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Singer Miguel got popped for DUI early this morning, according to reports.

The man behind the hit singles "Adorn" and "#Beautiful" (with Mariah Carey) was nabbed California Highway Patrol officers initially because of window tint.

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The 27-year-old singer's 2013 BMW X6 was pulled over for speeding and excessively tinted windows next to an L.A. freeway around 2:15 a.m. Thursday.

During the stop, officers noticed the singer reeked of alcohol. Sobriety tests were administered, and failed, leading to Miguel's arrest and processing.

The star's BAC was .10 or .11, over the state legal limit of .08.

He was freed on $5,000 bail, and fortunately, did not attempt to urinate out the cop car window like some people who have been busted for DUI recently.

He is due back in court next month to answer the charges.

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Miguel may be in a whole heap of trouble.

The singer attempted a stage leap at the Billboard Music Awards last month, only to end up landing on a woman's head with his leg and possibly causing her brain damage.

The victim is awaiting neurological test results and may file a lawsuit as a result.

Now, according to TMZ, we've learned that Miguel was told NOT to perform such a maneuver at the event because producers feared an accident may take place.

The artist, of course, ignored the order and went through with the jump anyhow - and now both he and the Billboard Music Awards may be on the financial hook.

No word yet from Miguel regarding any legal action or the claim that he defied producers to make his leg drop.

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We all laughed when Miguel jumped off the stage at the Billboard Music Awards last month and landed on an attendee's head.

But the victim of this accident does not find anything about the incident remotely funny. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Sources tell TMZ that Khyati Shah may have suffered brain damage as a result of the incident.

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The good news for Miguel? He didn't leg drop anyone in the crowd during a performance this weekend.

But the artist did stir up controversy for a very different reason yesterday, Tweeting of his race and the stereotypes that surround it:

"Im proud of my heritage but honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world. S--ts sad man. we've been conditioned, pre-programmed to hate ourselves"

Miguel Photo

Miguel - whose father is Mexican and whose mother is African-American - did not give specific examples to back up his point, but did add:

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Singer Miguel made headlines at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards by attempting to jump over fans' heads during his performance, but instead landing on them.

In an ugly accident that could have been way worse, Miguel was performing "Adorn" when he tried to pull off an acrobatic move, only to fail epically:

Twitter users quickly expressed their disbelief, with some wondering whether the women drilled by Miguel were seriously injured or even killed.

The phrase "Did Miguel" soon trended worldwide on Twitter. Fortunately, he did not. They were a little shaken up with some busted glasses, that's it.

"Yes they are absolutely OK! He was dancing and hugging them post jump," said a rep for Billboard, to the relief of many (especially Miguel himself).

With news that the people were alright came the obligatory memes. Check out Miguel's fall - and him meeting a girl he nearly killed - in GIF form:

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