In what sounds like a plot straight out of Empire, Terrence Howard claims his ex-wife tampered with a witness as part of a plot to shake him down.

Terrence's attorney, Brian Kramer, filed legal documents alleging extortion by Michelle Ghent, who he says tried to strong-arm his brother's wife.

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Terrence Howard says his former wife Michelle Ghent extorted him and threatened to expose his genitals to this world unless he paid up.

Luckily for Ghent, Howard only fired this salvo via legal documents. His Empire alter ego Lucious Lyon probably would've just offed her.

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Terrence Howard says his ex-wife Michelle Ghent is threatening to off him and his new wife, waging a not so subtle campaign of terror against them on Instagram.

Howard and Ghent's breakup was beyond nasty, and the threats against the actor (below) appeared serious enough that the LAPD is looking into it ...

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