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Earlier this week, Michaele Salahi was kicked off Celebrity Rehab because she lacked the one thing people entering rehab typically possess - addiction.

No clue why the show didn't establish this ahead of time, but Michaele's husband, Tareq Salahi is threatening to sue, and that's not even the half of it.

According to her husband Tareq, Michaele only agreed to do Celebrity Rehab to get help from Dr. Drew for a pre-existing condition: Multiple Sclerosis.

Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi

"She was leaning on Dr. Drew who is a respected doctor to get her through some of the issues after the White House," says fellow party crasher Tareq.

He adds that Michaele Salahi takes her MS condition "very seriously" and that it was the show that wanted her to pretend to be something she wasn’t.

Tareq says he now has plans of "exposing" Dr. Drew and the show.

"My wife takes her health very seriously, she has a real diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. We can show you  emails about what they wanted her to pretend to be, therefore, but that's going to come out later on with one of the major networks."

As for Michael Lohan's role in all this?

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The Salahis are idiots who need to take a long walk off a short pier.

We may have just risked litigation by saying that, because White House party crasher turned loser reality star Tareq Salahi is hinting that he may sue Celebrity Rehab for illegally firing his wife because of her "health condition."

Tareq and Michaele

It's unclear what "condition" Tareq is referring to, but whatever.

Barack would not approve of this nonsense.

Michaele Salahi has said that she suffers from multiple sclerosis, which we feel bad about and all, but milking it for Z-list fame won't get you sympathy.

Tareq and his lawyers issued a statement saying, "[Michaele] was fired due to her health condition [in] violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

Earlier this week, Tareq said that his wife's only addiction was "chocolate" ... leaving many wondering why she was even on the show in the first place.

They later said she went on the program to receive help from Dr. Drew to treat MS. It's not clear how the good doctor planned on doing so, however.

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White House party crasher and The Real Housewives of D.C. annoyance Michaele Salahi was just kicked off Celebrity Rehab. The reason for this is simple:

She has no actual addition.

Sources on the set say Michaele was asked to leave Dr. Drew's hit program because she has "no addiction," and thus had "no reason to be there."

It's a familiar theme for her ...

Michaele Photo

Michaele is as unwelcome on VH1 as she is at the State Dinner.

Last week, we learned Michaele and Tareq Salahi were both cast on Rehab for reasons unknown. We feel bad that Michaele has MS, but ... you can't rehab that.

Apparently the producers had this realization a little late. Wouldn't you think the show could figure out that she wasn't an addict before they cast her?

Then again, they cast Michael Lohan and his "anger issues." Clearly they're just trying to score whoever they can for ratings and work out the details later.

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Michaele AND Tareq Salahi, the couple that allegedly crashed the White House and went on to Real Housewives of D.C. quasi-fame, is off to Celebrity Rehab.

Yesterday, we reported that Michael Lohan, Lindsay's dad, will also be in the cast. Are the people this season addicted to fame? Probably more than that.

Michaele, Tareq Salahi

Dr. Drew will welcome former New York Mets great Dwight Gooden, alleged actress Bai Ling, Jeremy Jackson, who we think was on Baywatch, and more.

Anything to maintain that Z-list level of fame, right guys?

According to reports, Charlie Sheen is also in talks to join the show. Just kidding. Did we fool you? He's way too busy winning to join this ensemble of losers.

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Ready to send whatever the opposite of birthday wishes would be, THG readers?

Grating, publicity-hungry reality star Michaele Salahi turns 45 today. In celebration, Bravo actually aired the episode of The Real Housewives of D.C. last night in which this pathetic woman and her husband crashed a White House party.

Talk about dangerous horse play!

Lots of Horse Play
  • Michaele on a Horse
  • Michaele Photo

Meanwhile, Michaele confirmed a few weeks ago that she has equally scary plans for her birthday... suit. Look for her naked body to appear in Playboy later this year. Yech.

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We know someone who won't be purchasing a Michaele Salahi barbie doll.

Real Housewives of D.C. socialite Lynda Erkiletian spoke to E! News this week and was asked about her controversial, self-centered co-star. What advice does she have for Salahi?

Michaele and Tareq Salahi Picture

"Get a therapist," Erkiletian said. "I think it's really unfortunate that people feel like they have to make things up to create a spotlight. I think it's better to just work for it as opposed to making it up."

Michaele recently announced - in a televised interview, of course -  that she had multiple sclerosis. But even this revelation didn't sit well with Erkiletian.

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Michaele Salahi has been immortalized. Not as one of the most despicable, attention-starved individuals to ever grace our television set, although that's certainly the case.

But as a plastic action figure, one actually dressed in the same attire as Salahi wore to crash the White House.

Michaele, Tareq Salahi

The world's worst stocking stuffer is brought to us by HeroBuilders, the same company that has also produced dolls of Sarah Palin, Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin.

Nice to see that company setting the bar so high, isn't it?

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Not everyone is sympathetic to Michaele Salahi. The reality star admitted on Fox News this week that she is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, but that hasn't stopped a Real Housewife from saying of Michaele and husband Tareq:

"They are an embarrassment to the franchise. They are a loose cannon. Now, Michaele has revealed she has multiple sclerosis; next she'll be announcing she is pregnant with triplets to get attention."

Michaele, Tareq Salahi Pic

Reportedly, Bravo executives are equally annoyed by the couple. With ratings low for The Real Housewives of D.C., a source told Pop Eater:

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Michaele Salahi is making it a little harder to hate her.

The Real Housewife of D.C. and notorious White House party crasher appeared on Fox News this morning and revealed a major secret: she's been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 17 years.

"My own family, my cousins, a lot of the people dearest to me, my best friend just found out," she said. "I think a lot of people do with chronic illnesses or any type of disease. I kept it personal because I never wanted to be judged, I never wanted pity and I certainly wanted to hold on to my job."

Michaele Photo

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disorder. It is not contagious or fatal, but it's symptoms grow worse over time.

As they promote their book, Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust, Michaele (who will pose nude for Playboy) and her husband say: "We want America to know that you can still have a full, exciting and productive life even if you or your loved one is battling a debilitating, chronic disease such as MS."


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Last month, we reported that Michaele Salahi reached a new low by lying about giving money to the families of deceased veterans.

But apparently the former White House party crasher and current Real Housewife of D.C. wants to prove that there's no depths to which she won't sink: TMZ confirms Salahi will pose naked for Playboy.

Hot Michaele Salahi

Salahi's rep says the shoot will take place some time in the next few weeks, Michaele is "very excited" about it - oh, and she'll bare absolutely everything.

Is this a sight you wanna see?


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