Michelle Marsh? Not unattractive. The British model is often topless and that's fine by us.

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As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to reflect and pay tribute to the stars who made this a year to remember. On that note, The Hollywood Gossip is announcing its 10 finalists for its first annual Celebrity of the Year award.

They've given us their best, their worst and, in a more than a few cases, their naked pictures. Now it is time for us to give a little something back with this special feature, because without these celebrities, we are nothing.

We previously profiled attention-seeking, naked Celebrity Sex Tape Stars at #5. Now, without delay, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #4 … Busty British Babes!

The past 12 months have seen at least that many pairs of giant boobs cross the Atlantic and get the attention of entertainment news outlets. They've belonged to a series of British models, none of whom appear to have discernible skills outside of the ability to remove their shirts when a camera is on.

Keeley Hazell Nude

It started in January with Keeley Hazell (above) and her sex tape leak.

Unlike other dishonest amateur porn stars, however, this model wasn't afraid to admit she was in on the release. This must have inspired other large breasted Englishwomen to realize the potential of getting naked in public, as Michelle Marsh and Lucy Pinder were soon flashing their chests in every magazine they could find.

From there, Katie Price became a household name. Although that name was often "Jordan," the modeling moniker she goes by for no apparent reason. Finally, Gemma Atkinson came on the scene and, well, also bared her body in various publications.

Indeed, these busty British babes of 2007 weren't very different from one another, but perhaps it was this similarity that earned them our respect.

Unlike American celebrities who think they possess actual skills - yes, we're looking at you Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag - the Brits are simple people. They're real people, honest people.

Naked Lucy Pinder

They merely say, as Lucy Pinder is in the photo above: I have a big chest and I would like to earn money for showing it off. They don't try to be anything they're not. And for that Keeley, Lucy, Gemma and company, we salute you.

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The Hollywood Gossip tells it like it is.

As a celebrity gossip provider, that means you've occasionally got to get down, dirty, explicit and profane in covering the famous people that make the news.

That's been our philosophy since our first post (about Lindsay Lohan) 13 months ago.

Nonetheless, according to a new blog rating system, which rates gossip blogs the same way as movies, T.H. Gossip has been given parental guidance suggested, "PG" status.

How, we're not sure. It was a close shave. Not unlike that recently given to that shank Paris Hilton. Man, that thing was given a serious waxing!

Despite a consistent deluge of raunchy articles and censored nude / sexual photos, we were able to dodge the more risque "PG-13" or "R" designations.

Guess all those shots of Britney Spears wearing no underwear and all that talk about Amanda Beard and Garcelle Beauvais nude wasn't enough. Oh well. We'll work harder, we promise.

Here are a couple of good celebrity photos from our (apparently PG) archive.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

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You may need to pick up a copy of Penthouse to see a fully nude Tila Tequila.

But you can drool over topless pics of the world's most popular MySpace vixen right now... sort of! While Tila Tequila is oddly shy in this photo, covering those giant boobs with her hands, the picture is still sexy.

Hot, Hot Stuff

Of course, Tila Tequila's chest has nothing on that of Michelle Marsh. We're surprised her paws even fit over those enormous breasts. Jeepers.

This is far from the first time Michelle Marsh has gone topless, as she joined a partially nude Lucy Pinder for a Nuts magazine photo shoot a few weeks ago.

As for the often searched for Tila Tequila, well, she's also no stranger to being stared at in very little clothing. This part-time singer is ogled at more times than Rumer Willis on a night out with Ashton Kutcher. But if she wants even more attention, take this advice from The Hollywood Gossip staff:

Make like Keeley Hazell making like Britney Spears nude. Guys love that.

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Nuts is crazy about breasts.

The publication has printed photos of a half-nude Lucy Pinder before, but now its really giving its male audience bang for its, well, balls.

Joining the lovely British model in a photo spread of an upcoming issue is… another lovely British model. And neither is wearing a shit! That's Michelle Marsh and her large boobs smiling seductively next to Pinder.

And that's a member of The Hollywood Gossip staff running to change his pants. He didn't think it got any hotter than Amanda Beard nude.

Someone should notify Britney Spears, meanwhile, and let her know that you needn't dress all trashy or climb over car seats in order to be attractive.

Just take off your shirt and it's all good.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

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