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"When tha pimp's in da crib, drop it like it's hot." - Snoop Dogg

The above quote means absolutely nothing, but The Situation from Jersey Shore is being sued for screwing over an apparel company called Serious Pimp, and Snoop apparently endorses some of their products ... so there's that.

Serious Pimp is slapping Sitch with a lawsuit claiming the reality star made a deal to promote its t-shirts on the show, Facebook, Twitter and various other places.

Sitch Photo

According to the lawsuit, Mike Sorrentino and his brother had the right to approve the t-shirt designs, but never said yay or nay. They just disappeared, allegedly.

With the $25,000 advance he got.

Serious Pimp planned on co-partnering with The Situation to make a bundle on the shirts, so they want that advance back as well as compensation for lost profit.

Maybe The Unit is available to fill in?


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Abercrombie & Fitch is trying to end their ongoing feud with Jersey Shore star The Situation, asking a judge to dismiss his lawsuit against the clothing retailer.

If you recall, the ongoing war between Sitch and A&F began back in August when A&F publicly offered to pay The Situation NOT to wear its overpriced duds.

A month later, Sitch (real name Mike Sorrentino) sued them, claiming it ripped off his "GTL" and "Situation" trademarks on a line of guido-mocking t-shirts.


Now, A&F is trying to put an end to the back-and-forth, claiming he had no right to sue them in the first place because he doesn't own those very trademarks.

He has applied for them, but doesn't own them. Big, legal difference there.

Moreover, A&F claims The Situation's application for "Gym Tan Laundry" has actually been suspended, because MTV already owns "Gym Tanning Laundry."

The US Patent & Trademark Office thinks they're too similar. Makes sense.

Trademarks aside, A&F insists its shirts are still protected under a law that allows parody as free speech ... in other words, the shirts are a harmless joke.

Their legal argument is basically that Sitch is full of crap and can't take a joke. The Jersey Shore star has yet to respond ... but watch the Season 5 trailer:

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is best known for taking his clothes off - and getting paid offers to do so - on Jersey Shore. That is sort of why he's famous.

Now, in a nice change of pace, he's trying clothes on - as a tuxedo model!

FLOW Formal Wear has been releasing some of its brand new shots of Sitch modeling their clothes all week long on Facebook. Peep this hilarious nonsense:

  • The Situation Abs
  • Prom Date
  • White Tux
  • The Situation: Ripped

The Situation: Best. Prom. Date. Ever.

Fortunately, Mike still found a way to flaunt his abs and guns in some of the promotional photos, even though he's supposed to be displaying formal wear.

Now that's what we call a situation!

[Photos: Flow Formal Wear]

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey Shore is back at war with Abercrombie & Fitch. This time, the feud is shirts he says blatantly use his name.

If you recall, last month A&F publicly offered to pay Sitch NOT to wear their clothing, insinuating that he's giving them a bad name and so on and so forth.

He claimed he never received such an offer, however. But here's the weird part:

Sitch is Pissed

A&F has previously marketed t-shirts obviously inspired by Situation and Jersey Shore, such as "GTL Fitch" and another that reads "The Fitchuation."

Fed up over this and last month's publicity stunt, Mike's lawyers are saying enough is enough, demanding the company yank the t-shirts immediately.

Sitch also believes his company MPS Entertainment owns the trademarks to such phrases and that A&F infringing on them. So they best pay up.

The company has until Tuesday to respond. In the meantime, those fools had better not even think of coming up with anything FPC-related.

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Lots of people pay The Situation big money for endorsements. Abercrombie & Fitch is looking to do the opposite - pay him NOT to wear the brand!

The company says in a news release that having Mike Sorrentino and his Jersey Shore castmates in A&F clothing could be disastrous to its image.

In short, it could cause "significant damage," if not irreparable harm.

Abs of Pain

Abercrombie & Fitch: Not pumped about Sitch.

Abercrombie feels any connections to The Situation will go against the "aspirational nature" of its brand and may be "distressing" to potential customers.

Hilariously, the Ohio-based retailer says it offered a "substantial payment" to Sitch and producers of the MTV show if he will just wear something else.

The company is also making the offer to others in the hard-partying cast, which has been known to rock those threads. MTV declined comment today.

On a related note, Aeropostale should really consider making a similar offer to Gary Shirley of Teen Mom. The guy wears that one shirt EVERY week!


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It might be difficult to think of two celebrities with less in common than Adam Lambert and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

One is gay, the other is straight. One sings on stage, the other blows whistles on grenades. One was invited to the Grammy Awards last night because he was nominated in a major category, the other might have been the least talented individual on the red carpet (no offense, Kim Kardashian).

But such contrasts only make for a more intriguing Fashion Face-Off, don't you think? Compare Adam with Sitch below and then vote on the style champion. Who wore his outfit best?

Fashion Face-Off!

Adam Lambert and The Situation both showed up on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. But only one can walk away as the winner of this Fashion Face-Off. View Poll »

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When Ne-Yo and The Situation clash in a celebrity style showdown ... actually, that's never happened before to our knowledge. All bets are off in this face-off.

Fresh off the birth of his first child with Monyetta Shaw, Ne-Yo performed (and looked dapper to say the very least) Sunday at the American Music Awards.

The Situation, fortunately for those with the ability to hear, did not perform any music, although after Angelina Pivarnick's debut single, the bar's set low.

Which of the two fellas looked better last night? Vote!

  • Ne-Yo Style
  • Sitch Appearance

[Photos: Splash News Online]

Who was dressed better?


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A very special episode of Jersey Shore preceded Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards. Then its cast members made a special appearance on the white carpet.

When it comes to style, Ronnie Magro, Mike Sorrentino (The Situation) and Paul DelVecchio (Pauly D) certainly have their own. And industrial quantities of gel.

Which star looked best (or least bad) last night? Vote below!

Three Dudes

Which Jersey Shore star's VMA style do you like best?


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When Jersey Shore's Snooki and The Situation do battle with Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy in a fashion face-off ... there is no way to complete that sentence.

We're pretty sure this is unprecedented in human history. What can we say, we're trailblazers here at THG, with a considerable nod to last night's CMT Awards.

Mya Fashion Choice

All of the above scored invites to the country music event, as you probably guessed by now, and showcased their drastically different styles on the red carpet.

Proving just how country Jersey can be, the sparkling Nicole Polizzi amps up her bump while The Situation (Mike Sorrentino) covered up his abs – for once.

Meanwhile, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews rocked a skin-tight mini with her handsome date, former Dancing with the Stars partner and possible boyfriend.

Which tandem looked better? Vote below!

Who looked better at the CMT Awards?


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We've already profiled a lot of the fashion choices from the MTV Movie Awards, from The Hills stars past and present to Lindsay Lohan and Paris and Nicky Hilton.

The douchebag male contingent has been under-represented until now.

Mike Sorrentino (The Situation) and Paul DelVecchio (DJ Pauly D) were on hand to preview the second season of Jersey Shore along with their fellow cast mates.

They looked about how you expect - and the opening minutes of the July premiere, which MTV previewed Sunday, promises better Jersey Shore quotes than ever.

You know when The Situation and Pauly D roll up in this piece, there's gonna be some hair gel, earrings and fake tans on display. But who did it up better? Vote!

  • Sitch
  • DJ Pauly D Style

Who looked better at the MTV Movie Awards?


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