Michelle Rodriguez is a lesbian.... supposedly. She had a role in Lost and then her character was killed off.

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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne have been in a relationship since January and it seems things are still heating up between the two, if photos from their recent Mexican vacay are any indication.

Cara and Michelle seldom took their hands off each other as they cavorted on the beach and hotel balcony. Cara's Wiz Khalifa weed leaf t-shirt was just about the most clothing either of the ladies wore all weekend.

Michelle is 35 and supermodel Cara just 21, but the age difference doesn't seem to be causing any problems as the new couple is laughing or lip-locked in pretty much every photo we've seen.

At the moment it seems like these two are crazy for each other, but naturally, time will tell if Michelle and Cara's relationship is the real deal or just a short-term infatuation.

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This just in: Michelle Rodriguez is not shy.

The actress, who was ALL over girlfriend Cara Delevingne at a Knicks game last month, posted a photo of herself meditating on Instagram this week.

Meditating totally and completely naked, we should say.

Michelle Rodriguez Nude

"A sweet break from worldly chaos not missing the city although the mosquitoes are killer out here love the peace & quiet," the 35-year-old actress captioned the picture, which features her in the lotus position.

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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne are making it official: They're dating, and they are one hot lesbian couple who's not afraid to flaunt it AND HARD.

Michelle and Cara were seen leaving a London restaurant together last night, and to leave no doubts, before their date, Michelle make their status clear.

She spoke with The Mirror (UK) and said they're an item.

"It's going really well. She's so cool," she said of the model. "When we started hanging out, I just thought she was awesome, and we have the best time together."

Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne first sparked dating rumors last month when they got drunk and pawed one another at a Knicks game in New York.

The 35-year-old Michelle and 21-year-old Cara have been all over each other ever since, and it seems like they are really into one another ... and attention.

We think we speak for everybody at THG when we wish the two of them well and hope for a long-lasting relationship with lots more girl-on-girl PDA photo ops.

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Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez attended the Knicks-Pistons game at Madison Square Garden last night.

But it's safe to say they didn't pay much attention to New York's rare victory.

The actress and the model were ALL OVER each other in the stands, with Rodriguez looking especially wasted and making non-stop moves on Delevingne.

Sometimes Cara returned to the affection. Other times, as you can see here, not so much...

Delevingne, of course, recently made out with Miley Cyrus as well. So it's safe to say she has varying taste.

Rodriguez, meanwhile, has said in the past that she goes both ways.

Click through photos of Cara and Michelle at the game now and let's give thanks to these beauties. They actually provided a reason to be excited over the Knicks for once this season!

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by Hilton Hater at

She's fast. She's furious. And she totally goes both ways!

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Rodriguez addresses her sexuality for the first time and makes it clear: she's down with either type of private area.

"I've never walked the carpet with anyone, so they wonder: What does she do with her vagina?" the star says. "Plus, I play a butchy girl all the time, so they assume I'm a lesbo."

And are those assumptions accurate?

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Last we saw of the new Danny Trejo film was Charlie Sheen as President but today? Today it's Michelle Rodriguez turn in the newest Machete Kills image.

The first Machete was a fun bloody romp and by the looks of it, Machete Kills is set to follow in its footsteps.

All while wearing the finest of fashions... the denim vest. Oh and an eyepatch. Can't forget the eyepatch.

Michelle Rodriguez and Danny Trejo in Machete Kills

You might have missed him, but Danny Trejo is in the the picture as well. I know, he just blends in to the denim vest, I mean background.

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by Justin Dweeber at

Get ready for all the vaguely Marxist college kids to start wearing "Shé" t-shirts.

Michelle Rodriguez stars as Shé (not to be confused with the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara) in the new Machete Kills character poster. Take a look:

Machete Kills Michelle Rodriguez Poster

Danny Trejo returns to star as the title character in the action sequel. This time, he is approached by the U.S. President to help stop a dangerous millionaire.

Who plays the President? Charlie Sheen. The movie is apparently a dystopian horror film.

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Actress Michelle Rodriguez of Lost and Fast and Furious fame has always been a loose cannon. So it's of little surprise that she was apparently no model bridesmaid at the four-day wedding of her best friend and manager, Giancarlo Chersich.

At the welcome dinner at the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez pushed fully clothed guests into the pool. A classic move.

Then, then next night, a loud Michelle broke up the bachelorette party by yelling that the stripper was "fat and had a small a$$."

Michelle was supposedly rather ticked off when the dancer asked for a volunteer at the beginning of his routine and then made the willing babe kneel down.

"That's bull$h!t," the sexy star yelled. "He should be kneeling for her; this is a f*%king bachelorette party!"

As the stripper began gyrating and pushing his crotch into the bride-to-be's face, Rodriguez yelled, "This is the kind of thing that brings out the bisexual in me."

Hard to argue with that.

Then, on the wedding day itself, Rodriguez looked like an angelic bridesmaid in a lilac silk and empire-waist gown ... at least until she changed into skinny jeans and a tank top and grinded at the reception with men and women alike.

Sounds like just the kind of shindig Lindsay Lohan would've loved.