gone far."

Pauly D also hedged: "I don't know. It's going to be good. I want front row seats to that. It's going to be hard for him. It's not fist pumping, you know."

For her part, JWoww (Jenni Farley) issued Sitch a pseudo-threat, saying that "He better represent us good, because he has to represent our family."

If nothing else, odds are pretty strong that he'll smash Karina.

Who are you rooting for on Dancing With the Stars?


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Among the many burning questions surrounding the new season of Dancing With the Stars is whether Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino will find time to prepare with his partner Karina Smirnoff, given his busy Jersey Shore filming schedule.

We also wonder if he'll hit that.

Despite what a player this guy is - or thinks he is, as evidenced by his dry humping of many females on last week's Jersey Shore episode - some are skeptical.

  • Situation Shirtless
  • Karina

Will there be any dirty dancing between these two?

"Mike doesn’t have any game," Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi said at the MTV Video Music Awards. “He thinks he does, but he doesn’t. Karina’s just going to run away.”

Even Sitch’s partner-in-crime, Pauly D, thinks Smirnoff will be tough to pursue. “That’s going to be a challenge for him,” he says. “I know he likes the challenge.”

Ronnie Magro probably had the best take on The Situation-Karina situation, however, opining: “He can try to hook up with her. For her sake, I hope he doesn’t.”

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There's a reason why the recently-released set of Dancing with the Stars promotional photos is missing a well-sculpted six-pack of abs:

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is yet to even meet partner Karina Smirnoff, a major obstacle in the path of this pair's championship hopes.

  • Got a Situation
  • Karina

"I think were literally the only couple who will only have about five days to get ready for the premiere on national television," Smirnoff told MTV. "Everyone else is going to have three and half weeks. I know I have to be very clever in the choreography... we might try to implement the fist-pumping for the first episode."

Or there's gotta be some routine that features tanning and laundry, right?

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